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Top 10 Best FPS Zombie + Crafting Survival Gameplay Android

Top 10 Best FPS Zombie + Crafting Survival Gameplay Android

Hi Welcome to the video this time Can not be in the undeniable survival-themed games and Zombies Very in the crowd of young people and parents Besides challenging this game also make curious players No Clementinos channel This time will give you 10 recommendations of the best zombie FPS games According to this channel. Eitsss but before Clem started Click the Subscribe button under this video. Let you be the first to watch the video on this channel. Last Day Rules of survival This one zombie FPS game Quite challenging and make Kesel When you guys located Gamenya, you are in the Require survival of hungry, zombie attack, and other player attacks. Here, you can also build a house or base for a place of survival. But guys! The house you got up, the Durabilitynya very short So do not wonder you guys new Wake up house Continued a few hours later was destroyed himself Other than building houses You can also hunt animals, and hit other players in the game. Z Girls 2 Last one is a multipayer game of zombie survival, different from other zombie games Z Girls 2 has anime look with a better impression on the look and fresh guys! Here you can collect as many resources as possible To meet the needs of the game. Besides that you can also build sports motorcycles, guys. Very cool. For those of you who want to try the game do not be surprised later Kalo character wearing BRA and CD:D Delivery fom the Pain survive This game recommended GW Banget because his mission simple really Like most other zombie games, you can craft weapons and more. For those of you who have played last day on Earth And already completed several bunkers like Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie. Well, the game is almost as Percis Cuman in this game you will be led by survival NPC on this game guys. Dark Days Zombie Survival GW very pampered in this game Because of the graphic display that makes us not dizzy and not bored. Just like any other zombie game, you can hunt, crafting, and building. By the way Disni also already provided motor frame and helicopter, To be able to wear you guys in the require to find one by one the materials needed. Last Battle of Human VS Zombie Where you are as a sniper who has to kill every zombie that comes, BTW the zombie Kalo want to worth Mr Door first or not hell he kanade For your mission will be to move cities and places, For the graphics standard Cuman you can not move freely. You will move according to the instruction from your boss In this game. Last Hope Sniper Zombie War From our game name here as the last hope, We are on assignment to rescue the people from the threat of the zombies, Good for the graphics You guys can not move when you try to play it. Zombie Sniper Evil Hunter When malicious viruses are spreading around the world, You become one of the victims. Ade, Emak, Father, Bokin was hit by the plague. Continue to be zombies, But in this game you are at require to survive all the trials of the Wkwkwk… And get a mission to kill every zombie that is on the roadside. For the control you guys can not walk free guys. Cuman can ngikutin his mission guide Aja. The Experiment Z Wkwkwk this game the rating in Playstore 3.5 For the graph is ummmm pretty well, When you guys will be confused if you want to GW also the same kanade and a few minutes later GW Flickey this game I’m not a little bit…. Last Human life on earth Game RPG guys so on Taun 2035 busettttt So long ago, it was the apocalypse that happened because of the plague, Well this plague changed some people into ultramen wkwkwkkw the zombie meant. For the graphic of its meaning like real, the Cuman for camera control is left and the Kenan is a bit slow. Dead Zombie Shooting Target 3D The story in this game is a viral outbreak that hit so you At the assign to battle against zombies NIH guys, On every mission that you complete you will get a reward. Eitsss But wait first, in this game you can not walk freely, and camera controls are somewhat delay. Your character will run according to the quest you are working on. Okay that he’s the top 10 recommended FPS games according to Clementinos. Happy play!

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