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Importance of Survival Skills

We Lived On Survival Food For 72 Hours

We Lived On Survival Food For 72 Hours

– That meal was 2,000
milligrams of sodium. – Flashes of just, heat. – No, I hate throwing up. (dramatic orchestral music) – Damn. – [Maggie] Being prepared for disasters is something that is important for people across the globe. The American Red Cross and FEMA recommend putting together a kit of supplies that last at least 72 hours. This includes non-perishable,
easy to prepare food. We tried to make it on
one of these three-day survival food kits. – So we’re gonna be doing the 72-hour survival food challenge. – For the next three
days, we’re only gonna be eating emergency food. – And it’s only supposed
to last three days, in the hopes that someone
will come save us. – I think I have a little
bit of survivalist in me. – I’m the kind of person who
always wants to be prepared. – I can weave rope, but I don’t have emergency food supply. – Especially we’re in California, so there’s gonna be and earthquake soon, it sounds like. And there’s just disasters
happening everywhere. I just wanna be ready. – It looks like easy-mac. Carefully add two cups of boiling water. I have to wait eight to nine minutes, but I think I’m gonna eat it in four. – It smells pretty home-cooked, I think. – I approve. I like it a lot. This is great. I’m really excited. Welcome back to Cooking
in Bags with Maggie. – This is my dinner today. – This is an old family recipe. – It reminds me of my old
college cafeteria food. – Really freakin’ good. – How is it? – I like it. – Okay, but I do need
it back for my calories. Come on. – This is actually really good. – Just a little bit. That’s so good! It’s lunch time. The beef stroganoff. I don’t know what stroganoff is, but it sounds good. Lunch time, lunch time was where
things went all wrong. This one is pretty high in sodium. So, as I’m finishing the beef stroganoff, I’m hitting a wall where it just feels very creamy. My chest is like, uncomfortable, in like, this area. And my body just like, went into like a weird shock. I don’t wanna throw up. No, I hate throwing up. I wonder how Maggie’s doing. I wonder if she’s had
the beef stroganoff yet. – Like, Kane messaged me, and was like, “Hey, how are you doing? Have you had “the beef stroganoff yet?” And I was like, “Oh yeah.” I’m sweating. I don’t know if it’s the heat, or if it’s the salt
coursing through my veins. He goes like, “How do you feel?” I was like, “Weird.” I feel weird. It’s been a rough couple of days. Three days, two and a half? I think it’s just the
sodium that’s getting to me. Really want fresh food right now. I just, fresh food, nothing
freeze-dried, please. – [Co-Worker] You ate the
whole bag, Kane, one meal? – Yeah, I’ve been eating the whole bag of all of this. – Kane. – You’ve got, that means you had, I mean, if you ate this, that would mean, what’s eight times three, 24? 2400 milligrams of sodium. – Okay, you’re gonna kill him. – On the last day, I
wanted to finish strong. For lunch, I heated up
the pasta primavera. I ate half of it. And then I just could not eat anymore. Looked in the fridge and like, grabbed a like, the little bell pepper things, where you can just snack on. The juiciest thing I’ve ever eaten. Like, I came alive from eating that. – I could eat a whole head of lettuce. I just need something fresh. – I feel like I still
will get some of these for my emergency pack, for when I need it. Because at the end of the day, we struggled so much with this because we’re not in an emergency situation. – I still have shelter
and clothes and internet. The only thing I’m having
to deal with right now is just the food. – In emergency situations,
what we initially see, there’s like, probably ten more issues that people are dealing with. – This made me realize that
I’m in a place right now, where I can actually help. I’m gonna donate some money to help. It should be something
that I do more often. (upbeat jazz trio) (singing) ♫ Carry On ♫ But you can have a bag day ♫ You’re takin’ one down ♫ You sing a sad–

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