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Importance of Survival Skills

What Directors are saying

What Directors are saying

I love the program. To be able to assist
a child a family with any sort of mental health and if I can impact kids from
such a young age, I’m more than happy, that’s my main goal. To get them to the best start – I
take my job seriously to be honest with you, and if I’m able to make that that
change or that difference I’m happy to be able to do that, so I’m loving the
program. So the children here at Victoria Street have made some really dramatic
changes which has been fantastic and they’ve got an awareness of each other
now and they’re able to support each other in times of need. They’re reminding each
other of the tools that they need to use, for example you need to ask me what you
want. They’re listening to each other more, they’re respecting each other’s
choices and views on things and the children are to express their feelings
more and they’re actually you know consciously thinking about what they can
do when they’re feeling angry and how they can turn that around.
We’re receiving a lot of good feedback from families about the children recognizing
and identifying some things that they may have not identified before or even
being vocal about, whether it’s their feelings or emotions and things like
that. So we’ve got a lot of kids who – we’ve got some autistic children at the
centre so obviously their emotions can be from low to high in no time so it’s
worked wonders with them to find a ways that can assist them. We’ve got some
children who are non-verbal and some who are extremely intelligent and a large
amount of the vocabulary, express what they need but then when we’re working
with for example their empathy skills and knowing the feeling that they have
at that moment we’ve been able to use the program brilliantly. The Program works with several
elements if the National Quality Framework – it encompasses four different
areas so firstly the educational program and practice, children’s health and safety,
relationships with children, and partnership with families and
communities. For us the positive living skills program is actually helping us
work towards an exceeding standard. The reason for this is that it’s not only
just looking at children’s well-being in general but you know they have these
reactions and feelings towards these circumstances and this program is
building those skills for them. The program enables us to connect with our
early years learning framework in working towards a holistic approach for
children’s well-being. Yes, a lot of what we’re doing is a lot of our families
know from our children that we’re a Positive Living Skills Centre, so they’ll go
home saying we’re a Positive Living Skills Centre, and we want the children to know.
Their social interaction and their communication with each other, even it’s developing their
language or even just their self-awareness and that has been really
important as well.

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