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VGCC Adult Basic Skills Graduation – 2019

let us pray father in the name of Jesus
we thank you God for such a beautiful day god we and we thank you God for such
a wonderful occasion well perseverance and hard work and
dedication has been rewarded we thank you God that your hand is on the
ceremony God we ask that you bless it and we ask that you bless every one
that’s been awarded today God with the desires of their heart in their future
endeavors in the name of Jesus we pray amen you may be seated good evening I am leaving Brown and it
gives me great joy to stand before you this evening on behalf of dr. Rachel
Damaris president Events Greenville Community College our board of trustees
and our entire campus community I extend a heartfelt welcome we are very excited
at each of you have joined us to celebrate our Adult Basic Skills
graduates let’s give them a hand it is our hope that you will continue to enjoy
this time and cheer these students on tonight as they walk across the stage
whether they may be a loved one a co-worker family member or friend
walking across the stage tonight is a very important feat for them to the
students enjoy this moment again I say to the students enjoy this moment and
Congrats in advance now join me in welcoming dr. crystal Foxx as she gives
special recognition good evening I am dr. crystal Fox and I
have the pleasure of being the instructor for the adult literacy online
program here at vance-granville Community College today we are here to
recognize each student for their accomplishment of such a major milestone
in their lives Oprah Winfrey once said that you shouldn’t just want to be
successful but that you should desire to become the highest and truest expression
of yourself by this she meant that you should establish a vision for your life
and use it to max out your humanity so to all of our graduates I encourage you
to keep going and challenge yourself to use your energy for the greater good
here at vgcc we do offer a voucher for you to continue for a semester here so
definitely keep us in mind as you look forward to your future while I offer
this encouragement I also know that what you have accomplished today is not
something that you did alone we want to take this time to acknowledge so many
others who have played a role in helping you to achieve your goal if you are a
parent will you just raise your hands I won’t make you stand if you are a family
member will you just raise your hands so we can see you are if you are a mentor
or friend peer colleague or a co-worker will you raise your hand so do me a
favor look at the person to your left and your right and just say thank you
thank them for supporting teaching and motivating our graduates on a daily
basis all of your efforts and roles in their lives have led to this day of
celebration for all of their hard work congratulations to the class of 2019
and all of their supporters good evening my name is Marlo guy and
I’m the basic skills instructor for the Franklin campus for vance-granville
Community College this evening I have the pleasure of introducing the student
speaker Reverend Roberta Edgerton of Lewisburg
completed her high school equivalency earlier this year after attending
classes at VGC C Franklin County campus she has all say she’s also a mom of
Bible Institute graduate and an ordained Baptist minister mr. Edgerton I said mr.
Edison because that’s my student and she’s like a mother to me miss Edgerton
has enrolled in curriculum classes at B GCC with plans to obtain an associate
degree in nursing please welcome the graduating class 2019 student speaker
reverend roberta adjutant I say good evening to each and every one
of you to Vance Graham Community College to the Dean to the faculties to the
administration to the grass graduating class of 2019 to family friends guests
and especially to my husband I stand before you today as a woman who has been
through many struggles in my life but I persevered I have been striving for this
goal for 30 years but my family came first and then I became a foster mother
afterward I had setbacks I had many struggles of sickness in my life but I
overcame and by overcoming I stand before you today as a proud woman of 76
years old no matter what life may bring your way I want you to know that you can
overcome any obstacle because I stand here as a living witness today telling
you never give up but to continue in your education I stand here as a living
testimony to each and every one of you graduates of 2019 there is nothing
impossible if you want to reach your goal press appearance is something that
you do despite of your difficulties in spite of your challenges your setbacks
delays in succeeding in your life if you want to achieve in your life you have to
maintain you have to focus you have to be committed to mark your goal so when
you look at yourself as you sitting here as a graduating class
know that your stability is to maintain to focus and to apply your wisdom your
knowledge that you have been taught at the GCC I am closer to the dream of
becoming what I tried to do for over thirty years of struggling I stand
before you today telling you never give up never quit but always persevere I am
closer and I encourage you 2019 graduating class to focus on the ability
to do the impossible do you know what the impossible is to
set your mind to where you can accomplish whatever you will if you set
your mind and your goal you will accomplish so I give my praises to the
Most High to the staff of the GCC I thank them for encouraging me never to
give up never to quit but to stay focused I have some special staff
members that I just want to know that God is always gonna be in their lives
and I say to you 2019 stay focused be press appearance I encourage you today
to don’t look back but look at today as a beginning of a new thing and as you
stand on your educational step today to get your diploma know that this is a
fresh beginning so I want you to be encouraged I want you to stay strong I
want you to have peace and 20:19 as I stand here I’m not quitting I will press
aveer I am presently enrolled in n and the nurse’s aide one
Graham at vgcc and after completion I will continue my education because there
is nothing that’s impossible if you look to the hill so I encourage you today
stand still be humble and never give up but always persevere and you know who
will guide you who will lead you the most time so I say to you today look
forward to the blessing that’s becoming you and I will forever love you
you know how long love is love is a very long time stay focused
be blessed god bless you good evening once again I have the
pleasure introducing our guest speaker Reverend Danny T Williams was born in
Franklin County North Carolina and there’s the 16th of 18 children born to
the late Jesse Rosa Ella Perry wheels who were sharecroppers Danny and his
siblings were raised in a disciplined household where they learned the value
of work responsibilities and higher education during his junior year in high
school at the age of 17 he decided that been a 4 times student along with other
life issues could wait shortly after he did return to the Community College to
complete his GED Reverend Williams attended the life underwriters training
council in Bethesda Merlin we earned a graduate status in marketing he attended
Shaw University in Raleigh North Carolina and maintained honor status
which led him to be inducted into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society he
served as president of the Student Government Association as a member of
the Pinnacle Club of the University after graduating from Shaw University
where he earned a BA degree in criminal justice from Manor in sociology and
public administration he continued his studies and graduated from North
Carolina State University and Raleigh North Carolina and earned both MSA and
EDS and school supervision Administration currently he has
completed all required coursework for his IDI and is presently working on his
dissertation on the research of a school within a school
Reverend whims has had a lengthy career in the field of public education he
began his career as a teacher assistant bus driver lateral entry teacher
basketball coach coordinator of character education he has served three
terms as an at-large school board member of Franklin County Schools an
administration he was an assistant principal principal executive director
for human resources and auxilary Services he currently serves as the
chief of Human Resources with the Franklin County Public Schools please
show your support for our speaker Reverend Danny teen wheels good evening it is certainly my pleasure
to stand before you and to share with you just a few nuggets from my own
personal experiences and beyond to motivate you to encourage you to
celebrate you it is my extreme pleasure to accept the invitation to come to
share with you out of my experiences as you get speaker to the Honorable
president of this extend Community College to vance-granville Community
College to all professors staff board members or board of directors extinct
guests friends and family members and certainly to you the graduating class of
2019 I will pause just for a moment to say to you hello family and when I say
hello family it is only implied that because I am you
just as you are me not many years ago because of the work that had to be done
at the home I left the high school arena because I had to go to work to help
provide for family as you’ve heard in my introduction and as you may read him do
by oh I am 16 out of 18 children of sharecroppers here in North Carolina and
I understood that even though it was what it was there was a better way and
though I left a high school arena and ended up having to complete my high
school in which my GED there were many who told me that a GED won’t carry you
anywhere wrong that a GED is a dead end wrong this is the beginning for you as
you can see and read and my bio it was only but the beginning for me it’s all
about the person it’s all about your desire it’s all about how you want to
pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and say I can do this because I can do all
things through Christ who strengthens me so it is indeed a pleasure for me to
come and stand and share with you as one of our educational partners of the
Franklin County school system I celebrate with you here at
vance-granville Community College it makes a community fulfilling that we can
all come together and contribute our human and material resources for the
cause of educating all people when we do this we lift up and lead others to
become better citizens in the society in which we live my philosophy is this very
simple is that all of us can learn and grow and achieve to our own to our own
ability I further believe that education will take us places we never dreamed of
with it as our guiding light certainly it will allow us to soar high to higher
heights and make meaningful contributions back to the communities
and the societies that we’ve come from I am one of you and so therefore there are
many things that I may not be able to share with you today do their time
constraints but if I had the time to share I would share many things with you
to motivate encourage and inspire you but there’s one thing I will share with
you with the time that I have and that is I want you to carry this
back home to be true to yourselves do not let others define who you are you
are who you are and whether you regardless of your racial and ethnicity
we all are Americans and we all are here for the common cause of receiving such
educational opportunities as are available to us making the very best of
those opportunities and then succeeding to be the best that we can be being true
to who you are you must understand who you are and since you have no control of
who you are go ahead and love yourselves and be true to yourselves and go forth
and succeed beyond your wildest imagination as difficult as it may seem
at first have the courage to accept yourself as you really are not as who
someone thinks you should be do not take action or pretend to be someone else for
the sake of gaining acceptance one thing I find out about an impersonator an
impersonator is not themselves and they’re not the person they’re
impersonating either so you find out that when you impersonate someone else
you are no one that you think you can be but when you’re true to yourselves
that’s when you really dig deep within your soul dig deep within your heart and
know that with the innate ability that you have you can accomplish anything so
I’ve come here tonight just to tell you just for a few moments be true to who
you are when you do things that are not genuine or a reflection of who you
really are you’re not happy with yourself and you end up being a little
bit confused and so therefore do not be confused
today know that you are very important in society when you respect yourselves
others will respect you also they were sense that you are strong and capable of
standing up for yourselves and standing up for what you believe in
we all have core beliefs and when you stand on those core beliefs you can be
anything you desire to be when you’re true to yourself you allow your
individuality and uniqueness to shine through us you respect the opinions of
others of course but do not conform to stereotypes of their expectations of you
there are those who will say I think you should do this but you know within
yourself I want to be that so you focus on to that that you desire to become be
true to yourself to be true to yourself it takes courage it requires you to be
sincere open-minded and fair it does not mean that you are inconsiderate or
disrespectful to others it means that you will not let others define you or
make decisions for you you make those for yourselves be true to the very best
that is in you and live your life consistent with your highest values and
aspirations so be who you are follow your own value system and common
sense listen to the advice of others but make it up in your own mind what to do
recognize appreciate and develop your unique
we all have them do not let anyone say to you you do not have talents to do
anything we all have talents recognize and appreciate them stand up for what
you believe in and you will gain respect from countless others in society know
that being different is simply a gift understand that others are waiting to be
inspired by your uniqueness I would like to encourage all of you it’s so very
easy to put people down it’s very so very easy to walk all over
other people in a negative way it’s so very easy when someone is down to walk
over them the word encouraged I challenge you today to be true to
yourselves and encourage one another the definition of the word encourage
encouragement means to give courage to kill of competence to advise to make it
easy for someone to do something for somebody somebody’s coach along the way
as you have reached this milestone in your life reach back to somebody else
and say hey I’ve done it you can do it too
you can coach them into being the next graduating class of vance-granville
Community College be a coach we all need encouragement we all need a
coach to tell us man you can make it go up you’ve got this just hold on a little
longer don’t give up it’s gonna be all right as
I prepare for my seat I want to leave with you my secret which is really not a
secret for success stand strong be true to yourself allow
the god of your understanding to guide you don’t quit aim high be a lifelong
learner never be satisfied with where you are you are graduating tonight don’t
be satisfied with that go further the world is waiting for what you have to
offer don’t be satisfied with tonight we celebrate you but as soon as the
celebration is over as soon as the applause has ceased don’t stop
go further you’ve here to say and I will tell you I started my career as a bus
driver and teacher assistant let me tell you something I worked just as hard as
the teacher I served as a teacher assistant I made it up in my mind and I
got about five others of us who were TAS back then and say hey we are working
just as hard as the teacher and getting 1/3 of the pay let’s get together and go
to school together let’s help each other and let’s make some real money everybody
said yes let’s do it let’s do it at the end of the day no one went from my
little comrade but Danny but I made it up in my mind it’s gonna happen I never
looked back there are many today who are now getting
ready to retire from being what a teacher assistant there’s nothing wrong
with that that was their choice but I’m telling you let’s make some real
paper the paper is to be had you can have it if you don’t quit don’t stop
right here keep going you can do it listen if I did it
lord knows you can do it I was nobody’s iron Stein trust me but the good Lord
above enabled me to not to quit stick to it you can do this and never would have
thought as a young man growing up as a son of a sharecropper in home I will
tell you just right after integration it was the counselor of my high school who
told me when I went to see which direction to go
I was humbly told son you would be better served in the military you’d be
better off staying on the family farm or going to a factory and lord knows that
little lady lived long enough for me to show her four of my university degrees you can do it I want to inspire you my
role is to inspire countless young people to go forth and be productive
citizens in society and know that you have somewhat to offer it’s not only
those who are the brightest in your class who succeed you can succeed as
well so in closing don’t stop keep moving
forward you can win you can make it be true to yourself and I just want to
thank you for your time my time is over god bless you Thank You Reverend Edgerton and Reverend
Williams for those inspirational words of encouragement I’m Rachel Damaris I’m
the president of vance-granville Community College and I’m happy to be
with you tonight I’d like to reiterate my thanks to those out here who have
supported you through your journey but I have a personal word of thanks for you
graduates yes I’m thanking you thank you on behalf of your parents and your loved
ones for donning this hot gown tonight and coming and sitting and walking it
may mean something to you but I can tell you for the people out here it means a
lot for them to join in the celebration I too had a son who graduated from adult
high school and I could not be more proud of him so I know what it’s like to
sit there and be thankful that my student my son my daughter is letting me
participate in this way so thank you very much for coming and participating
and with that we’ll get on with the ceremony good evening my name is dawn Mechele
Tucker and I served vance-granville Community College as Dean for continuing
education and Adult Basic Skills and now for the most important and exciting part
of this evening ceremony presentation of our class of 2019 adult high school
diploma or diploma and high school equivalency graduates amber Abbot paetynn Abbot their main Alston page Brown Tiana Burt Albert Eli Amaru golden Lakeisha Henderson daya’s Holloway bein a lahar a–the
Farouk Jasmine Johnson Shea Jones Edwin lengthen Adria Lewis love Alicia
Lewis Odin l mayor Leticia Mebane Alexis Miller Carl E
minor Kiara Moncure Ryan Morris Eliza Pichardo Alicia pointer Carla
rebola Abigail short Ana town Kaneesha were though Alexis young Karina
Allen Mariah Austin sure Kayla Burnett Linda crudo Desmond Davis Roberta Edgerton Emily Gator Jessica King Lukas Matthews James Neal Alysa Pugsley Davion done lamp dr. Damaris these candidates our 2019
class of 2019 adult high school diploma and high school equivalency candidates
graduates have met all of the prescribed requirements by virtue of the authority
vested in me by the Board of Trustees a vance-granville Community College and
the General Assembly of the state of North Carolina I do hereby confer on
each of our graduates the adult high school diploma or the high school
equivalency diploma and all the rights and privileges thereof congratulations
you may move your tassels from the right to the left now father as we leave this place with
not your presence we thank you God and we ask that you be with us and continue
to be faithful to us so that you can get the glory out of our living in the name
of Jesus we pray amen

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