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Importance of Survival Skills

Zombie Survival. What is the one tool you can’t live without ?

Zombie Survival. What is the one tool you can’t live without ?

Please stay tuned…… Imagine with me,the night has come, the skrills
in the dark ! You need to survive. You need tools. There has been tools covered, and everybody
has forgotten one basic vital thing. Stick aroundI will let you know what that
is….. Night falls and pestilence stenches in the air …… who will save you A great man once told me there is only one
essential thing, a man needs to survive in this world. Wether it be coffee, tools, you need everything
in your toolbox including the bare essentials.Especially that one thing every man needs but before
we go there, lets talk about some of the essentials you will need. there is alot of videos that cover alot of
gear. and what happens if stuff hits the fan. What do you think the first thing your going
to need? You going to need shelter to cover you from
the rain hide you out from the zombies to keep you safe and to get a good nights sleep. You are going to need shelter, and once have
shelter you are going to have to stay warm you are going to need some fire. now this is the debate on when the zombies
come fire will give away your position. Smoke during the day and light at night, theres
wayts around that just do some research but your going to have to have some kind of fire. to make your food you do have to eat to keep
your energy up to fight those zombies You know once you have your food you cant go but
so long without water. You got to have water and as your gathering
all this stuff and getting what is essential to your well being and your health with happiness
you know you need youresssential, you need a toolbox so you can get your basic needs
of nearly all survival situations shelter water food and fire. Of course once you have all that no guarentee
you will be happy. happiness is a state of mind. it is an emotion, how do you stay happy when
those zombies are chasing ya what do you do when things are justgone, it is going to be
a dark world when it comes to that there is going to be a stench of rotten flesh in the
air there is going to be things you are going to have to do that you never imagined you
would have to do there is things you are going to have to eat, so what is the one essential
tool every man needs to survive in this world be it against the zombies or some other apocolyptic
thing The one tool you should have in your toolbox mind over matter, you dont have no
mind it dont matter you need to think you need to react you need to keep your stregnth
up so your mind works without water you eventually will dehidrate and you will eventually PERISH
You need water and you need to think about how you are going to do things you need to
keep your sense you need to use your mind that the one thing ever man needs. to survive in this world. Get out there and LIVE, Laugh a LITTLE, LOVE
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