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The Rise of A.I., Shifting Economies, and Corporate Consciousness Will Define the Future

The Rise of A.I., Shifting Economies, and Corporate Consciousness Will Define the Future

When we looked at our book we wrote it with
something in mind, which was to defy what the great philosopher Hagel said, which is
he said, “That if there’s one thing history teaches us is that history doesn’t teach us
anything. People don’t learn from history.” So we decided we’d try and learn from history
from China a hundred years before the common era. But then when we finished the book we
said well there is actually something about the future and we’d like to think about three
trends that are really important for corporations to think through, and in particular how their
relationship with society is going to work. And they were first, the ever increasing possibility
that artificial intelligence will change the way in which labor works: how do we communicate
with companies? What actually do they do? Can they do things more perfectly or will
they become less human? We started the discussion by speaking to Tim
Berners-Lee. And Tim, rather surprisingly, said to me well, ” Well John, the thing about
artificial intelligence is that corporations are already robots. They’re ready robots so
there’s nothing new here. They behave robotically and maybe they shouldn’t.” So I said, “Well
I contend that they absolutely shouldn’t because they are part of the human fabric of society.”
So that was the first thing we talked about. The second we worried about was the change
in the economic center of gravity in the world. If we go back to the first year after in the
common era, 1 A.D., you’d find that the center of economic gravity in the world was somewhere
in the Middle East. And over the last couple of thousand years it’s moved from there to
the middle of the Atlantic and now it’s moving back to somewhere in the East. So it moves
as countries become more comparatively advantaged, more educated and things move and therefore
values, the way in which companies work, move again. And we wanted to make the point that our book
is not about pure moral values, it’s about practical attempts to include people into
this great endeavor, which is business, which makes the world better. Because it actually
makes people more prosperous; brings people out of poverty and so forth. So we wanted
to do that. And the third thing we said was that business actually doesn’t have a right
to be in the world, but it has to solve some of the very big problems that are facing the
world: obesity and the ingestion of too much sugar; climate change; diseases, chronic diseases
that exist; water shortage; pollution. The list goes on. And we gave a dozen examples
of where we thought 30, in order to have the right to be a company, companies should be
focused on, at least in some part of their brain, solving some of these problems for
the future. And it just maybe that artificial intelligence, the ability to think more broadly,
to gain access to more data, to understand more about it might just lead us to a better
solution to some of these extraordinary problems that have been around a long time, it’s just
that we now see them with the greater clarity and indeed they are becoming more and more
dangerous, climate change being a prime example of something becoming more dangerous.

33 thoughts on “The Rise of A.I., Shifting Economies, and Corporate Consciousness Will Define the Future

  • "Business, which makes the world better," or "business which makes the world better"? One is a claim, a false one in a lot of cases, and the second is a hope or a goal.

  • No, they won't. But it was a nice thought and gesture none the less. From this time forward, you will be doing something completely different.

  • Is this like a old video that someone dug up out of the trash? Most indicators show that the economic center shifted to the middle of the Atlantic back in the 1950's and had already shifted back eastward by the early 2000's

  • Companies don't take care of problems because their dangerous, they take care of problems because they are liabilities to their profit margin.

  • "(…) can they do things more perfectly or will they become less human?" definitely recorded before the Microsoft Build 2016

  • After Earth is a fictional future scenario by Thomas Blueprint.
    In the year 2036, an asteroid roughly the size of a continent collided with the moon. The moon was destroyed from the impact. The lunar dust rained down on the earth for years, blocking out the sun and contaminating the oceans. The earth was now uninhabitable and squalid.
    The richest and smartest people on the planet knew about the asteroid 20 years in advance. They built a space station the size of the moon to live on. Three other space stations were built too. The Russians found out the elites' secret about the asteroid and built a space station on the Moon Europa that orbited Jupiter. The elite's military lived on a barrack on the red planet Mars. The last space station housed the humans and robots known as e-humans, located at the edge of the solar system.*Version*=1&*entries*=0&linkCode=ll1&tag=ie0cd-20&linkId=e810ba755c67ada8eef57ce8c2cf41c0

  • A for-profit business (which is almost every major corporation) behaves like a child eating ice cream. The corp. swallows all of the wealth at the fastest rate possible disregarding any consequence untill it collapses, regurgitates (bankrupcy) then begins the cycle again. The buisness is a machine with profits as only goal. This is dangerous for humanity now, incorporate A.I and fast forward 20 years and you will see vast amounts of economic and social inequality in everyday life.

  • The only positive aspect I see is that if they develop efficent enough A.I to do the job in the future they wont have to genetically engineer perfect human slaves for corporate farming…but im sure that is still the backup plan tho…

  • "And the fourth thing Tim and I talked about was banging our secretaries. He asked would I be willing to swap my Gertrude for his bustier Imogen for the week. By jove I agreed. "

  • company's do not make people better. it just makes money off problems.they dont want to solve problems at all .wears the profit in that. we need a rbe

  • Our greed will define our future. We have all the tools to solve most of our issues that we have today, we choose not to do so.

  • The entire executive class can and should be replaced with AI's. Kick all the wealthy parasites to the gutter.

  • Well, at some point in the next couple of hundred years, all jobs will be done by robots and AI. At this point everything will be free, and each person will have a consumption limit, so that they don't take more than they need.
    Until this day comes, the introduction of AI and robots into business is going to suck, because things won't be free, and people will be losing their jobs.

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  • so, everyone needs to work for what you think is the greater good, or the work is illegitimate? I'll let the waffle house waitress know her labor is a scam in your eyes…even though it feeds her 4 kids.

  • Nice that you wrote a book.
    Too bad it has nothing to do with reality. Corporations do not exist to help humanity, they exist to maximize profit for the corporate owners, at the expense of humanity. It will be interesting to see who wins in the end, corporations or humanity. If nothing changes in the current trends, corporations will win, with a single human being being selected by being the most greedy of all the humans, and thus having control of all humanity.

  • And accountants will dispose of these externalities by not putting them on the corporate balance sheet and if its not in an account somewhere, it doesn't exist. You might think that AI can solve these problems but you'll never get an accountant to listen to it. Its dead from the get go.

  • corporations used to benefit all of society. now, they oinlky benefit a small group of people that may not even have anything to do with that society. can't say I'm gonna agree with anything this guy is saying.

  • The problem is systemic to business. It’s a vicious cycle of increasing the planet's population just enough to create more consumers and then talk about lifting more people out of poverty, which never happens, history. What does happen is an increase in population from one billion to eight billion in two or three hundred years of economic growth. lordy, lordy I think I found the wealthy ones dirty little sortie.

  • Please go watch Neil De'Grasse Tyson's presentation in the white house on where money is going and why. Thinking corporations would tackle these problems is outright delusional. They only exist to generate profit: It is the government that has to fund any kind of actual advancement.

  • The main trend of Corporate Consciousnes is how to make as much money possible out of any new technology or problem. For them the best future is: "Cash In quick".

  • I don't disagree with him about what he wants, but he really needs to pay closer attention to Berners-Lee's answer ("The thing about artificial intelligence is, corporations are already robots" [1m10s]), because it's not a new fact by any stretch of the imagination. It's been that way for at least 250 years, and it's baked into the essence of the modern corporation. If he wants to change how they work, great — but if he's not first paying attention to the fact that they are fundamentally designed to work the way he DOESN'T WANT THEM TO, he's gonna have a problem.

  • Well it's nice to hear at least some of our corporate overlords have some ideas for making the world better or at least from keeping it going off the rails. Of course I am still extremely wary of corporations and the BS they spout, but hey a small ray of hope.

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