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What Was Fun

What Was Fun

What is something you did on the project that you thought was fun? Hmm… Umm… hmm… I think one of the things I always enjoy the most is actually putting together the activities for the curriculum. And I really loved sitting and brainstorming on the calls with our center partners. I worked at a center myself years ago, and so it was fun just to kind of be back with the people on the ground, and getting to share my experiences and hear theirs, that was really fun for me and kind of brought me back home. Working with people across the country, that’s been really fun and especially when we get to be together in person and you get to put a face to the name and connect with each other on more than just what you’re working on and maintaining contact with people over the course of a year– I’ve been working on the project for a year and it’s been so cool to see people grow and change and be able to share my own experiences and just feel like we have a community that spans the country. I got to work with one of our community partners on making a presentation about social media and it was really fun, like we put some like Jeopardy and like or like Family Feud-style like quiz games into it kind of warm people up in the morning, so that was really fun and then also I get to interview people for part of this project and listening to different people tell their stories and everyone’s so different, but at the same time people are working on goals and they always — everyone I’ve talked to was working on something whether they call it a goal or or something else. Going through the videos– kind of just a really interesting shot into different people’s lives, so I guess that was kind of fun, hearing different stories. So, oddly, I think I had fun with the staff meetings and I guess going beyond that I would say our when we were able to travel together and do the in-person meetings that was a lot of fun, too and that was beyond just our staff then with all of our development partners and it’s one of the pieces that you know created those relationships and are those relationships developed out of just having a good time together. It was a really good balance — the fun part about a project like this is a good balance between the times I have to go, say, edit a video by myself for hours and then I get to meet with a group of people and to strategize about design and implementation that sort of thing. But the best part is always the people you get to work with. Seeing how excited people get about it, and how much this means to people and also when we wrote the grant it seemed like it would be a really difficult thing to create these curriculums and it would be a lot of work, and it is a lot of work, but the products… Products that we’re getting and the curriculums that we’re writing are so much better than I ever even imagined! And I think that’s really fun and it’s really exciting and I’m excited to see how the curriculums are used in the future!

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