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Wilderness Medicine/Survival Product Review: Blizzard Jacket

previously on MedWild we talked about
the personal shelter also known as the garbage bag and that this really makes a
very low-tech inexpensive bivy sack that you can have in your pack airplane car
so if you ever need to spend an unexpected night out out of the elements
you’ve got immediately immediate shelter from the wind and the rain pretty
low-tech obviously no insulation well there’s a product that we’ve been quite
interested in it’s the blizzard rescue jacket and the cool thing about blizzard
is they make their rescue gear out of something called reflex cell which
contains closed air cells that actually add insulation to the bivvy sack so it’s
basically like a garbage bag on steroids it has an aluminized or metallo sized
inside that reflects radiant heat and it also has air cells that maintain some
amount of conduction so we’re going to try this thing out and see if it works
and I can tell you that we’re in Big Sky Montana and the temperature is probably
about five degrees and I was stupid enough to try to make this video without
gloves so rather than just talking about this hey hey good evening as you can see at a
radiative barrier inside that reflects radiative heat but the cool thing about
this jacket I think is that it has the air cells kind of like a sleeping bag
and in fact rumor has it that these guys can be as warm as actual sleeping bags
so we’re hoping to do some tests with mid while later in the season anyway one
thing I’ve known from putting these on myself is that there’s a palpable warmth
once you stick them on and I bet you have curls right now is a lot warmer
than the cameraman okay they’re good and you can pretty much button this thing up
and use it like a beast if this can be reused and the answer is definitely yes
promise you’ll never get it back into that nice vacuum packed cube but you
can’t smoosh it into a stuff sack about the size of normal cantaloupe whatever
at normal cantaloupe is the nice thing about a blizzard rescue jacket as
opposed to a space blanket other than the fact that obviously this is more of
a garment you teach you how to win where’s the space blanket as you may
have noticed in Prior med Wyles tend to sort of flail but the nice thing is this
is actually rubberized so that it’s much more durable than a typical space
blanket and tents not to just tear into shards although to be honest with you
you can’t rip these and they’re now not really designed for continuous use at
all the companies days that this rescue jacket can keep you warm for about 24
hours in 30 degrees below and again that’s according to these rescue jackets
retail for about 60 dollars but if you act now you get the rescue jacket and
the Chilean fry maker early night know they’re about 60 bucks
and by the way mid well doesn’t have action to this company then we like this

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