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Importance of Survival Skills

The Pursuit of Endurance

The trail has put me on a quest to live up to my potential rather than other people’s expectations When I was 21 I hiked the Appalachian Trail alone Six years later, I went back and set the record But why does it matter how does hiking 47 miles a day for 46 days help anyone or anything? besides my ego to find the answers I had to go beyond my experience and learn from the stories of my mentors I listened as a man from an abusive home and violent neighborhood shared how he found the strength to hike 50,000 miles with a bullet lodged in his spine I was captivated by the woman who admitted to struggling with weight, Insecurity and depression on her journey to find confidence and become a record setter I was reminded that our bodies are a gift and I discovered that physical mental and emotional endurance are connected I found something that helps me make it through the day when my baby doesn’t sleep at night And to survive the pressures of work when it demands more than I can give I found something that helps me better support my friends struggling through divorce and provide strength to a loved one facing cancer I may never set another record, but I practice the lessons of endurance daily We all have our long trails and very few of them involve hiking or running

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