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Importance of Survival Skills

Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide

Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide

Welcome to
the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Tides of Vengeance, Battle for Azeroth’s
first major content update. In this video, we’ll take a look
at the new features and changes coming to World of Warcraft as the struggle
between Alliance and Horde intensifies. First up, new story-driven questlines and World Quests are available all over Kul’Tiras and Zandalar, as both factions launch new Assaults on one of the three zones
controlled by their enemies. Every day, look on your World Map for an area
that’s under Assault and get yourself to the front lines. Your faction needs you. A new chapter in the War Campaign is now available. Head to your ship in Boralus or Zuldazar to rejoin your faction’s war efforts. The conflict over the home of the Night Elves has reached a fever pitch, and new questlines will lead you to the all new Battle for Darkshore. In this new Warfront, you’ll unlock access
to powerful hero transformations that give you temporary abilities, themed around your role as a tank, healer, or damage dealer. Scouts have discovered two new destinations for Island Expeditions: the Vrykul land of Jorundall and the Gilnean town of Havenswood. These, as well as
the previous Island Expeditions, now feature new enemies, achievements, events, items, and vendors. Heritage Armor is now available for two mighty races: the Dwarves and the Blood Elves. Available to these races at level 120, look for the quest, “Keep Yer Feet on the Ground”
in Ironforge, or “The Pride of the Sin’dorei”
in Silvermoon, and get started
rediscovering your heritage. Keep an eye out for new additions to many Professions, including new gear, new Feasts for your raid
and dungeon groups, inscription Contracts
for increased Honorbound and 7th Legion reputation, and new craftable pets. Speaking of pets, you’re called to an all-new pet dungeon experience. Go meet Micro Zoox just outside Gnomeregan and earn four new companions: the Mechanical Cockroach, the Leper Rat, Mechantula, and everyone’s best friend, Alarm-O-Dog. And that’s just the beginning. Early next year, we’ll meet you here again
to talk about updates to the Azerite System, the start of Season 2 of PvP
and Mythic Keystone Dungeons, and of course, the Battle of Dazar’alor Raid. Until then, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the field of battle!

100 thoughts on “Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide

  • What heppened with this expansion? It was supoposed to be the next Wrath of The Lich King but it's turing to be as bad or worse that Warlords of Draenor

  • Devs throw Night Elves under the bus then make this cheap bandaid with crappy sets to pretend they care. Not even gonna mention the quality of the gameplay and the piles of grind, timegating…

    There's one good thing though, it sure gives youa warm feeling in the heart to know not a single penny of mine is going to this company. 😉

  • as someone who doesn't and has never played the game, can someone briefly explain to me why this is so disliked or at least direct me to where I can read more without having to have been a player?

  • Please make some kind of realm switch. i have a lvl 90 Death Knight on an Role Playing server:D. so for me, and probably also for a lot of other people. make a realm switch.

  • Nobody Needs this.. Blizzard pls kick Activi$ions Arses and get out of that Company.. get back to that Kind of Company you were

  • You know, I thought it would be impossible to top the abysmal failure that was patch 6.1, but at least that brought SOME new content to the game. This is just content we've already been doing for 2 years, most of which should never have been removed in the first place.

  • Please give ranged classes some good abilities I feel like I am playing world of roguecraft all time in arenas rogue with mage, rogue priest, rogue rogue rogue rogue every que rogue , as healer want to find healers rogues again, you die all time as ranged beacuse rogue just go healer gets low hide fast stuns you like 20 sec you lose again healers leave you spend again 20 min to find dps or good healer next time you face with again rogue mage or rogue priest you fail again as ranged class they leave again you spend another 20 min again you find healer you see healer druid with rogue they cc you like 1 min you cant do anything then again healer leave you again find healer if you are lucky you face with fury warrior with rdruid again you lose as ranged class because with 70 percent dampening fury heals even healer out of mana again healer leave with abusive comments you suck or smt you find another healer again face rogue seriously please i want to play my own class which i am having fun please balance properly all ranged classes, I dont want to die by rogues anymore I feel like you want us delete all our class just play rogue

  • when is blizzard going to start listening to what the players want and make this game less about making money, they've already made upon millions but yet they still make a pay to win system, and make evvvvverything so ridiculously easy to get.

  • guys on the tides of vengeance achievement im stuck on the war continues do u need more reputation to conintue do u need 7th legion rep im revered with them.

  • is Activition Bullying you and told you to release bad idea over bad idea?? we can talk you know… take a seat. Blizzard, i know you like your new boyfriend… but sometime, you have to let it go when isnt working

  • The bitterness in the comment section is really surprising. People may not like the current state of the game, that is understandable, but spit so much acid in the comment section is… well… unpleasant and unhealthy, for both readers and speakers. Why not try to give some reasonable argumentations and feedback instead of just "BLIZZ SUXZ"; nobody will treat that seriously. The power of the word is strong if used correctly, so why not try it here?

  • Оставлю это здесь, олдфаги будут рады поиграть в лучшую часть, этот проект – последний луч(близлайк за бфа сволочи).

  • I'm just going to add my opinion here since I cancelled my sub again , I admit to cancelling in 7.1 because of the mythic dungeon requirements and Raid for pathfinder, I'm a solo player and had been for years I played WoW mainly on my silent shifts on a not so good Laptop any kind of group content had me around 9fps which is the biggest reason to why I didnt do it, I had my guild mates who i'd happily chat with but couldn't dungeon because of poor performance so I'd happily grind old world achievements.

    I came back in 7.3 and was with you up until halloween then I havent really been in game , reason at the time you tied Jainas story to a mythic dungeon , I know its now on heroic as of 8.1 but I have no enthusiasm to take part now. the issue I've been getting these last few years is either dungeon or raid or suffer. yes dungeons are the main end game with raiding being the ultimate but prior to WoD I could pretty much ignore them and just do me and explore/rep grind freely without tying it to dungeons . *cut those strings please, I'd rather story outside in the world *.

    Bfa my other issue is timed runs in the island exploration I hate running against the clock and 2: remove kick feature from them or at least the dungeon deserter buff

  • Dear Blizzard (Activision),
    the time when you could bait the community to keep playing by hanging carrots in front of their faces are gone. That window has closed.
    People are realizing why the game stopped being fun. You turned an mmorpg into a collecting-game with action elements.
    I loved World of Warcraft, but it is not hard to figure out why people are frustrated and why sub-numbers have been declining for years.

    It is so easy to understand in fact, that i'm absolutly sure that Blizzard knows exactly what they would have to do in order to turn the tide.
    But something or someone is keeping them from fixing the game. That is honestly the only explanation i can come up with.
    It can't be a money issue because some of the major flaws that the game has right now would be rather easy to fix and should not take a long time either.
    It really feels like this situation was forced somehow.

    It is simple:
    We dont want more mounts, toys, and collectables as THE driving force for player motivation.
    We want to enjoy the WORLD of Warcraft, not the "Endgame content for completionists, competitors and collectors – of Warcraft".
    Because those contents only appeal to some parts of the playerbase. A (not so silent) majority feels completly ignored.

    If you keep on the way things are heading, you can just delete all content from previous expansions, because everything except the endgame content has been made obsolete.
    Stop working on "Endgame content of Warcraft" and go back to your original game-philosophy from the golden days.

    (the story is still amazing though, and the things that are still to come are brilliantly planned. The stage is set. The seeds have been planted. The crops have grown.
    Soon the time will come for the cycle to repeat itself once more and finally open our eyes to the truth that is
    ………… sry i wont spoiler more than i already did)

  • I don’t understand. Why would you send “our best developers” to work on mobile games? Leaving the employees who are not as experienced to work on main series titles. Why?

    These better be the best mobile games ever made.

    And put Jeff Kaplan back on the WoW dev team. Thanks.

  • Guys did you know that Blizzard removed vicious saddles 😀 😀 😀
    I worked like crazy to get 100 wins in s3 arena and at the and i got nothing. Ofc i saw later that Blizz did this stupid change as many stupid decisions before!

  • Canceled sub, nothing in this patch makes me want to resub. Fix your class design and your loot system and then we will talk.

  • ☐ It's only Alpha!

    ☐ It's only Beta!

    ☐ It just Released!

    ☐ Patch will fix it!
    (⮜ you are here)

    ☐ It might be little bad but next xpack will surely fix everything!

  • It seems like most of the viewers got the herd Instinct – go on with the crowd much easier than have an opinion, yes?
    I am playing WoW 'bout 10 years and don't think that BfA is bad, more than that, it has similar level with the Legion, – new content is providing, there is still no pay-to-win system, and there is still something to do, unlike in the WoD, which videos got much less dislikes.
    About their politics for Diablo series: it's pretty dumb in an image way, BUT HOW DOES IT RELATE TO ANOTHER GAME?
    STOP drowning the good game for POLITICS!
    Thank you, and sorry for mistakes.

  • Hey, let's charge you full price for an expansion and then force you to pay $15 a month. Now that people are paying us to continuing development on the game we should spend that time making mounts and pets which we will charge money for. Why would we give people who bought the game and subscribed cool mounts when we can please our shareholders?

  • Blizzard, this is a message from a loyal customer and huge fan of your work all the way back to warcraft 1 on the macintosh, YOUR work, not blizzard activision, after bungie splitting from their plague, destiny 3 will be very promising, if you want myself and other fans of your old work back then you need to split with them as well, if profits are so important then its obvious that they are causing less of profits considering how much stock has dropped.
    I know this probably wont be seen by anyone by the community team, let alone the devs, but im sure i speak for all of your fans, old and new, that all we want to experience is a blizzard game made the way blizzard used to make them, enriching gameplay, immersive story and the effort and love that the old devs used to put into making each and every game

    Do the right thing Blizz, you're better than this

  • I'm so disappointed I could cry ? activision is destroying my beloved wow. I played and loved wow for 9 years and it see in such a horrible state is devastating. Blizzard, please fix our beloved game.

  • This community is garbage, even on the old vanilla forums people were bitching about the game. To many neck beards in this community

  • Narrator was… clearly filling in for someone at the last moment.

    Why make such a mistake Blizz?
    It sounds like a cheap mobile ad…

  • I don't really know that much about Warcraft, but this narrator sounds like the kind you'd hire to 'build hype' for an e-sport of sorts. Really shatters the 4th wall for this fantasy game about magic and orcs. And how is this even a 'survival guide'? Just sounds like 'patch notes'.

  • Blizzard, the day you were born, the very nerds of earth whispered, never become super greedy trash company. my blizzard i watched with pride as you grew into the best game company. remember, all line has always ruled with super good games, and i know you will show restraint when exercising your great power. But the truest loss, blizzard, is being bought by Activision. I tell you this, for when my subscription have come to an end, you shall fall. No company rules forever.

  • That's the reason that I play private servers, look at this retail garbage feature, THIS GRINDING SYSTEM IS NO FUN AT ALLLLLLLLLLL

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