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Winter Backpacking | Solo Camping The Colorado Rockies

Winter Backpacking | Solo Camping The Colorado Rockies

Hey guys, it’s the last day of November here in Colorado and we just got our second big snow of the year. Now I have a chance here to get out for the night and do an overnighter in the pike National Forest This is going to be a solo trip, and I’m not too far from Decker’s Now backpacking solo in these conditions is something I’ve never done before My first priority is to get my tent set up and get camp going With camp set my focus now was shifting over to digging out a fire pit and gathering firewood both for warmth and to cook So we’ve got the fire ring built Starting to get firewood stacked up small too big and I’m not gonna get really big pieces today Because I don’t have an axe I’m not gonna split it so maybe an inch diameters about the biggest but I’m gonna keep gathering firewood as the Sun Goes Down Hopefully that’s gonna be enough wood for tonight and For the morning, man. I haven’t talked in a couple hours I’ve just been getting stuff done and if you can hear my mouth is so cold. I’m having a hard time using my lips It’s so windy, you probably can’t even hear me but I’m gonna get Water boiling with my Stern Oh as I finish getting ready for dinner that we’re gonna start that fire when it gets dark Broken both brought two eggs with me drop this out of my pack Usually I can make eggs make it This is the mess kid, I’ve been using all year you can see also, I Messed it up here and kind of broke two sides It’s so flimsy and thin that if you’re not just extremely extremely careful it can kind of Bend and then break on you Of course the entire kit cost five bucks So while my water is boiling let me Unpack all my food here. I’ll show you what I brought really this is an overnight or one night and Really one full day, so I needed one lunch one dinner one breakfast Here’s a couple shooters of whiskey a couple slices of ham for breakfast I had those two eggs Unfortunately, I broke them. Alright for dinner this is something new for me and this is That Kroger roast beef with gravy just a can that you can get and it shows egg noodles. So I brought some noodles as well Got some snack sticks two tortillas one for dinner one for breakfast Pack of in domaine noodles. These are really really really good. Ramen style instant noodles and I’ll show you here at lunchtime Tomorrow when I cook them, but you’ll see it comes with all sorts of stuff Seasoning oil sweet soy sauce chili sauce fried onions seasoning powder much more than your just typical top ramen One emergency for electrolytes Three snicker bars Egg noodles, look my Forte’s there two egg noodles to go with that roast beef Got instant coffee six instant boost ellos or maybe for instant boost ellos and one miso soup, which I am about to do right now And that is it And everything is so cold wet, I’m gonna use a firestarter stick You see that stuff just wasn’t lighting Boy temperatures are dropping quick with the Sun and this fire is gonna be nice. I can already feel it This little vacuum sealed cup is brand new. I’ve never had one before And I grabbed it for this trip and I tell you what I put that soup in it maybe 15 minutes ago It’s still piping hot. This is awesome the problem with that little red collapsible cup I have Well, the good thing is it’s collapsible takes no room. It’s light The downside is your drinks get cold almost immediately. So you make coffee, it’s cold Damper pieces, I’m gonna lay around to dry Burn off all that stuff from the alcove with Greg So for dinner tonight I’m going to do that roast beef and gravy eat that up. I’m gonna cook some of those egg noodles See how that goes together It’s knife doesn’t let me Normally with the can opener I go the other direction I just realized my Swiss Army knife makes me go this way She’s a little foreign to me And I got a dose of smoke my salt and pepper I put in these advil containers Travel containers The innocents almost done noodles are getting soft and that roast beef is heated up. It’s ready All right finished product we’ve got noodles Roast beef hot and dinner. I’m gonna sit by this fire. Let it burn for a little bit and then hit into the tent Well dinner was really good nice to have a hot meal out in the middle of nowhere covered in snow Back in the tent and getting situated. I had a complete set of dry clothes waiting for me so I went ahead and put on thermals and warm clothes I’ve also got the candle lantern going This is the first time I’ve ever used a candle lantern and I can tell you it’s providing heat, which is nice. So gonna continue to just kind of get things situated and chill for a little bit So I got the candle and you’re going and if you want to know if they give heat off When I get my foot close look at this My foot is steaming It’s so cold it’s steaming because I have it close to the candle entered this thing gives off heat man So, let me show you my setup for sleep Tonight’s forecast is about 19. It’s gonna get down to 19 degrees I’m using the climate pillow and quite honestly, I’ll probably deflate it so I can fold it in half. It’s more comfortable that way Like I said tonight’s gonna be 19 degrees. I’ve got a 40 degree Ozark Trail sleeping bag is my outer bag I’m layering guys. This is a layering system Like you would for clothing Inside that I have another 40 degrees as our trail bag, so two Inside that I’ve got the Black Diamond down quilt So I’ve got a Down quilt with a 40 degree bag outside of it And then an outer bag of a 40 degree bag tonight’s gonna be 19. We’ll see how it goes Spill and wax. Well, we’re learning with this candle later and that’s for sure. So It is getting close to 9:00 Hung out for a little bit here I Can see my water’s freezing. So I’ll move it into the backpack into the backpack into the sleeping bag I’m gonna take the candle lantern and hang it from the top of the tip if you look around me The tent is starting to freeze again And there’s not much we can do about that, but we’ll see if the candle lantern helps so gonna tuck in and have a good night and Hopefully stay warm So guys it is 3:00 in the morning Tent is frozen solid. I tried to get my blanket and wipe it down a little bit But it just made ice fall on me. Probably not a great idea I kept the candle in her and hanging in the middle and it did help it looks like With condensation in that part, but the rest of the tin is just pretty frozen It got cold You know, like I said, the low was forecasted at 19. I don’t have a thermometer. It might have got colder in my bag I’m good with that layered system. The down makes a huge difference I Want to chill for about three more hours get up make coffee And the ice inside this tents kind of a problem every time I hit it I’m knocking it down and then it melts Usually I Just take my camp towel and dry that condensation down You know one more point for how cold it is my boots froze together There’s there’s solidly frozen And I was looking forward to just fire and hot coffee I tell you Those little snack sticks are frozen. So I’m just heating them on the grill here to kinda warm them up But it was cold last night and that layering system for my sleep system worked really well it was warm I was comfortable Woke up at one point. I Woke up to one point and had turned over while I turned over for some reason I had pushed the quilt completely off of me inside my sleeping bag And I was cold. I was worried actually as like, oh I’m gonna be this cold throughout the entire night But now it was good. I Got that quilt situated. It’s like a layer of warmth around you in there, and it was good So I got my hot coffee gonna have breakfast of some sort here And then we need to pack up camp and get out Hey guys so camp is fully packed ready to get out here. This is where we had the tent set up this entire trip I was using the Outdoor Products Arrowhead 8.0. You want to talk about an extremely low-cost back? Pack or bag? I can say one of the two extremely low-cost pack I’m talking sub $25 that I wanted to test out see how it does out here on a trip in some pretty extreme conditions. So I Will let you know more. Well, I’m gonna hike out of here as This Sun comes up and warms everything back up. What a nice trip. It was fun and got in the teens overnight very cold Had a good time cooking over a campfire Appreciate you watching the video guys. I’ll see you soon. Be safe. Bye

4 thoughts on “Winter Backpacking | Solo Camping The Colorado Rockies

  • Hey for winter camping if you’re wanting a 4 season tent for a good price go into amazon and they have flytop 4 season 2 person tents. Went camping in 20 degree weather last night and kept me perfectly warm and dry.

  • My hat is off to you for winter soloing… ? For me winter camping is out… Any more I just shell out my eggs into a plastic jar and that has worked out far better. Nice spot you had..

  • By the way i liked your layer system. I recently was in Northern Mich in a hammock. Two things went wrong. One I forgot my air mattress so nothing to insulate my back, and then the temp was to be 35, and it went to 28. I felt your pain when you woke up at 3am. I learned to double check and make a check list

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