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TAMALES | Mexican Survival Guide

– Man, I can’t believe
it’s December already. This year went by so fast. – Yeah, I feel like it was like, 12 months or something. – Uh, because it was 12 months. That’s how a year works. – Oh yeah, that’s right. – Anyway, since it’s December, you know what that means, right? – Tax season’s just around the corner? – Uh, no, and why would
you be excited about that? – Who doesn’t like contributing to the improvement of the current economic status of our country? – What I meant is that it’s Christmas time. – Ooh yeah! ♪ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho ♪ – Mm-hm, and that means it tamal season. – Yes! But what is that? I’ve never seen that in my life. – What, you’ve never had tamales? – Please, please don’t hit for being ignorant. I promise I’ll change for the better, just please, please don’t hit me! – I’m not gonna hit you, Chris. Are you really that scared of me? – Kind of. – I should probably stop hitting you then. – Really? – Nah, I’m not gonna stop hitting you. Anyway, come with me my
little virgin tamal friend, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about tamales. Okay Chris, this is a tamal. Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish, layered with masa dough and often filled with meat like pork and chicken, but there’s also tamales made with cheese, fruits, vegetables, and pretty much anything else you can think of. – Oh so like a jelly-filled donut kind of. – Uh, no, not at all. Anyway, all of this is then tightly wrapped in a dried corn husk or a banana leaf, which then steamed in a big pot. – That actually sounds really delicious. Can I try it? – Yeah, of course! No, Chris, you don’t eat it with the husk, you take that part off. – Oh. Ew, it’s pretty dry. – You’re not supposed to eat the husk, you’re supposed to take it off, like this. – So, it’s like opening up a present? – Yeah, exactly. That’s actually all my mom
gave me every Christmas. Instead of unwrapping gifts like everyone else, I was stuck unwrapping tamales. – That’s pretty sad. – Eh, it’s whatever, ’cause tamales are delicious, try it. – Ooh yeah, that’s good! – They don’t call it the solution to world peace for nothing. – So why exactly is there a factory line going on in your kitchen? I’m pretty sure there’s labor laws against this. – They’re making the tamales, Chris. And growing up in a Mexican household, you’re probably gonna be forced to make tamales at some point. – So, why are they making so many? There’s like a 100 already. – Oh yeah, that’s enough for probably like, two people. – Two people? – Yeah. – Well damn! – Oh mijo, I didn’t see you guys there. But since you are here, you
can help me make tamales. – Oh no, I’m okay. I don’t believe in forced labor. – I said, come help me make tamales. – Okay, coming.

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