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To Recover From Heartbreak And Loss  • Guided Meditation

To Recover From Heartbreak And Loss • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. This guided meditation will relax you fully
as you embark upon a journey of healing. Simply follow my voice throughout. If you find that your mind begins to wander,
just gently bring it back leaving any resistance behind. Let us begin. Make yourself comfortable. Softly close your eyes
Breathe in deeply through your nose feeling your lungs expand. Then, release the breath, exhaling out through
your mouth as your lungs deflate. Breathe in deeply through your nose feeling
your lungs expand. Then, release the breath, exhaling out through
your mouth. This time count the breath on the inhalation:
one, two, three and four. Drawing oxygen into your lungs at a consistent
pace. Smooth and steady. Hold the breath for a count of one, two, three. Then, release, exhale slowly, counting, one,
two, three and four. Feel the sense of relaxation as you yield
to the sound of my voice. Now let your breath become natural and soft. Life provides us with an abundance of emotions. We feel love, empathy and we care. But right now, cast all thoughts aside. It is time to replenish yourself. To heal. To give back to yourself. To energize. Here, there are no concerns. Just peace and freedom of mind and body. When feeling emotional and if coping with
a loss of any kind, time and healing is of the essence. It is important to nurture yourself. Love who you are and all that you will be. Welcome in healing potential. Now, bring awareness to your body as you intentionally
relax further. Whether you are sitting cross-legged, on a
chair or, lying down, take a moment to connect with your physical body. Push back on all external distractions. There is only you in this space. Become mindful. Feel every sensation. Connect with the chair, the bed or the floor. Become grounded. Breathe in deeply, long drawn in breaths. Exhale fully, breathe out tension. Take in positive energy and release any inner
angst. Let all your cares drift away as if swept
away on a breeze. Visualize old wounds or self-doubts being
swept away. Plucked up into the air and vanishing. As each old emotion dissipates.. on each exhale,
you feel lighter. You have more and more space between your
thoughts. Move your attention to your feet. Release any tension that may be stored within
the ankles or feet by tightening and flexing. Pull your feet towards you and then, point. Release the stretch and let your ankles and
feet return to their resting position. Engage with this deep sense of release. Turn your attention to the muscles of the
legs, repeat this tightening stage, hold it, then, release. Tighten the knees and thighs. Imagine drawing the kneecaps upwards towards
you, grip, tense and release. Let it all go. Notice how your muscles are continuing to
yield. You are feeling so very comfortable now. Move your attention to your buttocks, repeat
by holding the tension and releasing. Now gradually, scan up through your body,
your attention moving over those muscles as you tighten and release each one. Focus on your back, your stomach, chest. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest
as you breathe rhythmically. Your body feels heavy yet also lighter within. You are sinking deeper into your relaxation. Pay special attention to your neck and shoulders,
visualize those muscles giving way. Feel your whole body becoming more and more
relaxed. When we feel deep and intense emotions, it
can be bittersweet at times. Throughout life, love and loss can go hand
in hand and sometimes and we can hold those feelings deep within. Unresolved, they limit our ability to move
on. Take a deep inhale through your nose once
again and an audible exhale through your mouth. Drop your body into the Earth, let it go. Open your mind. Open your heart. Let healing energy in. Feeling more open and more relaxed now. Visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful
green energy, as you breathe in deeply, this tranquil soothing color gently fills your
lungs. It filters through every part of your being. As you breathe out, let the color fade away. Release any inner turmoil. There is only peace for you going forward. Repeat, inhale slowly, beautiful green healing
energy. Breathe out tension. Let it all go. Turn your attention inwards
Do not become distracted by thoughts but connect with those deep emotions Notice and acknowledge that your body is healing Your heart is so very precious
It is the essence of self Even when it aches, your heart is perfect. And it renews with loving kindness, care and
attention. Visualize now a symbolic version of your heart,
see yourself holding it gently in your hands. Feel its warmth. The softness. Yet, it is resilient. Connect with it. Send healing thoughts and positive energy
into your heart restoring balance. Restoring inner harmony. Repeat these words to yourself:
I am strong I am healing
Feel and see your symbolic heart expand as these words resonate with you. Repeat them to yourself, with real conviction:
I am strong I am healing Feel connected to your heart. Feel your cells within your body resonate
to these words. Feel the stillness within you. As your heart restores, energetically feel
yourself open up to the future. Your future. Now, feel your strong heart deep within your
chest, beating softly. You feel so relaxed. So safe. So peaceful. Repeat these words to yourself:
I let go of the past I open myself to the future
I am relaxed My mind and body are healing
Nothing else matters than this moment. Visualize green energy all around you. Protecting you
Warming you Both your mind and your body absorb positive
energy. Every cell within you resonates to its energy. Cell by cell. Healing. Softly, gently. Your body becomes lighter and lighter, so
relaxed. Letting go of any tension. Deeply relaxed. Breathe in deeply and exhale fully. Let all thoughts dissipate. Lost within the healing green energy that
surrounds you. Invite the sensation of peace to wash over
you. You are so connected to your heart. Embrace this moment. Restoring, nurturing. There is only peace here. Surrounded by positive energy. You absorb tranquility. You are calm. Life becomes balanced. You are balanced. As this healing meditation comes to a close
and as you breathe in again. Feel your fingers and toes. Exhale deeply. It is time to open your eyes. Welcome back. Thank you for joining me in this meditation. Please continue to show your support through
likes, comments and shares of these videos. Thank you, I really appreciate it. And we will meet in the next one.

29 thoughts on “To Recover From Heartbreak And Loss • Guided Meditation

  • Thank you so very much Rasa for this specific topic. It is so needed. Love and appreciate you so much. ?

  • Your meditation today was a sign from the universe
    2 hours ago I tried to have a new start with my ex and he wasn’t interested
    This is a sign from the universe ???

  • Thank you. Did you receive a message, maybe a vision saying a few of your subscribers really needed this? Ten days ago i had my cat euthanized and im still crying about it. I guess its the guilt and i miss him so. He got so sick ,so fast. I did take him to the Vets but he was still in rough shape. As i was sitting in my car earlier talking to him and asking for a sign to show me he's running free , happy & healthy now , this popped up in my notifications.

  • Thank you dear rasa.. It is great.. Really feeling peace and tranquility.. You are an angel sent from source to you…

  • Hey there, thanks Rasa. It helps. This will hasten and ease the requisite passage of time. God bless you

  • I lostcmy 29 year old son ,Nicolas ,3 years ago to a drug overdoseThank you for helping me with your meditations.It has helped me tremendously?

  • Oh…and i forgot to mention when i did this meditation last time i saw the brightest sparkling diamond cluster float across my eyes while they were closed. It was awesome. There seemed to be something with it that i couldnt make out. Im sure it was that sign i was looking for. Tonight when i did this again i didn't get the cluster. Thank you for a beautiful meditation.

  • I was so emotional during this. A lot of pain I couldn't shift seemed to expel. I'll keep doing this as I have noticed repeating meditations like this is so helpful. Thank you again Rasa

  • thank you <3 !!
    could you make a meditation on healing from abuse, ~ to release fear and regain confidence in self and being able to connect with healthy safe loving people <3 <3

  • I lost my sister in law two days ago. This helped me so must in the past i thought i would do it again. As i did this tonight i felt some tingling on my crown and forehead. Then i felt this intense pressure on the top of my head as if it was being massaged. Thank you for your beautiful videos.

  • Oh man, did I need this! Before I had a tight chest, heart beating crazy and turning stomach after a rough break up and now i feel as if I did before there was even a relationship, granted this is my first time doing this meditation but definitely plan on doing this before bed every night ?

  • Thank you dear lady. This meditation was very powerful….lots of emotions released. I shall continue with it. Namaste

  • Thank you, dear Rasa, your healing voice and words have brought comfort to me during a time of great loss and grief over that loss. Prosper and grow dear one.

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