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Importance of Survival Skills

Why Humans Have Survival Fears? | Neeta Singhal

Why Humans Have Survival Fears? | Neeta Singhal

So Neither overactive
nor under-active We have to understand these
are just fears of survival They are the animal
instincts inside you It is nothing but
the animal instinct It is a fear of the body And the body is just animal flesh It is just animalistic
nature within you where only instinct is survival What does an animal
do in the morning? It rises to have its meal It sleeps for rest so that it
can eat again the next day An animal has got no other functions other than survival And today your Muladhara Chakra is
that animal instinct within you It is the mouse of Lord Ganesha It acts as an animal
instinct inside you And it is also the dog Your Muladhara Chakra is associated
with Ketu planet that rules it And the vehicle of Ketu is dog So your Muladhara Chakra contains
the instincts of a mouse What does a mouse do?
It scuttles out at night He looks around to
ensure it is safe He quickly collects and
nibbles foodstuffs He feeds on your clothes
or anything and everything He has to eat And he will come out
only in the night He feels threatened A little noise and it scuttles away! As it is said ‘Mice always run away’ Even as little calamity
or earthquake happens Mice are the first to leave the ship The mouse So some employees threatened
slightly leave the office So it is the mouse instinct inside
you that Lord Ganesha curbs It is not the vehicle or
carrier of Lord Ganesha Ganesha burns to ashes the mouse
instinct residing inside you That’s why we never
worship the mouse We try to destroy the
mouse (instinct) We don’t feel like worshiping
upon sighting a mouse As we see it, we quickly
search for a rat killer Even same with the dog
instinct inside us Now what’s the typical
instinct of a dog? If he is loyal, he remains so absolutely loyal As soon as he feels threatened Like a stranger is
approaching the house A dog is then good for security If he feels the guest is not
good to his master, he barks! And a mouse is the
king in his lane He squeals in anger as he
sees other mouse in his lane So you feel threatened So if today if you speak this sentence ‘Madam, wherever I go, people just
feel threatened because of me’ They all feel threatened with me ‘I am very good. I am very
good in my work and job’ ‘But others jealous
of me feel threatened’ This is the dog inside you speaking Whenever you say this sentence that ‘people feel
threatened because of me’ It is a dog inside you You have to realize
these instincts Because understand You are not the survival
or animal instinct When you see it, then only
will you be able to discard it

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