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Importance of Survival Skills

What’s your answer? YES or NO? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

What’s your answer? YES or NO? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

Let’s see… (Which man will have captured her heart?) (Nervous) Whose first impression did you like? The one at the end. The oriental medicine doctor? I saw… (She sincerely expressed her feelings) Do you want to bet? (Or is it Andrew whom she gave a wrap to?) (Who will she choose?) It’s Hoyeong. Who is it? Hello. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Wary) I’m sorry. – I’m sorry. / – It’s alright. I told you I didn’t want to go first. (This place is so scary) Oriental Medicine Doctor Park Hoyeong will go now. (Who is on his mind?) (He liked Yebin from the first impression) (He has been always after her) (Will she have felt his feelings?) Hello? Will you find love with me? (He’s frustrated) (What will she say?) You have everything. You’re sexy. (She communicated well with 100 Jeong Juyeong) (But Park Hoyeong was considerate) (It’s time to choose between the two) Will you find love with me? (Laughing) (Anxious) – I’d love to. / – Thank you. (He’s so happy, he can’t keep his mouth shut) Thank you. (Congratulations) (My head aches) – Let’s make a heart. / – Let’s make a heart. (Yebin and Park Hoyeong have become a couple) – You can stand next to us. / – Let’s go. Yebin, how are you going to meet Seulki from now on? We’re not that close. (She gives up her friendship) (That was mean) (He can’t smile in this situation) I personally think… I would have met with him if I was a woman. Why do you make that supposition so easily? What? (They’re hilarious) He’s the man that stole my heart. – It’s Juyeong. / – It’s Juyeong. He’s from Busan. We’ll see who he calls. – Do I call now? / – Yes. (Who will he call?) What? (100 Jeong Juyeong chooses Yebin) Wait a minute. (This is 100 percent real) (My gosh) (They’re stirred by his decision) You can change your mind. Give me a minute. It’s like she’s kidnapped. (What are you doing, Yebin?) – Please take the call. / – Just a moment. – Hello? / – Hello. Will you find love with me? I’m about to cry. You like blood sausages, don’t you? – I love blood sausages. / – Then… Then will you find love with me? (What will her answer be?) (Then will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I like blood sausages, but I don’t like you) (Heechul is the only one caring for him) I’m okay. (She’s sorry, and he’s relieved) Next up, Dentist Wu Seungseok. (Wu Seungseok will go next) A man doesn’t change his mind. (Where does his heart lead to?) (He liked Yebin as an old fan) (He matched well with Seunghye) (Which woman will he choose?) (He chooses Seunghye who he got along well) (Shy) A man doesn’t change his mind. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (What’s the matter with you?) (No!) – Juyeong is loving it. / – Come here. – You tried. / – Come to me. – I saved you a spot. / – You did good. If I knew this would happen… Then who should be… – What do I do? / – On Seunghye’s mind? You just denied Seungseok. Let’s see who’s on her mind. – I’ll dial him. / – Yes. Let’s see. (Who will she choose?) Is it Hoyeong? It’s not. – Yes, Seunghye. Hello. / – Hello. – Yes. / – He picked up politely. Will you find love with me? (This drama is so fun to watch) She’s so cute. I will… (Is he going to accept?) I will… Not be able to find love with you. I’m sorry. (I’m blurred with tears) At least you stepped up there. At least you stepped on it. (I’m sorry) – Let’s see. / – Then… Seunghye rejected Seungseok, and Andrew rejected Seunghye. Who will Andrew choose? – Come on out. / – Come on out. (Anxious) He could call Seulki, or Yebin again. – He could also call Choi Hee. / – What about me? That phone is dead now. If Choi Hee doesn’t get a single call, she might as well be absent. (That’s mean) Who will he choose? My hands are shaking. (My hands are shaking) (Who will have captured his heart?) Do you have anything to tell me? I have a lot to tell you. (He confessed his love during the 3-minute Dates) She looked cute when she felt shy. Do I take it? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Wary) Who are you curious about? (She appealed after listening) (To the ideal type of Park Hoyeong) (She got to know about Andrew through conversation) (Which one will she choose?) (Will you find love with me?) (She’s hesitating) What’s wrong? (Choi Hee) Is it Hoyeong? (Me?) I’d love to. (He’s relieved) Thank you. I’m embarrassed. Who would feel more embarrassed, you or Seunghye? I’m about to cry. Please give it up for them. (Choi Hee and Andrew Mun have become a couple) The four of you who became couples, go on dates! – Be happy. / – Be happy.

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