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Importance of Survival Skills

The time is NOW for Positive Living Skills

The time is NOW for Positive Living Skills

Isn’t it time we focused on ways to truly
prevent mental health problems developing? The current situation in our communities is
extremely concerning. Primary School aged children are self harming
and worse, parents are struggling, and teachers are more stressed out than ever. Given the state of stress, disconnection,
dishonesty and disharmony in our world and in our communities, we need to start looking
at ways to prevent these kind of problems from arising in the first place. Children do not begin life with negativity,
hatred, or the goal of hurting themselves or other people. What if we taught children about their minds,
and how their thoughts and feelings worked, and how their thoughts and feelings affect
their behaviours. And what if we taught children about appreciation
and gratitude, kindness and empathy, and respect for self and others. And what if they were taught that life is
a rollercoaster of events and emotions, and they learned the tools and skills to be able
to recognise, understand and manage their emotions. And what if they were taught these concepts
continuously and through repetition and practice they were able to build habits to support
themselves when challenges arise. If we want to live in a more positive world,
it is absolutely essential to teach children to live and interact positively, to learn
effectively, to perform to their capacity, and embrace their true human potential. The Positive Living Skills Primary School
Wellbeing Program is a comprehensive, whole of school community prevention program. It supports teachers, students and families
by embedding the Positive Living Skills concepts into their daily lives, and the feedback we
are receiving from teachers and students speaks for itself. ‘They’ve been really engaged, it’s been really
good. They’ve been really open and honest during
discussions.’ ‘My kids love doing the Positive Living Skills
activities.’ ‘It allowed me to understand and really see
some things that kids are going through that you might not have known, just little things.’ ‘It’s a program that you can now pick up and
deliver just about anywhere in Primary and help the kids build those skills for resilience
and trust.’ ‘A highlight is something in your life that
you can think about when you’re upset.’ NOW is the time to take action. Every child can gain a definite advantage
from learning Positive Living Skills from an early age. If you are a teacher, Wellbeing Coordinator,
School Principal or a concerned family or community member, and you would like to be
involved, visit our website to find out more. You can download a sample lesson and a priced
proposal for your School.

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