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Importance of Survival Skills

Wilderness Survival Tools

Wilderness Survival Tools

If you’re gonna be out in the tundra in the great wastelands of Hoth or anywhere else You need a few basic tools in your pack Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Hoth Report and as you can see the Pimphand of the Galaxy has set himself up just a little camp I’m relaxed here I’m sitting on my snow striders I’ve got one set of snow striders underneath me as a impromptu seat and then I’ve got the Imperial ones right here We started ourself a little fire but that’s not what I want to talk about What I want to talk about is survival tools Number one, you should have a good blade A good blade, a good knife something like this right here A fixed blade A sharp edge I don’t care what kind you get This one I picked up from a trader and it’s served me very well So I’ve got a good blade Now, what else You want some kind of digger Now this one right here It’s very simple. It’s very sturdy It has a sharp edge if you needed to cut wood or if you need to defend yourself or whatever, you can do that It’s a very sturdy digger It doesn’t fold. It doesn’t do anything fancy It’s just a solid tool, alright You can clear away snow or whatever you want to do with that Now, if you’re looking for compact and lightweight You might want a digger like this Now this little digger right here actually folds up; you can fold it up And it becomes very, very compact You take it and it has, actually, a little case So you can take this digger fold it up, put it in a case It’s very lightweight; it’s very easy to carry One thing I like about this little digger is you can go ahead and secure it at a 90 degree angle You can secure the blade at a 90 degree angle and you can dig like this Chop, dig, pull. Or you can just put it liek so, like a fixed digger Now this one actually has a a very sharp edge It has a saw blade an emergency saw blade, and at the bottom you’ve got emergency paracord emergency cord right there a whole bunch of it and if you take this off you have duh, duh, duh, duh, a fire striker So, that’s very cool So, if you’re going to be out in the great wastelands of Hoth or wherever else you need to have some basic tools You need to have a good blade and you need to have a good digger Talking to you guys Thank you everybody for liking, sharing, and letting everybody know about the Hoth Report

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