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Importance of Survival Skills

What’s the biggest key to Positive Living?

Hi Jo Devin here from Positive Living
Skills bringing you another PLS Tuesday tip. When we talk to people about
what Positive Living Skills are, you know, a set of strategies techniques and
habits that we build up and build on to keep ourselves finding the joy we want
to find in our lives, one of the biggest keys to that is self-awareness. When speaking to someone we’re working with just recently, she was talking about how
she used to make a mistake at work and for the next could be 2 3 or 4 days
she’d play that mistake over and over in her mind. Now she was doing that
in the present moment so that ruminating was stopping her from being
her best self all of those days following -that’s a lot of time to spend in the
past, and when we’re worrying about the future – what’s going to happen tomorrow,
we’re also not focused on the present so that’s actually going to contribute to
more mistakes and less fulfillment and joy in our present moment, which is
all we really have, so one of the biggest keys for positive living skills is to
build that level of self-awareness – to notice what you’re thinking about when
you’re thinking about it so that you can then start to apply all those positive
living skills that are great for you to help you then find that next level of
joy so that’s my PLS Tuesday tip thanks for watching

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