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YOU vs THE DEVIL – Could You Defeat and Survive It? (Lucifer)

YOU vs THE DEVIL – Could You Defeat and Survive It? (Lucifer)

One day you’re walking down the street minding
your own business when suddenly, you bump into a very handsome stranger. You excuse yourself and he very politely accepts
your apology, then with a flash of the brightest smile you’ve ever seen, he asks you, “Say,
you want to be famous, don’t you?” You think about it a moment, and then picture
yourself shredding a gnarly rift on stage in front of half a million people, or starring
in Fast and Furious 16- before you know it you nod your head eagerly, why yes, you’d
love to be famous. With a magical flourish, suddenly the handsome
stranger holds out a long contract and a quill, dripping with blood-red ink, and ready for
you to sign on the dotted line. Thinking to yourself, meh what do I have to
lose? You sign the contract, and suddenly you’re
starring in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, helping make the world a
more shallow, terrible place to live! But wait, because you’re also organizing
Fyre Festival 2020, and this time it’s totally not a scam. Your life’s gone from zero to hero, and you’re
jet setting around the world to parties in exotic places you never even knew existed. Every time you go to bed though, you can’t
help but feel a certain… hollowness inside. Like something really important is missing. As the life of jet setting and partying wears
on you, you run into the handsome stranger once more, telling him that your life is flashy
and glamorous, but completely empty- just like you on the inside. Then, you suddenly realize that you should’ve
read more Stephen King books, because the handsome stranger is none other than Lucifer,
Lord of Lies and Prince of Darkness, and you just sold your soul in exchange for fleeting
pleasures. So you’ve sold your sold to be famous and
popular and after a few years of living this way you realize that the real key to happiness
is personal relationships and living a fulfilling life by helping others… how are you going
to get your soul back? How are you going to defeat the Devil? Well, to defeat your enemy first you must
know your enemy. In the Old Testament of the Bible we find
the following from the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 14, verses 12-14: How you are fallen from
heaven, o day star, son of dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who
laid the nations low! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to
heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly
on the heights of Zaphon; I will ascend to the tops of the clouds, I will make myself
like the Most High! This passage in scripture is written about
an evil Babylonian king, but many scholars believe that the passage was actually aimed
at the spiritual force behind the king’s evil deeds- Lucifer himself. In the book of Ezekiel we get a similar passage,
where the prophet speaks words given to him directly from God, which outlines the creation
of an angel, “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” The angel made its home in the garden of eden,
and was adorned in every precious stone, its garments covered in gold. Then however, the angel grew full of pride
over its perfect beauty, and became violent and sinful, reveling in its own wisdom, causing
God to cast it out of heaven. Satan, or Lucifer, is a being of great beauty
and full of earthly wisdom, and just like humans was given free will- this is because
God wanted Lucifer to make the same choice humans make, and love him out of his own free
will. Without choice, there can’t be real love,
and unfortunately for Lucifer, and you, he chose to become prideful and try to become
greater than God. This led to his banishment from heaven, which
apparently was quite the sight as in the New Testament Jesus says in Luke 10:18, I saw
Satan fall like lightning from heaven. In Revelations 9:1 the writer says, I saw
a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless
pit. The devil isn’t present only in the bible
though, and he makes appearances in many religions, always playing the same role. In Islam the devil is known as Shaytan, and
because Christianity, Judaism and Islam are practically the exact same religion, he was
also a spiritual being who rebelled against God and was cast down to earth for it. Judaism tends to treat the devil as more of
an act, or a difficulty or temptation to overcome rather than an actual spiritual being. In Buddhism, Buddha experienced a temptation
from the path of righteousness just like Jesus did in the New Testament, with the demon Mara
trying to sway Buddha away from enlightenment by reveling in worldly pleasures instead. When he failed to sway the Buddha, his three
daughters, Tanha- representing thirst-, Arati- representing aversion and discontentment-
and Raga- representing attachment, desire, greed, and passion- all attempted to sway
the Buddha. If he were to achieve enlightenment then all
other mortals could follow in his footsteps, and thus grow resistant to the evil that Mara
and his daughters wished to sow amongst humanity. Luckily for us all, the Buddha swept the daughters
away, and continued unfazed in his quest for enlightenment. The devil famously reigns over hell, except
that’s not completely accurate. In the Bible there is no mention of the devil
actually ruling over hell, rather that hell is a place specially prepared for the devil
and his angels. Instead, we get the idea of the devil ruling
over hell from Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, which was published in the early fourteenth
century and was meant to lampoon many of the religious and civil leaders of Dante’s time. Thanks to mankind’s fear of evil, and propelled
along by works like Dante’s Divine Comedy, the devil was soon twisted into a grotesque
being who does everything he can to drag humanity into hell and suffer alongside him for eternity. But this isn’t the devil you’re facing, because
we’re sticking with the original Christian text here. Instead you’re facing a charismatic, incredibly
handsome and very wise man who appears ageless, because in fact he is. Sure, he has the power to grant your deepest
desires, but if there’s one thing popular culture has gotten right about the devil,
it’s that you’ll ultimately have a price to pay for his favors. So how are you going to defeat the devil? The devil is a prideful being, after all he
is the most beautiful thing in all creation, which technically means that when you tell
your significant other that they’re the most beautiful thing in the world, you’re actually
lying. But we guess that saying “You’re the most
beautiful thing ever- except for Satan”, is probably not as romantic. So go on, have your lies. Our original point though is that because
of his beauty, the devil is extremely prideful, it was this pride after all that led to his
downfall. Thing is, the devil’s got your soul, and you
really need that back. So you’re going to play to his pride and challenge
the devil to a competition. Now if you’re the fiddlin’ type, forget playing
for a golden fiddle because you’re in this for your soul. If you’re skilled with a guitar then you’re
in luck, because everyone knows that the Demon’s Code prevents Satan from declining a rock-off
challenge. Just remember that if you lose the rock-off,
not only do you lose your soul, but KG is going to have a very unpleasant time in hell
as well, and he doesn’t much like mayonnaise. But if music isn’t really your thing, then
you could wait around for the Christian rapture to come when all believers will be raptured
away. Sure, the devil will be let loose to reign
on earth for a while, but eventually God will cast him and his followers down into hell,
and even if it’s not you technically defeating the devil at this point, nothing wrong with
getting some divine assistance. Of course the problem with this is that nobody
really knows when the rapture will happen, and it’s been predicted more times than a
Metallica come-back album that isn’t complete garbage. So perhaps you need to take more proactive
steps to defeat the devil. Turns out the best way to beat the devil is
to simply resist his influence in your life. You can’t defeat the devil physically, remember
he’s an immortal being created by God himself. You’re not going to outsmart the devil, he’s
been filled with wisdom, again by God. If you’re a red-hot fiddler you just might
beat him in a contest, if his abilities to out-fiddle Georgian country boys aren’t understated. So you’re instead going to have to start living
your life right, basically boring the devil away. As long as you keep living selfishly, looking
out for yourself, and partaking in worldly pleasures without a second thought, you’re
only going to strengthen the devil’s hold on your soul. Time to take a page out of Buddhism, Christianity,
and every other major religion out there, and start living for others. Be kind and return evil with good. Look out for others before yourself. Give ten percent- or more- of everything you
make, without asking for anything in return. Practice good deeds and deny yourself the
fleeting pleasures of the flesh, it’s not easy but then again if it was then everyone
would do it. Remember, even if you made a deal with the
devil himself, he has no real authority over… well anything. As long as the devil is real, then the one
that made the devil, God, is also real, and your best bet is to make the best appeal you
can for God to get you out of the mess you got yourself into. One good way to get the devil to lose interest
in you real quick though is to turn what he gave you against him. You traded your soul away for fame, power
and wealth, so start using all of those things to be a better person. Use your massive influence to get people to
stop using one-use plastics. Become the Leonardo Dicaprio of our time and
champion environmental issues with your massive influence. Well, Leonardo is still alive so we guess
you could become a second Leonardo- whatever, you get the point. Devil give you a ton of wealth in your deal? Use that money to feed the starving, shelter
the homeless, and adopt a million lonely shelter pets. There’s literally nothing the devil hates
more than people doing good, and when you end up doing good with what he gave you, well
it’s like you’re forcing him to do good deeds. If anything, God will probably appreciate
your clever bit of manipulation and likely get you out of your deal with the devil. But for sure the devil is going to be pissed
that you fooled him into being a good guy. Either way, by turning your life around you’re
going to force him to relinquish his hold on your life, and ultimately become a better
person for it! How would you defeat the devil? Think you could trick Lucifer into doing good
deeds? Let us know in the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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