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WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY and WILD CAMPING | Shelter, bonfire, bushcraft and a bit of self reliance

I am in the forest very close to where I live and today I’m going to build myself a little shelter here and I’m going to prepare for fire have brought meats and water I get everything I need and I’m going to sleep here for the night but I haven’t been home here in the neighborhood for some weeks now because I’ve been in Scotland because I’ve been in Crete because I’ve been faffing around everywhere so now I thought I’m not just going out to listen to this red deer I have to like reconnect with with the nature around me what better way to do that and actually to camp here for the night so yeah let’s get the little mini camp up and then after that let’s go and listen to some red deers hopefully [Music] my plan is not to photograph in this area but to set the shelter up now where we have the light prepare everything and then leave here and go to the forest which is a few kilometers from here we know that the red tears are so at least they were there last year [Music] so that was more or less the shelter it’s very fast mate see ya see see to see here the wind is like coming around in the forest from all direction and no matter where I put the fire there will be a lot of smoke and I predict there will be a lot of smoke because everything in here is just very damp it has been raining a lot in the last weeks so by leaving this little gap in the bottom instead we’ll instead of when the wind comes from behind the shelter from that direction the wind can actually come through down there and this way out instead of making a purple and here’s of the smoke will be in this area where I’m sitting yeah I just need to unplug a little bit from like the computer and the work and all the kind of stuff sending books preparing my next exhibition all that kind of stuff just be out here surrounded by nature and the sound of nature and the smell and the temperatures and the wind hitting my face it’s absolutely awesome here will be the fire and we’re going to build that right now so we’re yeah these branches here even though they are hanging down and it’s been raining they are completely dry and they are dead they are at the bottom of the pine trees so these are the one we’re looking for give me a second to collect some firewood and branches some stuff and then yeah let’s build that fire before it’s getting too dark [Applause] oh no here plenty for her for tonight and for tomorrow I don’t want to get out of the sleeping bag tomorrow just to collect these so for now and for tomorrow and these small little ones are for actually starting the fire so yeah you’re going to put them in here because you’re not starting the fire yet and small ones here we put not on the ground but on some sticks otherwise they will suck the moisture and this one we put on top [Applause] what I’m doing is instead of making small lies pieces of wood like you would put in your fireplace I’m making longer sticks and that’s kind of the some of the fires of the Native American used because you take they are just bigger than this one and you just put like three or four sticks together pointing in to the center and then instead instead of having to put more more firewood on you can just put them in I’ll show you later but that’s enough for like cooking making water I’m guys going to instead of roasting a whole lake from a deer I’m just cutting off small pieces of meat and then roasting them on sticks just to keep it small and and it’s more efficient I would say it’s more it’s safe more woods and yeah so let’s get the last thing done pack the photo back and go and see if we can clear some red deer backpack is on and we already so I better stop vlogging and see you if I find him read this otherwise see you in the camp so here we are in the area where the Red Deer might be and of course I don’t know if they are here but I feel they are here let’s get ready before it’s too late because it’s the Sun is about to set look at these beautiful colors we don’t need the face mask for this this is going to be very good I think I see some Deacs me out of the field hold on two things can destroy it for me now the first one is because the wind is circling around if I put some power some smoker with me in the air you will see it will go around like that so the scent from me on make these animals disappear immediately second thing is from stepping a lot of these branches that will maybe not scare the enemies away immediately but that’ll make them extremely aware so these two things are not going to happen one of them I have no control about that’s a smell because no matter where I go here will come around second one I should be able to control that that’s given there and might be eyes in here looking at me right now so what I want to do is move slow no quick movements like not turning my head like this but more turn it slowly so no fast moments second thing is every time I have walked maybe 10 or 15 meter I’m going to kneel down and sit for a while just to listen did you know you did not hear that that was the sound of a stack with a warp that sound like that three sounds in nature that I absolutely love wanna stack the deep war second one is the Raven the sound of the Raven is like bringing it back in time and the third one it’s my absolute favorite it’s the wolf howling see if we can get a glimpse get it here after wait yes [Music] see is that just awesome now I want to see if I can get even further out to the edge of this forest if we can just get to that spot [Music] they give they can definitely smell me or see me or something they’re not in a hurry they’re just silently walking away from here but there quite sure that they can come if it’s my scent or they definitely know that there’s something it’s not as it should be and they’re totally right I’m here and it’s hunting season shower okay it’s also getting really dark now and one very high ISO I think I was a little too late out but still we gotta times got a one picture of with you’re far far away but that was not what it’s all about let’s just get back yeah let’s get back to the camp get that fire let’s make some dinner and yeah you can watch the little movie clip when we’re having the the fire so yeah I’ll go back see you back then [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so sorry turn this way so you see anything now everything is just as when we left it nice and ready so yeah No let’s turn off to that a little bit yeah see we have enough you have enough dry wood yes you can see I found some stumps over there and I put them because the wind is picking up and it’s quite a lot now [Applause] [Music] yeah yeah [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what an awesome afternoon I can just see the last embers from the fire and everything is ready for tomorrow X is here all the the tweaks we collected I’m just ready to fight and to light up the fire tomorrow I got a few pictures of the stacks nothing special just nice to be there no sound recordings like it was too windy but you know it’s how the trips are most I think just a good experience without any special pictures or anything else then just experience and now I’m just really tired it was nice with a little meet some tea and yeah time to save my good night and then see you tomorrow [Applause] good morning it has been such a wind night I’ve had a really good sleep I might just get up quickly make a small fire make some tea and then get out because here is the shadow and out there is the Sun soil yeah let’s say make the morning let’s make the morning tea and [Music] a lot of smoke so much smokier Oh [Music] is the just fantastic sitting here in the forest with a little fire and the shelter and I mean the beauty of it is that it takes like if you have want to make a symbol so don’t make your own shelters out there it takes a top take the old sleeping bag water bottle an axe knife some skills to make a fire and then it’s just awesome like imagine how nice it is but you when you go to sleep the last thing you hear before you close your eyes are all these sounds birds of nature of the wind in the trees the small like quirky sound of the trees like and I mean yeah like what more can you wish for them being in the forest with a little fire having a camera in the year and I mean we didn’t get any good pictures this time we didn’t get any sound recordings but a good good night out in nature and [Music] see you out there [Music] you [Music]

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