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Vehicle Destruction! City Bans Camping/Gear????

Vehicle Destruction! City Bans Camping/Gear????

and I had an absolute blast at that
demolition derby it has been over 20 years I used to go see him at the Tacoma
Dome right around the time when they did the monster truck there those demolition
derbies but now they’re they’re racing like bumper cars and competing while
also wrecking their cars so awesome fun I would do one of those every year if I
had the chance on the road and really appreciated Scott and Terry inviting me
up there for that there’s a lot of fun and for being so accommodating to all
the RVs around there I tease them but they’re there they’re really nice people
and if you don’t already follow destination open road on YouTube I’ll
put a link up here and at the end of my video as well I find myself back in
Thurston County one last time before we head east and get I’d say back on the
road but I’ve been on the road so a couple things I got a few packages here
and my post office box here in Olympia some stuff I want to share with you
later that I’m really excited about they are rebuilding the inner city transit
station there that whole building is brand new I guess they’re expanding and
stuff and I turned in my p.o box key here in Olympia after some 12 years of
p.o box 1463 and Olympia have finally turned in my key and I’m moving on I
don’t understand what Olympia in Thurston County is doing you know
banning RVs from like technically I’m illegal to even park my RV and pay a
meter and go check my post office box for one reason and one reason alone
that’s because I’m driving a recreational vehicle that they have just
said screw it no recreational vehicles in Olympia Lacey
however just to check my PA box this is what I have to deal with right
outside my door it’s tent city in Olympia Washington now
mind you this is just the walkway where the where the public walks and we’ve got
some four hundred ten ten people now anybody see the irony in that it
smells like puke and feces and garbage and Thurston County has no problem
condoning this however to drive a fully self-contained RV threw Olympia and put
money in the community is now illegal and that too is also part of the reason
why I gave up my keys and I am saying goodbye to Olympia and Thurston County
it’s always gonna be my my hometown where ever I grew up and went to school
and everything but anyways get out of here and I told you it was time
it’s blackberry time there’s a good bundle right there that guy is starting
to look pretty fresh might be a little tart but it’s ready for my Murph it’s
not hard at all who’s a good Bush over there it’s just a hole you know latching
on to you this sucks they don’t want to be eaten alive another one right there
that’s good oh yeah I love BlackBerry’s and I love me some blackberry cobbler oh
yeah oh my gosh it’s everywhere it’s everywhere looking at all BlackBerry’s
everywhere I’m gonna hang out with some friends here and lay see where it is now
illegal to can’t like man I feel like I could go on and on about this it is now
illegal to drive a vehicle with camping paraphernalia in a public space I don’t
even know what to say guys I don’t know what’s going on with Thurston County
especially Lacey Washington you can be pulled over and fined $1000 if you are
caught in the city with camping paraffinic what is wrong with you
camping paraphernalia to drive a vehicle with a camping chair is now illegal it’s
just so scary please don’t catch it like if the rest
of the world is watching this right now Lacey Washington is a joke do not listen
to Lacey Washington just just enjoy all of their blackberries because they are
delicious and abundant and I was really sour you know I’m gonna
hang out with friends and then we’ll get back on the road tomorrow out of
Thurston County I already said I’ll go back my goodbyes and family and friends
around here so they know it may be a while before I come back so there’s that
all right I’ll catch up with you guys in the morning
two packages remained in my p.o box before I closed my p.o box and I had
gotten hints to what each gift was and I’m very excited to find out I love the
purple duct tape they’re one of a kind folks look at that it’s even got the Bud
Light Hat on the back there we’re twinsies this is quite possibly the
coolest custom gift anybody has ever given me let me read the card Thank You
Ellie and Justin my Instagram friends for making this and sending this to me
before I left this is awesome it’s my mini-me and honestly that detail is
pretty stinking awesome nice work guys this will forever be enshrined here
inside Miranda I put some professional quality velcro there on there will flop
him down right there onto that guy what do you think be sure we go places you
know you wanna go places awesome and there’s the other package real quick now
I just want to point out I have nothing against the weboost company however
customer service goes a long way I don’t care if you’re a first-time customer or
a longtime customers I have had three of their products the lowest star rating
you have from one of your customers are still gonna be the best you are as a
company I have stopped endorsing we but we boost products I don’t not saying
they’re bad or anything it’s just again that customer service thing I reached
out to a couple other companies one of them reached back to me this is
company based out of Canada I believe solid RF wws saw it RFC a apparently
they have been making RV cell phone Wi-Fi boosters I don’t look home Wi-Fi
boosters they are cell boosters for quite some time and they look very
similar to what we boost has just started making we’ll take a quick peek
at this but I am going to be installing this on Miranda here hopefully before I
leave the state of Washington so that is a waterproof outdoor unit
okay I know I’m gonna have to read some directions there’s some pictures of the
kit and yeah this pretty much looks similar it has all the cabling and
wiring it’s an AC unit there’s an outdoor antenna there’s an indoor
antenna alright so let me pack up everything well drive south a little bit
get away from home like I said I’ve already said all of my goodbyes they
know it may be years before I’m back or who knows any anything is possible it
could change but let’s get on south I need to get to a place where I’m allowed
to work on the RV and install this cell booster I’ll get back to you in and get
parked thank you solid RF for sending this out well
Washington has one more trick up its sleeve before I get out of here it’s
gonna rain it so I can’t work up on the roof I can’t install the booster today
but I’ll just put that project off for a drier day I guess a little something to
remember home right yeah yeah that how you do it hmm well since it’s raining
and I can’t do the project that I wanted to do I want to go back to this new city
ordinance because this may be the the strangest one and the biggest news that
anyone is going to hear related to camping or are being in the entire
country technically I could probably just have made a whole video about this
but I don’t want to I don’t want to highlight lacy too much or I do want to
kind of make fun of them and mock them because pretty much the entire state
here is very well known for making ridiculously absurd ordinances and laws
that just make no sense and are impossible to enforce and and this one
this one is worth a little more information I’ll pop this graphic up
real quick again this is the city of lacy
ordinance 1549 and I okay first I should also mention that I have some some other
friends and other people who who disagree with the wording of this and
would say Erik the intention here is to get rid of homelessness and people
sleeping and sleeping bags outside businesses that pay taxes or or in the
bushes or setting up camping and stuff like like there’s a bunch of people that
really want to say Eric the interpretation of this law and ordinance
is this that that’s great in a way however if the law is written
like this with specific definitions and and wording it in a way that that says
that it is now illegal to travel in a vehicle in a public area in Lacey with
camping paraphernalia okay I understand how some people would have
definitions for different words in that sentence I just said or say well that’s
not met but then again the definitions are listed okay the word camp means to
pitch or occupy a tent or can’t facilities including a vehicle and then
can’t paraphernalia where’s that one includes but is not limited to cots bed
sleeping bags blankets mattresses hammocks or any cooking facilities in
vehicle any park any street or any publicly owned area within the city of
Lacey now think about this the way this law is currently written and I
understand it could be amended later on down the road and it probably will be
once Lacey figures out what okay I should probably keep my own personal
opinion out of this the way it’s written right now you cannot drive any vehicle
with camping paraphernalia inside it that means from your house and Lacey to
the campground once you hit a public road and you have an illegal sleeping
bag in your vehicle you can be fined $1000 and go to jail for three months
because camping is illegal this ordinance I don’t care what you think or
what your interpretation or what it’s meant to do here the police of Lacey
have to enforce the law as you wrote it Lacey and and and that’s what it is
I will also say I know for a fact I have a friend in Lacey who last night was
fined $1,000 for having a sleeping bag in the back window part of her vehicle
so if you have coffee pot or or a blanket or a cot chair something like
maybe you’re just gonna go to a sporting event and Lacey like you want to go
watch your your your kids football game and you have a camping chair in the back
of your car if a Lacey police officer sees that in your vehicle and you’re in
a public area you’re breaking the law you can go to jail for three months and
they already wrote up a friend of mine a thousand dollar ticket for having that
sleeping bag in her car this ordinance is terrifying
it is comical and I cannot believe that nobody else is making a video bringing
this to light like I can’t wait to get out of here in a way but I’m also
laughing at it because how can you how can you do that what if someone’s just
traveling through Lacey it like we we have over two million full-time our
beers who live in a vehicle full-time not to mention all the people who camp
in Washington State and they have one city that just says well having that
camping paraphernalia is illegal we’re gonna put you in jail the whole family
like how how and then you’ve got the whole situation with what’s going on
downtown Olympia which okay Olympia is a different city than Lacey but they have
their own weird laws and rules going on there too and you know obviously these
laws aren’t helping because the city allows you to just set up tents and
camps in public areas well then why are you passing ordinances that make it
illegal for an RV or someone going to a campground to even get there with their
stuff it’s illegal to transport our camping gear in the city anyway what do you guys think of this
ridiculous law banning camping in the city of Lacey Washington thoughts let me
know below have you ever heard or seen anything like this anywhere
in the country and should we be worried I don’t know but hey I’ve got a couple
more projects I want to do on the RVs not just the cellphone booster install
in the roof but one more really really good one before I leave so stay tuned
you will see at least one more video for me from Washington State before we hit
the road and we’re gonna be going you know kind of over that way down you know
kind of this what did did that explain it okay good
take care guys bye-bye

100 thoughts on “Vehicle Destruction! City Bans Camping/Gear????

  • All I can say is its a good thing its not me getting that $1000 fine you were talking about. I would push back with ever dime I had and the best attorney I could find. That is just frigging insane,. So if I pick up a sleeping bag from a sporting good store for one of my grand kids as a gift and its in the back seat I can be cited. Thats is some kind of BS right there. What the hell were those people thinking when they passed a law like that?

  • They get what they get then, I would not want to try in a homeless camp anyway, They will never see any of my $$$$ thanks for letting me see where I do ot want to go.

  • REALLY??? Unbelievable no camping paraphernalia.. well that's definitely one place in washington that we won't spend a dime in.. absolutely ridiculous

  • Humm sounds like they need to hire them a good constitutional lawyer. In this country we are allowed to travel un molested. But then again your dealing with Washington state. No one has challenged it and this is why they do it! Banning camping well ok I can see them doing that. But traveling through is horsey piss Eric!

  • Lacey has a Costco and I'll bet they sell blankets/camping paraphernalia. Are they going to fine the driver who brings the shipments?

  • Banning actual camping/over night parking within city limits would make sense, but making it even illegal to transport ANY camping equipment within the city?
    Bonkers, man.

  • THAT is F***ing RIDICULOUS!!! Goes against everything America stands for. Sooo glad I dont live in that country anymore. Its becoming a joke. Who makes these rules anyway? A city counsel full of rich snobs??? What happens in the case of these idiots losing everything and THEY are in a position of homelessness? (PLEASE KARMA) I hate the lack of compassion that American Politicians have. And who the hell do they think they are to tell you what and what not to have in your car??? A sleeping bag is a mere BLANKET rolled up. WTF ! That S++t would never fly in Canada. lol. And its an Oxy-moron to see a huge tent city there. Nothing about this place makes any fricken SENSE! WAY to look STUPID Merica! DUH

  • My city has a no camping ordinances & was sued by the the homeless, RVing & camping community. To have the rules CHANGED. Because under the state and federal constitution. No city may pass law's. Only state and federal Can. but citys violate this all the time by passing ordnance's as laws inwhitch they're NOT enfact law's.. Laws also must be voted on by the general population. Not some Council

  • Yeah I know exactly why they have that law because if they didn't the city would be littered with derelict $300 RVs and vans that should be in a junkyard homeless people would set up on the street more like a permanent residence with blue tarps draped over the roofs and trash piling up around the RVs there would be so many of them that the city would have a hard time enforcing tow laws they would threaten to tow your vehicle if you didn't move it so these people would just pull them around the corner on the next street and set up shop again this would continue until the RV broke down then it would be abandoned and it would be left for the city to clean up this process gets expensive the rich people living in the area would complain about the eyesore RV parked in front of their million-dollar home….. that's originally why these laws were written too inconvenient homeless people hoping that they will move on…… there's no law against being poor but they can make it inconvenient for poor people to live in that area in hopes that they will move somewhere else

  • I haven't gone to Lacey's web site to read the entire ordinance, but from what you published in your video doesn't 8.10.040 Definitions item B. Camp Facilities give you an out in that your vehicle is NOT being used as a temporary living quarters???
    Just a thought…..good luck

  • After reading every word of this ordinance, it is still totally legal to overnight in the Walmart or similar parking lot. Parking lots are not publicly owned. This is an attempt to ban people living in tents and junk rvs and cars on the city streets and parks. It is legal to park your RV anywhere, on any street or in any park. It is not legal to leave (store) your RV there or to live in it there.
    This ordinance basically says no street living. This will have about zero effect on you.

  • Well. Eric….. Unless this ordinance is repealed and rewritten…as it must be to be correct…. Goodbye Lacey Tourism from a lot of high-dollar RV OWNERS.

    No magnet from YOU, Lacey.👊💀

  • we have homeless with tents and crap all over our parks right now(in a northern CA city), its ridiculous, they are trashing everything and making the parks unusable…city says becuase of that decision in Oregon we have to let it happen…WTF! its getting crazy out there

  • Well it looks like based on the way that this law is worded that the movie idiocracy is starting to come true People who are supposed to design and enforce laws who do not understand how changing the wording in something can change the meaning of what your saying and to do not know how to proofread themselves as far as the way it is written will affect the way it is interpreted I guess this is where it all starts for idiocracy.

  • Terry's son here, What is wrong with them? You ask Eric… I believe the words you are looking for are complete and utter stupidity as well as unconstitutional bullshittery…

  • All cities and towns in the north west are being destroyed by liberism/socialism….looks worse than Venezula……good luck with that losers👍👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • you should forward the info on that to the aclu , now don't know if they still fight for AMERICAN civil liberties anymore seems like they forgot what the A in their name means but maybe they will get involved ?? anyway Somebody needs too bring a HUGE lawsuit it sounds like.

  • After reading ordinance 1549, it doesn’t remotely imply that it’s illegal to carry camping gear or drive your RV in Lacey. You cant store your camping gear in parks, on streets or in public areas. You cant camp in parks, on streets or in public areas. You cant live in a vehicle in parks, streets, or public areas. Its very clear. I wish Portland would enforce the ordinances it has in place to get these tent/RV cities off neighborhood streets.

  • Doesn't our constitution say something about the pursuit of happiness? How much more freedom is going to be taken away? Should we be worried about this? In a word YES!!
    It sets a dangerous presedence….never give up a freedom even if you don't use it. Freedom is precous and we are blessed to live in the most free country on earth. Hang onto your freedom.
    Many fought and died so you could enjoy it.

  • As long as people are drivers operating in commerce then you will be regulated. Driving and traveling are two different realms. How can you enforce a law (contract/occupation) you have to be a member of their political venue.

    So if there is a Big 5 or Dicks sporting good store in the county that makes the store illegal and the vehicles shipping their supplies to the store illegal….

  • Lacey is evidently run by crazy people. Crazy people who were voted into office by the people of Lacey. Crazy is the new normal.

  • I really wanted to get a chance to see Washington state. Please tell me there are some very nice place to visit there with out these absurd rules.

  • Come on people this is easy. Well maybe it is for me because I'm in California. This ordinance does not apply to me because I no longer identify myself as a "person". I am a Switch-O-Fan. I'm cross between a light switch and a ceiling fan. If pulled over in Lacey I would quickly get out of my vehicle, put my arms straight out and start spinning in circles….then stop and put my arms straight out in front of me and move them up and down like a switch…..should be interesting to see what happens to me next…..the only way to combat crazy is by using extreme insanity. Then again in California Insanity is undefined. Every problem has a solution…you just have to get creative!

  • OK, it's been a while since I had to publicly Comment on one of Eric's Video's, but he SO WRONG on this whole Lacey Law, and is making himself look like a Huge DUMBASS over the whole ordeal.

    Eric, 11:30 or so into the video during your Up Close "INTERPRETATION" monologue of the Law itself, you seriously need to find, learn the definition of how certain terms were used to write these Laws.

    2 Words….TWO Words……TO PITCH….Read it, write it down, look it up, research, TO PITCH – TO PITCH – TO PITCH!!

    Definition: As a VERB:

    set up and fix in a definite position.

    "we pitched camp for the night"

    synonyms: put up, set up, erect, raise, position, fix in position, place, locate; set up camp

    "they pitched their tents for the night"

    I read "The Law", over and over, NOWHERE does it say you CANNOT DRIVE on Public Thoroughfares with Camping "Paraphernalia" in your car, truck, RV, whatever. It says you CANNOT Park and Stay Stationary, over a certain period of time, as in SLEEPING in your Motor Vehicle as a means to "Camp" on the Streets of Lacey, Washington.

    "Camping" in designated areas in Lacey Washington, such as Permitted Campgrounds is Enjoyed and Welcomed by the City of Lacey, just as well as the Traveling RV Community is WELCOMED on their City Streets, even if they are just "Passing" through.

    Please Eric, this has got to be one of your most Asinine Video's, one that makes you look like a Whiney Ass Dumbass, over something you are 100% wrong on, that you have put out in quite a while. And, I believe you owe the City of Lacey an Apology for portraying such Ignorance towards this Law that was designed to stop all the Illegal Vagabonding, Homelessness, that was hurting their City, their Citizens, their Businesses, and to the Traveling Community who had to see all that Garbage as they were passing through.

    Grow Up…….Not all Cities – Towns – States – are going to serve your every need in the Life YOU Choose to live.

  • Wow. I'm starting to not even recognize this country anymore. This is just so sad, scary, ridiculous, and insane. As much as I love the beauty of the west coast, I think I'll just steer clear of it. The irony and the insanity of an approved tent city right outside your door where you aren't technically supposed to be parked just makes my head spin. Let's hope they realize sooner rather than later how ridiculous their ordinance is. Nuts.

  • Many HGVs have a microwave and HGVs often use Tarps to cover a load, so heavy haulage into Lacy is now effectively banned.

  • Good for you leaving Lacey. The main reason I'm now in New Mexico and left Ca. is the ignorant polices of the State and local govt. Allowing homeless to camp in tents with no sanitary access will cause another outbreak of the plague.

  • For all the non locals there is such a homeless problem here (Drug Problem) Cities have been left to deal with abandon RV's that homeless people have left parked on the streets. but I agree the laws are stupid they dont fix the problem the just add to it.

  • Thank the Democraps, and also thank the spineless Republicants for turning and looking the other way as the global insanity grew.

  • What a shame yes I live in Lacey back in the 70ths remember hitchhiking to Ft Lewis remember been a great little town.

  • Totally ridiculous law. Time to vote out these people that are suppose to be representing you. Take back your cities, your government!! Don't vote, don't bitch!!!

  • Super scary!!! Thanks for keeping us updated. Such an unproductive way to tackle a serious homeless problem. Full time RVers are not the homeless.

  • This whole discrimination against campers thing needs to be taken up to the courts. You can buy a gun any day but you can’t park an RV? This needs to stop.
    I just wish Eric would go to city hall or some official to get their statement on it.

  • I have to ask what exactly is your complaint with WeBoost? That they did not send you a free unit for your new RV? Or did they not communicate with you? I am related to the CEO of the company and really would like to pass on your concerns.

  • You made in very incorrect statement in this video. You claimed that police officers have to enforce this law. That is 100% incorrect. There is a thing called officer discretion. Police officers do not have to enforce laws they do not agree with or they don't feel actually apply to the situation even if they are technically written in a way that would apply to the situation.

    So, if an officer pulls someone over, and it doesn't look like they are living in their car. Their camping equipment is neatly packed up and stored. Then the officer doesn't, and likely won't, write a ticket or put the person in jail. If it looks like the person might be sleeping in their car, then they'll write the ticket.

  • Tent cities?!…
    Liberal politics for ya!
    Stop by San Francisco or Oakland and you'll get it!
    It's all failed liberal politics.

  • Wait…this is Washington state yes? Is this also the state that voted for 1639? Which actually violates the constitution of the United States? So, yeah, not really surprised.

  • ●●Wow…a sad day when the laws get so stringent to have a wonderful life! It's just like the infringement of the mass of laws that infringe on life! HONESTLY…PEOPLE NEED TO CALL THE CITY AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD ON THIS! DISGUSTING!

  • Any campground in the area could step up and make the point THEY are making the campgrounds lively hood impossible! 🤔

  • Washington and the whole west coast thinks it’s a gated community, you an American? Sorry, not welcome here.

  • Haha illegal sleeping bags that's crazy man I'm kind of Curious now as to what drove them to make this law it must have some kind of Origin right

  • This video is a few weeks old I'm guessing the not so bright people commenting, along with character posting this video have moved on to other silly rants and ravings. This is what happens when you get a lay person interpreting law. The character in the video above is wrong. This ordinance does not ban the possession /transportation of camping paraphernalia through the city. This is to stop people from sleeping/living in parks and public places within the city. Did any of you commenting actually read the ordinance above.?

  • There had to be consensus to institute that ordinance. You have enough followers to organize a protest to modify it. Make formal actions to bring your issues directly to the city council. It is likely few council members comprehend the lifestyle choice, or the circumstances leading many to resort to living in tents. Because there are no advocates for tent and RV constituents, given they're fragmented. A city council can easily institute laws, that ostracize RV and tent constituents. Deliberately encouraging policing stratagems that increase denial of liberties, tacit to the community impacting travelers and residents.

    Evidently all citizens concerned may need to reconsider their representation. Revisions to the ordinance should be presented, encompassing traditional and transitional lifestyles. But not to the detriment of either. It will require individuals with experience to organize. Then brainstorm about solutions, and how to improve the status quo. Requiring everyone to discuss why they espouse the lifestyle. That ordinance is a dictate comprised of hardships a person in transition will endure. It's uncompromising, and as far as I know unchallenged. Just think, how many of us are still trying to overcome difficult circumstances, that see a transitional lifestyles advantages. Are we going to let them take those away too?

  • Does Lacey cops also stop the citizens walking down the street and ask to see their papers???? Lacey is a communist Democratic town. People I hope for your sakes that you know what to do in 2020??

  • You're just now figuring out Washington is a libtard state? Go to downtown Seattle the tents, crime, garbage, mentally ill running wild and drugs is 10x worse…

  • I am fairly new to Olympia. I came up here from Vancouver ( WA. I have learned I have to specify WA up here). At a Winco in Vancouver, A security guard approached me as I pulled in to the parking lot. He told me I couldn't camp there. I told him I wasn't camping, I came here to buy some groceries. We went back and forth with that for a while. Apparently, as soon as I turned the engine off, I was considered "camping". I convinced him I just need to buy some groceries. He followed me around the store as I shopped, and back out to my RV. He told me I had ten minutes to put my stuff away and leave their parking lot. I have lived in Washington all my life. But in the last 10 years or so I am finding that it is not a friendly place for people who chose an alternate living lifestyle.

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