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Triple Cobra Weave Paracord 550 Gun Sling Shotgun / Rifle How to DYI Step by Step Instructions

Triple Cobra Weave Paracord 550 Gun Sling Shotgun / Rifle How to DYI Step by Step Instructions

In this video I’m going to show you how
to make this triple weave cobra sling that I made for this gun.
What’s cool about this sling is that it�s a lot wider than the double cobra weaves that
you see instructional videos for. This sling is about 1.75″ wide vs. 1.25″
wide sling for a double cobra weave This sling takes about 180 to 160 feet of
paracord to make and makes a nice heavey sling. That if you ever needed to has a ton of paracord
in it for you. It’s extra wide so it�s nice and comfortable
for you and it’s very rugged. So without wasting any more time, I’m going
to show you how to make this sling. Today I’m going to be making a paracord
sling that’s extra wide and extra heavy. It’s going to be using two single cobra
weaves side by side in the center, and I’m going to be doing another single cobra weave
over the top. I think it’s going to be a nice sling when it’s all said and done.
For the center colors today I’m going to be using olive drab.
And for the outside or top color I’m going to be using this coyote brown
Now the center colors here I’ve cut to two 50 foot lengths.
Here is 50 foot coiled up for my second core and here is my first 50 foot attached to my
board. Now my board I have these two swivel mounts
mounted 43″ apart from each other that’s because I want this sling to be 43″ when
it’s all done. So to start this off I took the first 50 feet
of cord I’ve folded it in half and looped it around the first half, sling, or sling
mount came back and this is where I’m going to start my first cobra weave.
I’m sure most of you guys know how to do a cobra stich but if you don’t, I’m going
to go ahead and do the first couple on camera here so you can see.
So the way I start I take the side that I need the knot on, usually the side oposit
of the one that was just knotted but since your just starting off you can do either side.
You do that side over, be careful since this is your first one you want to pinch your center
cords, do the other side under, and you pull it through, and the first few are going to
take a little bit since you are pulling through 25 feet of cord.
And then kind of work it up, so that’s perfect, so I did this side over last time so I’m
going to do the right side over this time, so right side over, left side under and pull
it through, again a lot of cord. So left side over right side under
And you can see your cobra stich starting out there
So right side over left side under So that’s a good start
So what you want to do is do this all the way down to the other swivel, cut it off,
then your going to do a second one right next to it.
What that will do is create an extra wide base for your third cobra weave to go over
top, this is going to act as your first of two strands for the top cobra weave.
So I will come back in a little bit and show you how progress is going.
Here I am at the first cord I just finished it up, I�m not going to tie it off or anything
right now I�m just going to leave the ends loose, and we will somehow tie it in with
the third layer. But for now we are going to just leave it loose.
You can see, this is a pretty strong piece basically like a 43″ long paracord bracelet.
So now we are going to start the next one and um, we’ll get going.
Ok so here we are with the second strand started. As you can see it�s basically two paracord
bracelet strands that are going to run completely lengthwise all the way down to the end.
Just like we are using these two strands to form our cobra weave around, this will become
the two strands for our third cobra weave. Making a nice wide flat sling.
Something else, I started at opposite ends yo will see the end that you start weaving
at you will have two loops, and the end that’s at the bottom has one loop.
So my sling will effectively have three loops on both ends from just the two inner strands,
and then the third strand that goes on top will have some way of tying into the ends.
So I’m going to keep weaving and I will give you an update shortly.
Ok so I thought I�d stop for a minute and show you the progress.
We’re about halfway through on the second strand, maybe a little bit less starting to
look really good, you are starting to see how wide this thing is going to be it’s
going to be wider than this but you can see the base to it.
You can figure it’s just a little wider with a third cobra weave over top, so it’s
going to be a nice wide flat sling, I’m pretty excited about this one.
So yep I�ll be right back Ok so I’ve got both sides, both centers
down now. And all I did is I took each end over the
swivel and I double knotted it. And I’m going to cut it here and burn it.
And it will kind of tuck down and we’ll braid right over it.
You can see I did it for both ends the same way, just looped it over the swivel, double
knotted it and we’re going to cut it then we’ll braid right over it. Here’s our two cores for our third paracord
cobra weave. I’m going to go ahead and cut and burn the
ends and show you what it looks like, Here’s what it looks like after you’ve
cut the knot and I actually think I’m going to leave it out of the weave, I’m going
to start my weave here and work my way down. There will be a knot hanging out the end but
I don’t think it’s going to be that noticeable. It will prevent that akward bulge at each
end. You know it’s a nice secure knot, I think
I’m going to start on one of these sides and kinda get my top layer going and we will
just start cobra weaving over the top. I will get it set up, I�m going to be using
the full 100 feet for this, and I’m using this coyote brown
I think it’s going to look really nice over the olive drab. I’ll be right back.
So what I did is split this 100 foot piece into two 50 foot pieces by doing a simple
overhand knot. Or slip knot onto this swivel, and I just
tightened it up on the knot here, you know to just make it kind of look nice, this is
going to be the bottom so I’m not too worried about the way this thing looks when I start
it. So I’m going to start by going like this
and taking the right side over, and pulling it under all the way across then pulling it
through. And there is a full 50 feet here so it takes
a little bit to pull all the way through, just take your time.
Ok, then tighten it down. So then, the first one might look a little
bit goofy, but it will look pretty good once you get going.
Then you want to have this one come up� Sorry other way, now this is really just the
same thing as the cobra stich just over a lot bigger core.
Pull it thorugh, takes a little bit. Alright go ahead and pull it over, you can
kind of see how it�s gong to look. Alright guys so I’ve made some progress
on this sling, my strings are a little bit shorter here, I’m going to do a couple of
stiches a little slower so you can see how I’m doing this top third cobra weave.
Then I’m going to show you the whole sling then I’m going to finish this thing off
and show you what it looks like. So you can see this last stich here I just
came up, that tells me that it needs to go back down and under.
So that’s the side that needs to go underneath and up the other side.
That’s how I remember it, I always look for the side that needs to go underneath the
core of the sling. My pieces are still pretty long, I think the
full 100 feet was more than was needed, I’ll annotate how much cordage is actually needed,
but I didn’t want to cut it short and accidently run out of string.
You don’t want to put this much work in then run out.
So now this side is up as you can see, so it needs to go down and under so we will cross
over, cross over the piece down under and back up.
It takes a little bit to pull the cord through, be patient methodical try not to get things
tangled up. Snug up, now I’m going pretty tight here
but not too tight, you don�t want these center cords to fold on you.
You want to go just tight enough that they stay next to each other.
So this piece just came up so it needs to go back up, so basically the bottom piece
always stays on the bottom and the top piece stays on the top. Your just kind of criss
crossing and knitting them together. So just wanted to show you guys a few stiches
now that the strings are a little bit shorter and more manageable.
This one just came up so it needs to go back down and under.
Alright so here we are at the end of the sling, I’m going to go ahead and cut these off
loop it underneath here and maybe thread it through a couple of these strands and stip
off the cords. Ok I got the two ends snipped, going to come
in from the backside it will look nice and neat on the front, notice I�m putting all
the knots on the same side of the sling, that way when your put it on the gun you have one
side that is more presentable than the other side.
I don’t know that�s just the way I like to do these.
So it’s pretty easy to pull these through since these weaves are pretty good sized.
Just kind of do one at a time, tighten as you go.
Ok so now that you have your two loose strands pulled through, go ahead and snip them and
do your final burn. Ok the paracord sling is all done I’m going
to go ahead and take it off the board and I�m going to put it on the table with a
gun and show you what it looks like. Now that I finished weaving this triple cobra
weave, I wanted to show you how it compares to this double cobra weave that I made in
a previous video. This sling is quite a bit wider, this triple
cobra weave is about 1.75 to 2.00 inches wide and this double cobra weave is only about
1.25 inches wide So a full half inch to 3 quarters wider on
this sling and the thickness is a little bit thicker but not really that much thicker and
it’s defiantly a wider sling. And I think it’s going to be a really nice
addition to my friends collection. I made this for my friends Mossberg 500.
You can use the same technique for say a belt or something else, but I happen to use it
to make a gun sling So thanks for watching please like and subscribe
and I have a lot more videos coming your way.

87 thoughts on “Triple Cobra Weave Paracord 550 Gun Sling Shotgun / Rifle How to DYI Step by Step Instructions

  • You should try adding shell holders to the outside weave with black paracord and u can use a few shells to know what size and tightness to use. Thanks for the video very useful seems to be much stronger than the cheap nylon slings from academy and such good job tho

  • I did it to a bracelet I had in cobra weave that I made wen I first tried paracord weaving and I made it a foot long just to practice so I put loops on it to hold shells and it holds about 4 but as big as that sling is u can easily add 10-15. Very true bc I have ripped a few slings or the stitching comes loose but this is great in guna make a quick stop and buy red and black to make one for my winchester sxp defender

  • Piece of advice – when you start, use the cords at the back to stitch the weave. That way you will have a universal weave at the beginning.

  • Instead of just looping it through the far side, I would do a prethus on it so it has equal length on both sides of the sling mounts.

  • Thanks for the video! When you said you mounted the sling 43" apart, did you mean the nails or the loops on the swivels? Thanks

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  • I used this video to make a sling for my shotgun, and I learned something very important. Using this method, unless you have lengths of paracord longer than 100', keep the sling under 50" or so. Mine was 53", and with two 50' cores and a 100" outer cobra, I ended up with bare inches to spare.

    That said, it turned out great! With two independent cores, I was afraid that they would try to slide or fold back on each other, but the sucker is nice and sturdy. It also has just enough cush and give to carry comfortably.

    Great design!

  • I find to save time when threading lots of cord I just wrap the loose ends around itself or cardboard than you only need to feed a foot at a time.
    Also i don't use a board as a rigg i just put a chair ether side of the couch and use a carabiner to secure whatever im using to each chair. then i have access to all sides can change length and watch tv 🙂

  • I have been making single cobra weave equestrian neck ropes that I use about 35 feet of paracord on each side.of the stitch.  I find the center and loosely wrap each side into a coil around my hand.  I bind each coil with a couple of  rubber bands and pull out extra cord as needed while I'm stitching until finished.  I don't use a board, but, my technique saves time and frustration.  I agree this method would make clearance difficult when using a board to attach swivels. If I needed to mount to a board I would attach 2 small blocks of wood , one at each of your board and mount swivel to the blocks.   

    Nice sling BTW..

  • Very nice video.  I have been trying to decide how I wanted to make a sling and this would be easier than the method I was going to use.  I think the only thing that I would do differently is use a fid to weave the loose ends of the 2 cores back into the center of the braids to avoid the extra knots by the sling swivels and then finish the last layer with a 2 thong diamond knot or chinese button knot.

  • it would be more ridgid if you make a double salomon instead of 2x single ones thats lying loose inside the 3rd layer, but if you do then its not much of a point to even put on the 3rd layer as then it just get bulky

  • Nice Sling Dude! I have a question; when you make your measurements do you have to allow for slack so you can where it without being so tight on your shoulder? Is the sling adjustable or not?

  • I made this sling for my ww1 German Mauser, That gun weighs a ton but it's a nail driver. From a distance the sling looks like a snake wrapped around it but it serves the purpose well. Thanks for sharing the video. God Bless

  • I have created two of these since I watched the video and I found with very much use they have the two cobra bands have a tendency to fold in on each other. what I did to correct that problem was I took 20ft of fishing line and a needle and stitched them together. I can send you picture of the stich if you want it's easy

  • WoW, That's Extremely Cool; But time consuming And a bit difficult. I'm going to have to watch this over & over again till I Really understand How to do it.
    Now will the 43" sling be Long Nuff to Wrap around your fore arm wrist? As i am just now learning How that work's ie making a "Tripod" to Steady your riffle in the Standing position!?. 

  • Another Thumb's Up on this vid, "Now that I finally learned How To make a Cobra Stitch" I'm Almost done with my 1st 46" Sling i'm Not sure if i'm going to use Clip's Or just mount it on One end & use a Smaller para cord end that i'll "kinda Slip Mount  on the Other end. So Now I am Subing you &  Hope ya return the sub,,, BTW after seeing Both side by side I am going with a Double cos IMO it should look & feel Better on my AK47 And i'm using Blue & Glow in the dark Yellow to kinda mimic my Drag Bike colors; I up loaded

  • Thank you so much for this video! What a life saver you are man. I need to make three gun slings before Oct 4th. I was having a huge problem finding an easy pattern to make them out of. I stumbled upon your video and you saved the day.

  • Are you cold, fat, asthmatic, sick, getting a BJ or what.? I ask because you sound out of breathe after each sentence.

  • have you posted already ( I didn't see it), or are you planning on doing a video on how to prevent the two inner cores from folding?  I'm gearing up and getting ready to do my first one.  I wonder how difficult it would be to weave the outer layer through the two inner cores every…5 inches or so

  • If you want to know how to make an adjustable version of this sling check out my DIY Adjustable Paracord  Sling Video.

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  • Great vid, thanks. I'm curious, does the strap stay flat or do the two strap cords on the inside tend to overlap each other with use?

  • Nice. One suggestion. Use .75mm cord, available through supplier like and lace it through the inside knot loops on each cobra weave to tie the two together. It'll give you a bit more structural integrity plus the added benefit of extra cord should you need it. Nice sling though. I think I would back-weave those cord ends into the belt rather than deal with the knots at each end.

  • I'm in the middle of making one of these. I recommend that you wrap up your tail ends into bundles so you don't have to pull the full length through. Just make big loops, pass the bundle through then tighten up the knots. Also keeps it neat between sessions. Thanks for the video!

  • Good video. I have around 1500'+ of Paracord with fishing line and jute (fire starter) in it and was looking for something to do with it. Got 500' rolls for a great price so bought four of them. Used about half of one and may 10% of two others. I bought two black, 1 OD, and one red. May have to make some of these and sell them. Just I will hide the knots under the weaves with tricks I have learned so no buldges.

  • I found that if you weave both at the same time you will be more even between the attachments which will keep the tension even while it's on your jig. Alternate as you weave. I'll weave 4 times on the left and then 4 on the right and so on till the end. To keep them from tangling make sure you end up with the cord ends hanging on their side. If i'm working on the left side, i'll weave until i'm pulling the cord through to the left and run the right the same way until you have the cord hanging off to the right side and so on till the end.

    It looks a lot better when the weaves are even. Hope that makes sense…peace!

  • I want to make a really wide sling. I'm going to be using 2 inch wide hardware. I don't like slings that are narrow at the ends. I would like it to be 2 inches from end to end. any ideas?

  • you know, instead of having to pull the whole 25 ft through. What I do is fold most of each side up into a little bundle, except for a foot or two, then tie it with the very end. Then as you use up what you didn't bundle in your weave, you can pull more out of the bundles.

  • I made a bow sling similar to this while waiting at hunting lease for evening hunt. Incorporated 2 carabiners to attach to bow for quick latching onto and off of bow. Made it long enough to wear as belt!

  • i dont mean to be rude but did you not learn how to properly breathe as a child? LOL breathe in, speak, breath out excess gas, breath in, continue to speak, continue as needed. Other than that nice sling dude i was looking for a good and easy way to do this and this seems like it thanks for the vid

  • came across your tutorial and have been making these for quite some time now and I even sell them. They are BY FAR my most requested item. Thanks a million!

  • Nice video! Round about, how many feet of paracord did you end up using? I'm trying to do this same stitch but for a duffle bag strap.

  • Could you not roll the excess on a small spool and just pull the spool through and reel it off as you need it?

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