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The Ultimate Emergency Survival Food Taste Test! / Can I trick My Wife?

The Ultimate Emergency Survival Food Taste Test! / Can I trick My Wife?

This is going to be the ultimate emergency food taste test How’s it going guys welcome back to the pilot patriot channel as you can see we’re in the kitchen again today So, yep, that means we’re looking at legacy foods again If you haven’t seen my other video about the legacy Emergency food products make sure you go check that out I’ll put a link to that up here at the top of the screen We try to do a lot of preparedness videos kind of like this So if you like this kind of video make sure you go ahead and subscribe to the channel and click that notification bell So you get notified every time we put up new videos Let me tell you a little bit about what we’re doing here today Now I’ve already done a full review of the legacy long term food storage and all their stuff is good for up to 30 years So it’s perfect to stash away in a closet or under a bed for emergency situations Now if you’re a guy and you’re like me your wife is a little weary of all this Food in a bucket that you have stored at your house and she’s probably thinking this food that comes in a pouch That’s good for 30 years. There’s no way it can taste very good So I have a plan to test that So my wife’s at work right now and what I’m gonna do is I have the pasta Alfredo here from legacy foods I’m gonna go ahead and cook this up for dinner when she gets home. I’ll let her know that dinner’s ready Let her eat it and see what she thinks about it Chances are if this works she’s gonna think that I bought all the ingredients at the grocery store and I cooked this from scratch Know I’ve tested several of legacy foods, and I think they taste great, but she has not had that opportunity yet Now I’m gonna dress it up a little bit I got some Chicken from the grocery store and some broccoli that we’re gonna put in here with this but that is all things that you can get from legacy they also have freeze-dried chicken and Vegetables that you can get that are also good for up to 15 years and some of them even longer than that. So Let’s get in here get a little bit closer. We’ll go ahead and cook this up and see how this goes Now went over a lot of the specifics about the legacy foods in my other video So make sure you go check that out. That link is in the description below But while we’re waiting for a water to to a boil, let’s go ahead and talk about this a little bit more So one thing that sets legacy foods apart from a lot of the competition is that they’re serving sizes or one and a half cups That’s three times more than most of the competition most of these long-term emergency food companies Even though they say that there are four servings in this pouch Each serving size is actually only about a half a cup And if you’re a big guy like me a half a cup is not a meal But you’re not gonna have that problem with legacy foods You’re gonna get three times the amount of food. You’re going to get plenty of calories Which is important in emergency situation this particular pouch is 410 calories per serving So you’re going to get a lot of the necessary calories. You need to keep yourself going now I’m going to go ahead and cook up this whole thing It’ll be four servings and you’ll see once this is all cooked over how much food this actually makes And this one calls for six cups of water So while we’re waiting for that to boil We’ll go ahead and get the chicken on over here and I’ll see you guys in a minute Alright guys, we’ve got our water boil and we’ll go ahead and put this puffs out further in here Make sure you don’t forget to take out that oxygen absorber. You don’t eat that Just go ahead and go through everything in here And mix it in good Now the instructions say to cook this for 12 to 15 minutes plug it back in you guys can just see All right guys, it’s Dylan as you can see this makes a lot of food And you can see this got a nice thick I’m afraid of the sauce It’s not watery or runny like a lot of long-term food storage seems to be This looks and smells delicious This right here can’t fool my wife nothing can No, it’s just hope she has as much faith in my cooking ability as I think she does No, like I said, I’m gonna add some broccoli in there, so I’ll go ahead and do that now I had just like broccoli and checking in with my alfredo But like I said, those are things that you can also get from legacy. They do have Freeze-dried broccoli and chicken that is also delicious That you can get from them So if that emergency situation happens you do have those options All right. Let’s go ahead and spoon some of this out onto the plate Try not to drop it Put up chicken on top And as you can see, this is a nice big man-sized portion here and there’s still a whole bunch left in here I could actually probably more and still have enough for three more people And just throw some garlic bread on the side and then it’s a good-looking meal if I do say so myself I’ll get back to you guys in a little bit and we’ll see what my wife thinks about it. I Will put some links to a lot of the legacy stuff in the description below if you want to try it out for yourself Some really good food. It lasts a very long time and they have some great prices So I’ll see you guys in a minute The chicken was Alright guys, my wife really doesn’t like to be filmed So I have to blur out her face or something, but the bottom line is she loved it She could not tell the difference between the legacy freeze-dried food and something that I cooked from scratch. I Think that was the ultimate Testing and you can really see why Legacy Foods was voted best tasting out of all long-term food storage in its category Alright guys. I hope you liked the video make sure you stay prepared you never know when an emergency is going to happen or when those grocery stores are going to empty out and Those grocery stores always envy out a lot faster than you think they are Check out the links in the description get some legacy foods for yourself. Please like share and subscribe and I’ll see you next time I Got the path, I don’t want to be on your stupid show

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