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Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

[Music] hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m in Jacques Cartier national park in Quebec going winter camping you saw all the gear that we got I got my canvas tent and my wood stove so it’ll be super comfortable with my father-in-law here just that Christmas holiday you know the woods and camp so we’re just arriving at our spot it told me like a 3-kilometer hike for this spot and it’s a whole have to cross this bridge and then we’re camping right in the back and there I’ll show you in a minute so this is the map where we are you can see so totally ski and the dark arty rivers met there we’re at the star camping right about it here and then tomorrow we want to go see some viewpoints on the top of the mountain which is actually the mountain that’s right there so we’ll take a hiking trail go around go up and then show you that viewpoint love this park got lots of nice country nice river alright let’s go set up the tents with the wood stove Walla he’s digging to put the tent because it’s a heated tent we want to take some of the snow out so that when it snow melts we get less water while code is digging start unpacking the sled with [Applause] [Applause] good old Alaskan wood stove Michael Alaskan wood stove the legs like tents and all my stuff in this bag food bag for the overnight either and then this is the tent right here [Applause] add the spark arrestor oh sorry you guys might hear us speak French will speak crack between each other so why yeah okay so this is the changuk model from a tech tents so it’s got five sides so we’ve got the mean stakes and the five steaks and I bought this sweet MSR pool which is a aluminum and it packs pretty good in three it’s just a tarp a tarp pool it works perfect for this tent this 10 is a 10 by 10 last year I had to cut down a tree but now with this it works good to put in the middle of the tent and then it’s it’s adjustable too with the holes here so if my stakes are too wide or not wide enough I can bring the height of the tent up or down well this is what it looks like so far we’re gonna tap this snow with the snowshoes and put the snow bikes in and this just comes out and tightens up the walls of the tent these are the snow stole stakes they’re designed very differently the other ones were like ice fishing shelter screws so I’ll go good and ice these ones are really designed for snow so they go in easy but then once everything freezes this ice is up and it’s really solid but it works better in snow that’s tapped not like just loose snow like this so I’ll just walk around the tent here with quite a bit of work to set up just for one night but super comfortable and it’s just really fun to test out our our gear and you know be outside so wish we could stay like for a whole week though I’ll have to save up some time off at work at some point and do a actual week-long trip that would be awesome gonna use a this branch instead of the the pegs we used all the pegs already didn’t bring quite enough so the quick not too on the inside they’re on outside it’s adjustable height digged a quick hole bury this long once this snow hardens it’ll be a very solid anchor and I can tighten up my tent by tightening this cord right here perfect trying to get it nice and vertical so I get a lot of questions on this attempt and this stove on some of the previous video so you want to show what you got for room so you can of course you can have the stove set up a different fashion if you want it kind of facing this way or facing that way but the chimney is kind of in front of the door so that’s that now for how many people you could sleep in here you could sleep one there two three and you could even sleep four and then have your you don’t have anybody on the side of the door but with three or with four people you don’t have any room for it your gear so you want to have some room for your wood so if you stack your wood there you got one two three four people with some wood you’re good but you got to put your gear outside with that with that tarp on it but we’re only two so we got lots of room as you can see I am standing right now and I have to be like right in the middle of the tent I’m standing but if I’m in the back you know that wall comes in I was soaked but there is room to stand and I’m five feet ten there you go all set all the pegs are in chimneys in it’s nice and high so I won’t have any sparks or anything falling on there a little bit of snow falling nothing crazy get a small fire going why [Applause] gonna change coats it’s a little windy and we’re not walking we’re not really active so I always have a thicker coat for just a round can just setting up some water to boil outside on our fire I got my horse pushpot gonna fill it up with some cleanest snow here throw that on there then I got this other MSR titanium pot but it doesn’t have a handle to hang over the fire but my father-in-law Claude he made this with snare wire and said he got the idea from that gets Lonnie from far north I think it’s far north bushcraft and survival Channel I also learned that you can light a fire with the bold girl with Chagga from his from his channel that I tested out about two years ago and it worked so with this snare wire setup you can hang it on hanging on there oh just fill it up with some snow this has kind of become a Christmas kind of tradition that we go out and do a bit of winter camping and it’s a it’s a good good family time perfect and I build a quick pot hanger usually you use green wood but just finished my pot hanger notch you can see it’s almost dark out Suns going down gets dark really early so I went you’re camping in Canada that’s why I always have my headlamp right close and handy I like to wear it around my neck all the time so that when it gets dark I don’t get surprised and got my light source water spoiling we’ll do a quick kind of tour of the camp so far let’s our vans right here for just sitting by the fire we’ll use each of those Pat’s to double up our sleeping mats we got the tent over here walk around goats what’s our that’s their shoe chassis include if he’s gonna be warm enough and he says yeah we’re used to like – 20 – 25 30 and it’s only like minus 10 right now – 8 when we laugh so really nice temperature so this is the setup we got saw we got our wood coming in from the door and then we got our I’m sleeping over here right in front of the stove so I can load it up with wood we got our gear in between us so we both have access to whatever we need and float is kind of on this side he doesn’t need access to the the wood or anything and then he’s closer to the door we’ll have that closed up and we can close the bottom with a few logs these eight-tenths this one I had mine’s cotton it’s 10 ounce cotton but the bottom have some nylon so you can kind of put that into snow and then like you see here I’ve added snow all along the border of the wall so I won’t have any air coming in at all only place that could have air would be the door there and the vent the vent hole which is going to the back of the tent right now the vent hole which is on the back here of the tent right there actually I think I got to open it up from inside open it up will be heating later will have good circulation of air this is a quite a breathable material it’s cotton so I mean even if you leave it closed you just be warm well that is the tour of our campsite I always get teased that I don’t know how to cook in camping so I really cook this time we’re just gonna have pre-made meals easy and lightweight all you have to do is add boiling water so I need to carefully add 2 cups 500 milliliters boiling water to the pouch ohtsuka my left cups I mean sank like vomit cat cup or sang sandwich this is 125 so we got to add 4 cups in each each of these bad boys [Applause] [Music] that cooks let’s stand eight to nine minutes stir and enjoy right out of the pouch grab my super spatula that I carved for a bushcraft challenge and been using it every morning actually make eggs or whatever this thing works really good there’s a another one of my carvings had to do a fork for the bushcraft challenge – but mine was a little bit bigger so I did this one after the fact pretty happy with this thing didn’t try it yet so we’ll try it this race and how’d you do something beachy yeah it’s thick enough for the fork mm-hmm hmm – manga nice cheap ammo [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] Wow the chicken shop before said women just say why what’s offensive let’s go see what we got for temperature outside right now it’s not very cold – six but it’s windy so yeah – six so let’s grab the thermometer and see what temperature we’ll have inside the tent it depends on the tent it always depends on the height of the tent not the height but yeah like how high you are inside the tent because more lower to the ground will stay probably around zero like negative five zero unless you have the the heating really going then you’ll go up like plus five plus ten then higher up about like waist level you’ll probably have like more like plus ten 15 20 and then if you go top of the tent it’ll probably be like plus 30 plus 40 depending on how much wood you have in the stove so yeah let’s do some testing well right here we have this thermometer which is shoulder height and we’ve got 18 degrees Celsius it’s about 60 Fahrenheit that shoulder height which is very comfortable and you can see that the door is wide open and in my wood I’m not even yeah like some small embers in there it’s pretty much dead right now okay so we heated up the stove at 7:05 I’ll show you what I got in there just for reference I guess you got to open it slowly so I don’t smoke out the tent oh we got a couple logs you know what’s burning but it’s not like crazy I’m trying maybe close the key a bit lock some oxygen and it’s comfortable like it’s probably around 20 when we’re sitting around but I’ll show you so I’ve got ya thermometer here the top one and I’ve got 35 degrees but of course we’re not like standing all the time we’re mostly sitting and then on this one which is a little bit lower we’ve got about thirty four thirty five so I’ll lower it put it about shoulder height or waist height where we’re sitting and then that’ll give us the general idea seven almost seven twenty see what we got now we still got top here we’ve got still 35 34 well like I said I lowered this one and it’s a little bit farther from the stove it’s right on the other side of my sleeping pad and I’m down at seventeen seventeen point five so there’s a big difference there almost 15 degrees difference from the top of the 10th to about two three feet high now I’ll just throw this kind of on the ground right about over here and I mean see how much it is leader [Music] ah are we crazy it’s from KOMO 4 News we a ok guys so I did not tell you guys but there’s a secret feature on this tent it’s an integrated beer fridge right underneath the tarp here and I’ve got Li BC an IPA from SIA micro brewery Michael Bilotti P hat so that’s what we’re having tonight we got one for me and one for cloade yeah she wanted to say thanks and cheers to you guys I just reached 10,000 subscribers just recently and that’s just amazing I never thought there’d be 10,000 people watching my shenanigans outdoors well since we’re gonna send you all one beer but I don’t have that kind of budget unfortunately folks be awesome but I am planning on doing a giveaway soon I’m just trying to find some sponsors or something so I don’t have to buy everything but I will be giving out something soon so cheers guys mmm please leave them down trophy come on sir no food says it’s the fun of having it here a tent we can just kind of hang out and chill we’re not like outside in the freezing cold in the wind and whatnot we can kind of chill and then we know that you know we’ll sleep really good we’ve got 815 so I’ll let the thermometers kind of change my heating’s kind of regular and I’m still at 35 up here about head height which is like 90 95 Fahrenheit about and then down here on the mattress I’ve got eight point five which is there’s a feature you can change from Celsius but when I touch it it kind of heats up so about 48.2 Fahrenheit yeah so further question that I always get asked from my previous videos how warm is it inside the tent final answer 8.5 at the floor level and then about a head well say like if you’re standing waist height 3 feet high about 20 degrees and then up a head height is like 3035 all depending on how yeah you put wood in this tool so that’s it Cheers yeah it’s a really good beer it’s not it’s an IPA and it’s not to like too strong it’s just perfect Quebec Quebec micro brewery here local good morning folks we got three degrees about here it was down at zero we just got up at 7:30 7:40 I just reached Okla Seoul but had died down left super good so we’ll get some some water on here get some coffee going beauty day got we got minus 12.5 this morning Suns coming out right out of the edge there the mountain so we’re going for a hike we’re gonna go do sassy lay new so the wolf hike supposed to be beautiful scenery the guy at the interpretation Center said it was like amazing so be perfect perfect weather is 9:30 we’re ready to go musta went down to minus 10 maybe minus 50 last night I put these snowshoes on they’re not very big so in deep snow and they wouldn’t be very good but on these Clark Park roads like it’s usually well traveled so it’s pretty top but having the the metal metal grip underneath have helped Hey n’yar get the goat direction of travel that way almost sad to leave the camp with the chimneys smoking [Applause] another hiker up there on the hill voice I’d like that’s hot see five kilometers to go up to the top stop too bad this forest is really nice there’s some maple trees and see some maple trees nice Eastern Canada type forest there is some balls them fir that one right there the evergreen there is also spruce this one’s an old bowels infer it’s broken at the top spruce balsam fir you’ll have smooth smooth ish bark with some bubbles on it gum bubbles resin spruce will be more of a scale scale kind of bark and then you got some beautiful yellow birch kind of like the paper birch but more of a golden color yellow yellow birch betula blue tate lutea be the old name lutea is yellow in Latin you can see it on that one but now it’s actually called batula Allegan Yin zhis and that’s the majority of the trees here are yellow birch you can see kind of the mountain of there that’s the top of the hike that we’re doing right over there don’t know if you can hear the snowmobile in the back now talking about yellow birch there is there is a lot of chaga that grows on yellow and white birch and there’s one nice specimen actually right here not gonna collect it just gonna show you right here black ball right there that one’s about the size of a I don’t know like a large orange it’s not super big but they can grow a lot bigger than that yeah another species of poly puris mushrooms here on this tree not Chaca this one’s foams commentaries and chaga in Latin is Dino noches Oh bleakest Tigers good medicinal [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I say [Applause] nobody powerful are you posted yes I mean no that was the first viewpoint made it at 10:30 and it’s another two kilometers to the second viewpoint we will check that one out and then head back down to the campsite love these forests the snow on the trees is really really nice how it makes all these these balls little balls of snow if that fir tree or screw streets just all covered with with snow that’ll kill you good if it falls in your neck going through a balsam first and nice sheltered area the more we approach the top of the hill or the mountain you can see the vegetation is really changing so there’s no more big yellow birch no more big maples it’s all balsam fir and the way that the snow stays on them is really nice and there’s a nice well nice viewpoint right here see kilometers away it’s all balsam firs here and then lower altitude more of the reddish brown color is more of the deciduous forest and the darker is all evergreens Oh finally made it I say boy so this is the main if you point from side CD do wolf hike and so our tent would be located right about there and that is the intersection of the Soto risky and the shocked at sea river and then yesterday the three kilometers that we walked was from the entrance booth or interpretive center which is way back there that’s where we’ll have to go later today get back guys look at this huge spruce tree that thing is beautiful nice and healthy too I’ll go beside it show you the size so nice I gotta take a video of it nice and straight to cat cat reach around it [Applause] yeah good bark for a spruce bark can you know knots or anything for 12 1215 feet [Applause] well guys she’s a beauty thanks Eve everyone would say just made it back to the first viewpoint gonna relax a little bit have a snack bit of water and then head back down well 20 we should be back around 1 o’clock and I know we’re site have a bit of a lunch and then leave yeah super-quiet here all you can hear is this the sound of the river back down rivers are really nice like can you canoeing river it’s whitewater so you have a series of Rapids you can do it like poor cause or you can go down the rapids look in here it’s really nice [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] goo-losh here’s our gear we’re all ready to go this is our site had our tent right here went down to the soil melted all the snow with the heat of the that stove have our trail leads up to the fire gonna throw a little bit of snow on there and then we’re out of here it is three o’clock so not too bad took us about two hours to unpack everything well folks that is it for the video just about made it to the vehicle so I hope you guys enjoyed it we had an awesome time Jews at the top were breathtaking really nice yeah if you want to support my channel you guys can subscribe and I click the bell if you want to be notified from new videos see you guys soon Cheers and I’ll good have a good day

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