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Importance of Survival Skills

Video Game Survival Tactics | HbrunaTV | MASHED

Video Game Survival Tactics | HbrunaTV | MASHED

Playing games on a mobile phone will get you killed! Not by causing an unsightly tumour… And not by distracting you until you are hit by a train *squish* NO! The greatest danger to your safety is far more deadly… YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO KILL REAL THINGS STUPID! It all started here… look at this horses arse! After years of playing snake, this idiot thinks he can distract an anaconda with the contents of his puny fruit bowl NO CHANCE! What you should do in this situation is quite simple Use yourself as bait to lead him up an abandoned chimney wait until he randomly gets trapped, then light the %[email protected]# on fire! There you see! SIMPLE! Look at how happy you have made Jennifer Lopez! And todays no better… %[email protected]# PLANTS VS ZOMBIES!!!! What you thinking there, hmmmm?? Get your head out of your back passage and do the sensible thing! Chop your hand off, whack a chainsaw on it, get a shotgun, and boomstick the %[email protected]# to oblivion! Groovy Good work Guy! Look at those limbs fly! SORTED!!!!! So remember, GAMES ARE LIARS, they are not to be trusted! In REAL life, you have to take REAL action! (oh and, watch out for trains…) *squish*

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