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Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Species: Artificial life, Real Evolution. So what this is… Do you remember a game that I played a while ago, that was kind of like an artificial intelligence, like, simulator style thing that was trying to evolve a species, and control some muscles on a creature? (footage from “THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM”)
Ohoho! GO, MY CHILDREN! This is supposed to get the entirety of the evolutionary process for a creature, like Spore… That looks… perfectly normal. Nothing wrong with that. PRRRRRR I don’t know what any of this is. Let’s just go for it. Like Spore but… mmmm NOT. I have no idea how this is gonna be,
to be perfectly honest, so we’re just gonna find out. Fins and flippers update… click on a creature
to select it and get info and tools drag a box. Around multiple creatures
to interact with them all at once. Ok, Primum specium. Oh… Urgh… Oh, it’s sleeping. Oh, it’s horrible.
It’s a horrible penis monster that’s sleeping. Oh, yeah, create your basic stats
when you got the creature selected– “Gasp?” Did it just gasp? You can see their state over there on the right… Their state? More details by clicking the tab buttons above. Energy. Oh. Physiology. Genetics. Oh. W H O A. Creature physiology. Oh my God! There’s so much stuff. Oh my God! Why is there so much stuff?! Ok, I guess I’m on my own now, right. What- what is this? Nursery? Ugghh! Applied radiation? Whaa? Huh? Radiation? Rovers? What?! Oh, oh God! Drive? Oh, why is it IN THE OCEAN?! Why is it in the ocean?! What? W H A T Why music now? Oh my God,
this Rover don’t control too good. Ok. Oh my God. Genetic engineering. What? Oh, oh God! It’s horrible! Okay. So everyone calm down. All of you are screaming right now,
you’re screaming at the heavens, you’re like. “what the hell is going on?
What is that thing? Why does it look like a penis?” Like just everybody hold on to your hats for a second. This is our baby. It may not seem like our baby, but this is our baby. It’s crawling for Mama! Looking for a… (S U C C noises) ..a booby to suck on! It’s hoping and praying that it’s gonna survive
the cold cold night of winter, and it’s our job to- to um… I don’t know, make sure it doesn’t die
or something like that. But this is our baby. This is our baby! So we got to make sure that we evolve it in a weird way. Brain? Gluttony? Urgh… what? Oh my God. Number of features. Facial features. I don’t think I could just change anything, could I? No doesn’t look like it. Let’t make it double in siz– Oh! Oh shit! Oh wait, oh wait. Okay, alright. Generate. Alright. Chorti… schimeomgae… Okay, what does that do? It didn’t do nothing. It did nothing! Alright, um… that did dick… and diddly. Okay, everybody forget about our baby
for now. Baby didn’t happen. No baby made today. No- no- no babies.
Okay? No babies. Alright. What just happened? Did one of you die? Alright, whatever. We’re gonna get out of here.
We need to get this something. I don’t know what we need. I- I- I’m so confused. Alright. Uh, yeah, this is- this is normal. Ah it’s normal. Okay. Alright well… Rover Rover where you go-ver? Okay, I’m just gonna pop out here, we– Oh this thing takes wide turns. It’s got like… quite an ass on it,
that just likes to swing out. Really sashays as it turns– Oh my God! Really? Really? Really? Really… Oh autosave. Yeah, and now the music stops. I don’t understand what the hell’s going on There’s got to be some way that I can
affect these creatures. That’s got to be the point, right? Increase land fertility? W H A T There’s got to be some way that I can
change these creatures, right? Okay. Wait, h- here we go. How do I get out of this goddamn Rover? Rover, get out of here. Delete. So I want to grab one of you guys,
and I wanna… oh here we go. Artificially inseminate the selected creatures
with saved DNA from another creature. Number one, gross! And number two,
I don’t have any other saved DNA! I’ve used it all, on s– other things
you don’t need to worry about! I don’t know where my DNA is. Uh move. Boink! Okay, you’re in– Whoa, what the hell… Hello Rover, um, why are you in here? Alright, so you’re winded, you’re gonna do it as well. Oh you’re dead. What? Where did you come from? Did you just
start to spawn? Oh my God! Did it just start like gushing out babies? Was it like a spider’s nest full of eggs
and it just decided to scoosh out like that? Cuz that’s horrible. That- that’s horrible. Okay. Alright. So… Ah! Wow, what– Excuse me? Um edit target. Oh. Okay, alright, um… Let’s see. I’m gonna go for bigness.
We’re gonna- we’re gonna go for big, okay? Or not… Can we go for big? Hey! Can we go for– Why do you not make sense? Why can’t I click– There we go. We’re gonna aim for… we’re aiming for bigness. That’s where we’re aiming for. That’s our goal. Select target. Number to import… import? Creature genome, what? Import? What? Oh! What’s happening? I have no idea what’s happening. They’re just exploding into meat. Why are they exploding into meat? I don’t know what’s happening, but there’s meat everywhere. Delicious meat left behind by a Primum specium. O K A Y But I mean they don’t– I mean they do seem to be
exploding into meat, but uh, not 100% sure why. (SPLOSH) Are you killing them? Is this Rover-
is this Rover killing– Oh, no, the Rover’s dropping. No! It’s killing them! No? It’s killing them! This Rover is destroying them! Why? What are you doing Rover? Are you trying to kill all the ones that aren’t going towards
the desired outcome? Is that what’s happening here? Cuz it’s the only thing I can think of. Oh shit, they’ve changed. Wait what? Whoa! He’s got horns! That’s weird. Our baby has horns! Guys good news!
Our baby has horns! Oh wow! I’MA CALL YOU HORNY. Oh, you’re cute. You know, not bad, Not bad. Uh… PRRRR Uh… Let’s uh get more radiation in there or something.
I don’t know maybe that’ll help. Can we get like five Radiation? We got five times the normal radiation, apparently. Oh.. Oh- oh! What is- what is that? Is that our baby? What happened to our baby? It’s huge! Oh, it’s butthole has increased. Is that a tongue?! (DISGUSTED) Eurghhh! It’s either a butthole or a mouth,
and I don’t know which one’s more disturbing. Alright we’ll keep going I guess. We’ve gone down this path.
I don’t know where it’s gonna go. Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh my God! Do not eat the Rover! Oh my God! What is happening? It’s way different than what’s outside. If I let these creatures out they would kill everything! They’re so big– You got legs?! What are you? What the hell? It is Spore! Don’t look at me. Do not fucking look at me. Don’t. You. Dare. Okay, I don’t know what the hell THIS is, but uh wow! Okay! Alright, what– You got a butthole.. for a face!
You got butt cheeks! Got butt cheek– Do not look at me. Don’t look at me. Don’t you- DON’T YOU LOOK AT ME! I do not like that– I DO NOT LIKE THAT! STOP IT! It’s so uncomfortable! STOP IT!! Okay, it’s dead. Thank you. Good it’s dead.
That didn’t live long. Probably for the best… Alright, cool. This is going horribly wrong This just proves to me that I should not be in charge
of anything that has to do with the lives of others. I am an irresponsible overlord. It’s horrifying. Okay you, I don’t know…
Primalis monticium… I don’t know how exactly to save one of these bad boys… That’s got arms too, that’s no good. Okay well, I’ll just let it keep going
cuz I don’t know how to save them. At this point I know so little about the game
that I’m just best off letting them lie. Oh just splooshed out more babies
that are dying very, very quickly. This thing’s been living a long time, you know. CREATURE: AHH No, no, I just had to talk. Okay, that species is extinct. So the only species that had–
Oh, they’re fighting. What the fuck? Whoa! Well, they don’t like each other. Well now we’re kind of back to the originator. This is like where it was before. We were on the right track, and then they just died. We were on the right track with legs and arms
and then they just died. I wish I could have saved to the DNA
or something like that. Why are they all congregated in that corner? They’re not moving. Why do they keep dying?
Oh, they can’t breathe? It keeps saying they’re seeking oxygen,
but I don’t know what that’s about. We’re gonna increase the land fertility, I guess? Fertility increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing… I don’t know where this metric is kept,
but I’m going for it. Whoa… Whoa… Whoa. Whoa! Wait a minute, things are happening
outside of the pen, too. I didn’t even realize it. There’s other creatures that are getting adaptations. These have arm! That’s so weird! Oh, this is bizarre. These guys are still clonked up in the corner
over here, doing who-knows-what, because they’re suffocating? It says O2– What is that? WHAT IS THAT? Why don’t they have any oxygen? Why is there
no oxygen? Wait, where’s the oxygen? There’s no food. If there’s no food, what do they eat? So there’s no oxygen and there’s no food,
but what does that mean? They’re all starving. How do we feed them? Hah? How do we feed him? Oh wow what is that… Oh weird. The dominant species is Primum specium,
which is the original I think, but uh these guys are not getting fed, which is bizarre. Maybe because there’s no actual grass there?
Maybe they need grass. I don’t know. Whatever, I’m gonna take this one creature
and I’m gonna put him outside the pen… ..and it died. Okay, I’m gonna take the biggest one here. You. I’m gonna take you and I’ll put you outside the pen… ..and he’s alive? Oh he’s alive. And he’s dead. Okay, well they don’t survive… There’s so many on this island over here. I guess I did increase the land fertility, like, a lot. I mean everything’s just dying in here. I have no idea how to create oxygen. How do you create oxygen? Okay, so I think I’m starting
to understand a little bit of this game. There’s a lot less that I can do. Whoa, you are funkalicious. Are those eye holes? Are those like rudimentary eye holes? Don’t like– Ugh it is! Oh God it’s a horrible face! Why is it a face? Eugh. Okay, so, alright. The thing about this game is there are things
that I can do to control it, like what I’ve been trying to do and not succeeding at, but there are some things that you can do to control it. But a lot of it is just left up to the game itself, Like the game is about randomly producing
different results all over the place, like just changing up all the time. You know, I I can’t always do what I want to do. oh my God look at these things!
They’re starting to look like seals. Weird… Hang on wait, let me gene splice… Where do I get a g– Where do I get the genome bank? I don’t know where I get the genome bank from. Oh look at this butt face. Did I just do it? I did. Okay so that’s how you export. Man, I wish I had that bipedal thing. They actually had legs. Those are very nice. Okay, so I’m gonna take you with the– Do not look at me. Don’t you dare. Don’t you look at me. Oh my God! Don’t. Look. At me! Gurghhh, gurghh. GURGHH Okay, you’re gonna go in here. I’m gonna take you, you’re gonna go in here. I’m gonna take you with some of your buds,
and you’re gonna go in here and… Oh and you’re dead. Okay alright. Never mind. How about you, you and your buds? Alright you, you’re going in. And you’re dead. Okay, cool. And how about you? Alright you right there. Is it the radiation? It might be the radiation.
It might very much be the radiation. Okay, let’s see, and… The Rover kills it! Oh… Wait a minute. Is the Rover killing it because it doesn’t–
it’s not on the way to this evolution? Am I picking up what you’re putting down? How did we clear a target entirely? Let me just take everything in here,
we’re gonna move it out, so there’s nothing in the pen anymore. And I bet they all died, too, cuz they’re–
they don’t seem like they’re gonna do too well. Uh… uh… uh! (HIGH-PITCHED)
Uh don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! Oh God it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen
in my entire life. Okay, you! You’re coming in here now. Boink! Now, you’re a part of this. Ah, pretty cool, alright And… oh you don’t get murdered! Ah I see, I see, I see, so you are the new hotness. This Rovers making sure y’all breed, right? Yeah, okay. It’s a little too hot, a little too hot, but you know,
I can uh… lower the temperature a bit. Irradiate… ah… interesting. So I could just douse you with radiation. I can resurrect? Oh, that’s-
that’s a power I shouldn’t have, resurrecting animals. I definitely shouldn’t have that. Yep, it died. This is trying to go to that. That’s not what we’re gonna try to do. Can we clear this out? How do we clear out what we’re trying
to go for? How do we do that? I don’t want to go for this! Don’t go for this!
I want to go for more! I want to do more, bigger, edit, target… but
it’s still this. How do I clear that out? You. Genetic engineering… Alright, so we’re gonna…
Okay, maybe it’s like this. Okay. I want freakishly big, is what I want. I want big. We’re going for big, right? There is absolutely no way in hell
to ever get this thing to look like that thing. So why do I even bother, I don’t know. It cannot be changed ever, for the history of forever,
now and forever. It will not be changed. What is that? Oh no, it’s morphing back toward– It’s reverting!
That’s not what I want. God… Ughh that’s not what I wanted.
I’ve ruined a perfectly good species now. It’s– Oh god. It’s reverting. Oh, it’s reverting in horrible ways, because I can’t figure out
how to frickin’ change THIS THING! Edit target. There’s- there’s nothing! There’s nothing! There’s no… there’s no, like, option, there’s no… (AUTOTUNED) .. FWAHH. Alright, you know what? That’s okay. Because we’re just gonna kill everything. Put it outside, It’ll all die, who cares?
Let nature take its course. And once I know how to do whatever
I’m doing, that’s what I’ll do. This is no way to change it. That’s so strange. Okay, let’s just let it go for a bit. Let’s get it- Let’s let it go for a bit. We’re just gonna- we’re gonna let it go. These creatures, they’re gonna evolve at their own rate,
they’re gonna do their own thing, and then we’re just gonna, you know, watch.
We’re just gonna watch. We’re just gonna observe, because every time
I try to intervene, they die. Hey! These things have four legs! And weird spikes,
but they got four legs. Heyyy! Looking like hippos over here. Okay. That’s a thing. This is a horrible, horrible thing. It’s a horrible, horrible thing that I’ve created. I didn’t even create it. I tried to create wor– wow… I DON’T LIKE THAT TAIL! Oh the waggy tail. That’s no good. Oh, that’s-
that’s not that’s the opposite of good, eughh… Don’t wag it, don’t wag it more when I’m–
don’t be happy. I hope that’s happy. Whatever that is, don’t do that. There’s a lot less life on this island than there once was, and I think it has to do with me
and my proclivity to irradiate things. Like you! Let’s irradiate you. Are you dead yet? Not yet, but your offspring will be
really weird– and you’re dead. Well, that didn’t work, maybe too irradiated. Uh you, uh you actually. Oh with the face, gurghh! Burn it with radiation! Okay, let’s see how that does yeah, huh?
Okay, you’re dead. Okay, how about just a little radiation huh? Just a little. There we go. That’s a nice dose. That’s a nice dose. You’re gonna die. Okay then you died by
swimming into the ocean for some reason. Oh you are old! You’re so old! Why are you so old? REVIVE! And dead. And REVIVE! Live again! You hungry? And you’re dead. Okay, you got to stop dying.
That’s really your main flaw here. There you go. Now he’s going for it. And irradiate. He’s good. This one’s good. This one’s gonna live. No. It’s fighting. Never mind. It’s fighting. Uh, you’re gonna die. Why do you S U C K? You know what, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna irradiate all of you,
and some of you are gonna survive, right? No– dead dead dead dead dead
dead dead dead dead dead. Ah no, alive! Okay, that’s good, that’s good. There we go. This is not great. They’re all D E A D. You know what, if you think- if you think that
I’m just gonna sit around and let bygones be bygones? No, I’m not, I’m not. This island? Oh, this is the Radiation Island. Pump up the jams! Pump it up, pump it way up! What do you got going on now?
Nothing, because you’re changing. You’re gonna look so weird.
This is the island of experimentation. The center island is not the island of experimentation, that’s the island of death, cuz
nothing can stay alive here. But here, oh yeah, irradiate. Pumped up the rads,
pump ’em up! Oh two species. Looks like there might have been
a new species on that island. Cuz of the radia– there’s a lot less creatures
on this island than there were once, pro– There’s a lot. Less. There’s way- way, way low– oh my goodness. Hello! Ooh, you’re tough, you got a lot of health. I’m gonna save you. (HIGH-PITCHED) Look at him! And he’s dead. (DRAMATIC VOICE) Rise! My champion! Okay, so maybe flooding them
with radiation isn’t the best idea, but it’s like the only thing
that I know how to do at this point. I’m gonna infuse you… with this. Alright import. There, you’ve been spliced! Twelve species, what the hell? Twelve species? That doesn’t even make any sense. Why there’s so many species? What is that? Feed them, feed them. Yeah, feed them.
Oh irradiate them? Feed them! Keep their bellies full and their brains irradiated.
That’s how you do. Yeah, we’re gonna feed them. Oh, yeah everything here? Yeah, you guys getting fed. And we’re gonna splice you again,
with whatever the hell this is. Yeah, get spliced and irradiated and fed! Yeah feed. Yeah yeah, how do you like them apples? Bet they taste weird and irradiated. if I just keep feeding them and irradiating them… and feeding them and irradiating them… and feeding them and… Feed and irradiate. Feeding, feeding, feeding, feeding. I gotta keep them alive, alive, alive,
radiations, alive. Oh, there we go. Now we’re talking. Oh there’s something tough in here. Look at all this. Look at all THIS. Look at this! You! Yeah, Primella speminor. Ooh! (HIGH-PITCHED) Look at you! Look at you!
You’re weird! I like you. Barboea dendrav. Yeah, you’re Barboea!
Yeah Barboea. Yeah, okay, alright. Feed feed feed feed. Alright. See now. I feel like
I actually have something I can do. I mean, it’s not a good thing. This is gonna create
a horror show of the worst traits coming in– It’s gonna be like the most deformed island
in the entire archipelago. But hey, it feels good to do something!
Feels like I’m helping, you know. By shooting them full of radiation,
it really feels like I’m helping. Alright, let me just give it like another five minutes. They’ve been fed. It’s time to see which one of them’s gonna duke it out, now that I have stopped feeding them.
You know what I mean? I’ll give it 30 seconds. Put 30 seconds on the clock. I have no idea how much time has gone on,
but a lot of people have gone extinct. So, let’s see who’s uh, the– duhhh. What? Look at this guy! Look at this guy! What the hell! I don’t like you at all. You’re horrifying. Look at that guy! Whoa! You got tiger stripes, why? You’re so cool! What are you? Oh, you’re awful. I hate you, Azathi cladaratum. Yeah. Yeah. What about you? Oh club foot. Oh the big foot, Careta insecticaris. Oh, what are you? Oh what is everything? What is anything on this place? Oh you– wait. Whoa, we might have a winner. That’s an actual thing. It’s got a waggy tail,
but that’s an actual thing. Okay, so compare the life on this island versus
the life on… say this island. What are we at? Ah, we’re still at worms. Oh you guys, you’re still at worms! Uh you’re not a worm, you’re weird. No, I don’t like you. I don’t like the hair.
Why do you have hair? Ugh, ugh why is it textured like skin? Ugh! Uh It’s the worst. Oh God. It’s more like a penis than ever except hairy. It’s like a thumb, if someone had a thumb
for a dick. Eughh. Obviously that’s gross, because that’s natural evolution. Urghhh. Blergh. Blurgh. Blurf. We want our freak show. That’s
what we’re going for. (CHUCKLES) C’mon, really dose up the rads. I’ma feed ’em feed ’em feed ’em feed ’em. Yeah feed ’em feed ’em feed ’em, rad rad rad rad, feed ’em feed ’em feed ’em feed ’em, rad rad rad rad. Now to let them go. Whoa! Look at this big guy…
and he’s dead. (CHUCKLES) So weird. Oh God, it’s so weird. Let me look at the– do I have the Clade Diagram? Okay, who’s the dominant species right now? Oh my God, what? What the hell? (CHUCKLES) Oh my God. Fossil, yeah. Oh no, gross… Oh weird… Oh bizarre… oh not okay. Things have gone in drastic directions. Not my fault, by the way. Not my fault that
things have gone in drastic directions. They just have, and…
totally normal circumstances in other places. Let’s make the waters more fertile. It is pretty impressive that they got
hundreds of these little things all doing their own little quests,
all tracking their own little data, cuz there are a lot of them.
There’s a lot of these guys, everywhere. That’s pretty impressive. Yeah, these things are kind of horrible. Hey, but this guy’s got four legs, but I think
those are invasive species from up north. Um so they’re not welcome here. Really we’re looking for… Ohhh… No, no what have I done! (MARK’S VOICE GRADUALLY BECOMES HIGHER)
No what are you? You’re horrible! Oh no! (SCREAMS) Oh NO WHAT IS THAT?! ARE THOSE EYEBALLS? OH NO… (NORMAL VOICE) Oh no. Suphoth aquatonis. Oh no, look at your dinky feet. Oh no. Alright, it’s time to splice. Okay. Alright. So now Freak Show Island, I’ma splice you
with something you probably don’t want. Yeah what’s that? Saiteus foctum? Fucktem? Saiteus fucktem. That’s what it is. Okay, you’re gonna just combined with these guys, so uh… Have fun with that! Yep, and you’re dead. Oh, they’ll just went into the ocean to die. Alright, we’ll have babies.
Oh God. Oh, oh, oh, no, no, no, no. It literally just popped out an exact clone. That’s not what you wanna see. Well anyway, I guess that’s just what
Freak Show Island’s all about, finding the best- the best that come
from this hellhole over here and putting it over in the worst of the worst
in this hellhole over here and everyone else is doing just, you know, their own thing. What are they looking like on this island?
Ay you know that’s not bad! Big bug butt, I like that, that’s pretty cool.
Yeah, that’s not bad. Alright. What do we got going on over here? Let’s see, what do we got… oh yeah,
still looking a little tube like, but you know, that’s okay. You’ll work off
the winter weight someday. Oh, you’re still horrible. Absolutely terrible. Okay alright, love that– hate that actually. Oh, man. What do you got? What do you got? Oh, you’re even worse than the other one. Okay. Everything’s terrible. Everything’s horrible and I hate everything. Maybe we should just get like a flood or something
and just kind of like raise the oceans and just wipe this place clean of all the sins that I’ve obviously committed
in the name of evolutionary perfection. So yeah. Oh everything died here.
There’s not much living. (CHUCKLES) There really not a lot that survived from
that fresh injection of DNA. I guess let’s just keep blasting them with radiation
and see what happens. I’m just so fascinated as what’s gonna happen
to these poor, horrible creatures. Oh this island is not like half the population
of the entire archipelago. Whoops! I don’t– how do I not move the–
okay I just move them all. Well, that was not my intention. Oh my God, look at all the things going extinct,
look at all the things mutated. The list never stops! Oh my God. Rise from the dead– Oh shit.
Well, I might be goofin’ big. I might be doing big goofin’ this time at this juncture.
I think I’m big goofin’ it. Yeah, I’m big goofin’ it real bigly.
Uh, my FPS is tanked. But uh, yeah, let’s just let this go for a bit. Um, yeah. Oh, wow. Oh, it’s a battle zone. There’s- (CHUCKLES) there’s- there’s
no single species in this entire place. Well survival of the fittest, I guess Was that a– what the hell was that?
Wait wait, what did I just see? What. Is. That?! Kill it. Oh God. Kill it. Just kill it.
You deserve to die. I’m sorry. Alright, I’m gonna decrease land fertility,
just really tank it. That way, it’ll have to be like a
survival of the fittest kind of thing. People will have to eat each other.
That’s what I want. That’s what you want. Whoa Whoa, that’s weird. Whoa. Are those boobs or eyes? What are those? That’s bizarre. Okay alright. I’m gonna call you Yor,
Yor… Yor cheiloculanis. Alright. So Yor cheiloculanis. Uh, guess who’s gonna infuse the DNA
of the poor inhabitants? There’s like nothing left on this island. (CHUCKLES) There’s nothing left! Okay. Well you’re getting infused with Yor cheiloculanis. Alright, Yor cheiloculanis, get in their DNA
and really show them who’s the business. Feed ’em, feed ’em, feed ’em all. Make babies, make babies with your freakish DNA. Oh, yeah, that a Yors che- cheiloculanis alright. Yeah, I think– Wow. Okay. All right Yeah, this is a freak show,
and this never should have happened, and I never should have been in power of anything here. So I think I’m gonna leave this as it is. Um like this is the kind of thing that you could
just let run in the background, and be like totally shocked of where things go. As I learn the game, I probably could find
more and more ways of influencing things and actually get people into my little nursery here and figure out how to change that! But for now, I don’t know.
So we’re just gonna leave it as it is. So thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know what you thought
down in the comments below. If you want to play this for yourself,
there’s a link in the description. Oh if you want to see my Spore series that’s kind of like this but a less horrifying,
and at the same time more horrifying? What- what- what are you?! What- what- what are you?! What are you? What are you, you freak? You big– guh! Give me a good look at you.
What are you, you freak? Oh my God, you freak! You freak! Look at you, you chunko. Good God, look at you! You’re thicker than a brick house! Gasp is right, you know, gasp is right. This one’s gonna be… Thicculus Choncopolis. Thicculus Choncopolis. And the last thing I’m gonna do is,
I’m gonna select every single goddamn thing on this entire goddamn island– Where’d the sky come from?– Everything is gonna get infused with the DNA of Chonculus. Thicculus Choncopolis. Chonculus is gonna infest this entire island
with his DNA. (CHUCKLES) Alright, I think I’ve found the template. Yep this is the one. And let’s see how that treats them
before I go here. Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no it’s just a bunch of tiny, thick baby. (CHUCKLES) It’s the worst thing. It’s just a bajillion
tiny, thick babies. Oh no, what have I done? (CHUCKLES) The plains are overrun with
the thick of Chonconculis. (CHUCKLES) Count Chonculus has taken over everything! Yeah, I gotta go. I gotta go. I’ve done a lot of mistakes to this island, and I’ve permanently changed everything. Okay, I’m gonna leave now.
So thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know you thought down the comments below. And as always I will see you in the next video. Buh-bye!

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