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World Equestrian Games | Jodi Loubser, Endurance Horse Therapist in South Africa

Firstly, one of the things that I noticed was how portable and how light the laser is. And for me, being an endurance equine therapist working at FEI events, I really need my laser. And our lasers are not approved FEI. Because they’re not safe. Because they’re not safe. So this is incredible to know that we’ve got a product out there. But now we needed to get to South Africa. So Megan, I need a laser. I need a laser that I can do my endurance horses with. I need a laser to do acupressure with. I need a laser so please help us get him to South Africa. Help make this possible, Megan, okay? This is one of your country women here and she needs some help. And we’re having some fun with you too, hello Megan. We just thought we’d pull your chain a little bit because you were a lot of fun over in Tennessee. But we do want to help you guys down in South Africa so let’s make this webcon happen. Thank you very much, appreciate you.

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