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Importance of Survival Skills

The Positive Living Skills Philosophy

The mental health crisis in Australia is
real. In a typical year one in five Australians experiences a mental health
condition and about 3,000 people die by suicide. That’s an average of eight
people every day. Suicide is also the leading cause of
death for young people aged 15 to 24. Long-standing research suggests that one in five adolescents will experience depression by the time they reach 18
years of age.For young people aged 4 to 17 years one in seven will experience a
mental health condition in any given year, so if there are 30 students in an
Australian classroom then as many as seven of those children could be
struggling. We believe this must change. At Positive Living Skills we believe
that every child has the capacity to reach his or her own unique potential. The purpose of the Positive Living Skills Wellbeing programs is to help
children learn a range of proactive preventative and practical ways to look
after their own mental well-being. This starts in early childhood so that when
they are ready to transition to Primary school and then on to High school they
have developed the tools to apply to help them to self-direct their thoughts
feelings and behaviors toward a positive life experience. Our belief is that
prevention must begin with children from as young as 3 years of age. By teaching
habitual skills for wellbeing before there are signs of mental challenges we
build a platform to develop emotional intelligence. The teacher-led Positive
Living Skills programs are made up of ready to implement evidence-based
concepts and activities that will help children build a lifelong skill set to
self-direct their own thinking processes emotions actions and outcomes. We know that children who build their social and emotional competence will
have improved academic and life outcomes. Our programs are also designed to
support teacher wellbeing and we believe the benefits flow beyond the
classroom to both the family and the wider community. Ultimately our purpose
is to positively and significantly impact the alarming and growing
statistics of anxiety depression and suicide that our societies are
experiencing today.

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