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Why A Mother Says She Took Her Sons Camping At Spot Where Their Brothers And Father Were Killed

this has been such a horrific thing in your life when I hear you talk about it on tape it seems to me that when you talk about it it’s as raw and painful for you today as it was the first day you heard about it oddly enough that seems like it gets worse every day how do you cope with this what is your what is your strategy initially I wasn’t able to really eat and immediately after it happened like for the first six months or so I couldn’t eat and I started getting some I started realizing that if I had a beer or two during the day then it would settle my stomach and kind of calm me down a little bit so I’ve been using beer and a little bit of alcohol pretty much daily to kind of get me through the day and kind of numb things for me okay so you’re self-medicating with alcohol to numb the pain yes this was your ex-husband Tom yes that took the boys camping and I’ve noticed that very pointedly you blame Tom for this here’s a quote from your Facebook you said Tom I truly loved you but someday when I die I’m going to destroy you for what you have allowed to happen to my sons I hope you are ashamed of yourself feeling the pain and understand that you were at fault even more than Hudson Hudson being the man that pulled the trigger that killed your children you were supposed to protect them you blank-blank I do really feel a lot of animosity against him for putting all of them in such a dangerous situation and I’m protecting them why did you bring your two boys Quentin and Rolen back to the side of the murder well because Nathan and Austin and Dad and Hannah little Kade they set out on a mission to camp on the land that we bought and I was hell bent about doing that I wasn’t going to let Hudson not allow us to count on our land when you got there there were there was still remnants of of this murder scene yes sir there was a little baby potty for Kade kind of behind the bushes and then there was a rug kind of pushed off into the bushes and it was blood-soaked it was still there at the campsite how did it affect you to see that see this blood-soaked rug that was you know you have to remember I had my boys with me so I was trying to not make a big deal out of it cuz I didn’t want to upset them but for me it’s it just struck me since you spinning it did as an adult how do you suppose that impacted two young boys they haven’t talked about it since then they didn’t really pay much attention to it I don’t even know if you asked them about that now if they’d even remember one of our jobs is to nurture our children is to nurture them and to give them a soft place to fall and to bring them through difficult times how do you think they would grade your paper I think they think I’m doing great I think my sons are very proud of me

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