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Importance of Survival Skills

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  • I agree 100% with you. Sometimes I think about it and debate in my head, if I was to choose one item… I'm always between knife and ferro rod…


  • one more item to consider would be a bow string, cheep and mega handy when hunting game…fashion a quick bow and arrow and your away hunting for tea…on my courses we teach this dieing art in a day..very useful

  • Now, if the stone works on the ferro rod, try striking a carbon steel blade with the stone. If it works, you can throw away the fire steel and keep the knife as your ONE item. Think about how much more you could do then. Of course, I am not a geologist, so I'm not sure of the distribution globally of such needed rock fragments; but in the North East of the American continent, they are plentiful enough to choose a good knife over a ferro rod. Otherwise, your choice makes good sense. Grüß Gott 🙂

  • my opinion hands down…but to each thier your vids Lily…you are a strong hearted soul..namaste:)

  • No sweetie I didn't give up on the Bodrum I seen your aboard listen you need the movie of these close to do with your drill when you drill and then you put fallthe little much at a 45 at the bottom of a circle with drill and then you just cut the you need to have a place for the hot coals to go in the air to get out of it so it's very nice of the the best will you drilling you need to have to not sure your 45 right on the outside edge so when they start to build up the hot coals they

  • Broken glass works, too.Any stone that is workable as flint will draw a spark from a fire steel. Experiment.

  • Nice choice Lilly. One could rationalize toward many depending on their given skill sets. Really enjoy your videos. Thanks


  • Hands down, a knife. The ability to make fire does one thing, it makes fire. Fire can't hunt, can't forage, can't shelter you. A knife gives you the ability to make tools, shelter, weapons. But if I could choose TWO items, it would be a knife and fire starter. With those two items, you can do almost anything. 

  • Hi Lilly ! Enjoy your videos. Really liked the huntcamp rebuild. Info in there I want to try. On this one I would cheat and take my knife because I have a ferral rod on the sheath and jute twine on the belt loop. If your not sure about the jute, try this. Rough up some jute till it looks like a hairball then strike sparks into it. You'll be amazed. Oh, by the way, it dries fast when you rub it between your hands.

  • Hi Lilly –  I also enjoy your vids, and your dog.  It's really funny to see him roll in the dirt and mud.  How long does it take for you to clean him up?  I once heard that pilots in Air Force survival training would select an ax verses other pieces of equipment.  Although the ax does not have the dexterity of a knife, or the cutting speed of a saw, you still have the capability to make shelters, fires, and even other useful items. 

  • I keep a ferro rod also for backup. I also have magnesium and flint as well as lighters. I keep a variety of things around to start fires with. The lighters can fail as anyone knows although it wouldn't happen. Starting a fire with magnesium is a bit time consuming and dulls my swiss army knife considerably. So for back up the ferro rod is the best.

  • Knife hands down …. with the right knife and the ability to find Iron or other Natrual items you will always have fire… Practicing real basic fire starting skills is a must… with knife you have to make the other iteams to make any situation better …. it is alot easyer to have a knife then do flint napping or other such things to make a knife.

  • WATCH OUT THERE IS A DOG BEHIND YOU In 2015 we can buy knives with a firesteel in the handle so I would pick one of those knives.

  • Hunters knife razor sharp. Remember, water, shelter, fire. I could write a long column on just how I would do it as a 60 year old minimalist. 

  • I would have to choose a reliable knife, with this you can make a bow drill to light fire, you can make a tool to hunt and you can make shelter to keep you safe and dry:)

  • I want a 6" knife made of high carbon steel for my only survival item. Personal protection, construction, destruction, hunting, shelter and so many other things can be accomplished with the proper knife. Oh, and by the way, a high carbon steel knife can throw a spark so I will have my kill and be able to cook it  while staying warm also. I love your videos. Have a great day Lilly.

  • Id be taking a women, she can do all the foraging, lighting fires,collecting water and tending to my needs as I see fit. Perfect!

  • Lilly, I would have choose a good high carbon knife. Why because you can make or adapt everything else you need with a knife. Fire: you can strike sparks with Quartz against the spine of your knife if you want fire, and you can even use glass to strike sparks off a Ferro Rod. Good video. Love that Dax.

  • Would be a durable stainless steel water container for me. One that has a separate stainless steel container that fits over the top seal. The rest is doable though of course will take longer without a knife or axe (a knife would be my second choice), but I wouldn't want to be without the ability to boil water quickly and efficiently with the least amount of fire fuel spent as possible. You can also cook with them, take water with you when you're moving about, catch rainwater with some improvisation, brew teas in them quickly, use it as a hot water bottle when needed for aches or for the cold and probably ten more uses I haven't thought of yet. I've no issue using bow drills or other friction fire starting techniques but that is just from loads of practice. If I couldn't do that, I'd pick a knife instead.

  • Lilly,
    Hey. Can't find that channel you mentioned. Was it "AllSurvival" or "AusSurvival" or something else?
    Love your vids!!! Have learned a lot!!! Your my MENTOR : )
    God Bless You… GRG7

  • I live in Costa Rica….and see people that survive in the jungle as a way of life. While fire is important, none would trade their machete for a fire steel. I have a 12 in machete, that I take with me in the jungle, with this I can start a fire, build a shelter and purify water. I have several good knifes, would not take any of them if I had to select only one item, the 12 in machete is my choice…..

  • It is really hard to watch this video on how you can't do the bow drill because in later videos you do an amazing job. Wonderful how you mastered it.

  • High Lilly. How would your choice be affected if you knew where you were going to be in need, or the season of the year you have a need, or how long you would be in need of a tool? And how would that choice be affected if you could select a combination tool such as a leather man tool, or perhaps one of the Mora combination knives that are sold as a single product with a fire steel?

  • Well, u can make a stone knife with some flint, and a axe. But a bowdrill, rubbing are both easier for ME. It's ur opinion

  • In Canada in a forested environment, fuel for fire is easily found. Up in the bare windy mountains though, maybe an SOL bivy would be best to fend off hypothermia.

  • Great video!
    I wonder why there are so many refering to a BIC lighter? BIC lighters are of extremely poor quality.
    In Norway we have something we call "1 lighter" which I think is produced by these people: .
    They are just as cheap as any other lighter but they are of MUCH higher quality than the crappy BIC lighters. Just saying! :o)

  • heheh it's fun to see how your abilities have evolved over the years, would you still choose the firesteel now, since you have become good with bowdrill? personally i would choose a knife or an axe

  • i like and do not disagree with your logic
    i want to say light my fire knife
    and/or to say carry on with more practice with bow drill

  • I've heard that the best flint stones are found in the roots of fallen down trees near riverbanks or after high windstorms when trees get blown over.

  • they want u no nothing what the best things are they want u to buy it all . I know what the best things are it'd not Walmart I like biglots better. don't mind the tag people are stupid and don't want any body to know good stuff. u r OK lady friend

  • I would take a steel hatchet. Because you can strike the steel to make sparks, and cut down wood.

  • great video ! and a great choice for 1 survival item , not sure what i would pick personally , lilly would you still choose the fire steel now , with experience you now have ?

  • Pump drill is not complicated and 10 times easier than hand or bow drill for firemaking.
    personally, I think I would take a tomahawk or large knife to cut and process wood for fires and traps and shelter and to process food in a pinch… Just my opinion. But one item isn't really a fair question anyway.

  • For me, it's a steel hatchet. If you have an ax, then you have all the advantages of a knife and a fire-steel in one tool, and then some. You can cut wood, make shelter, break flint, start a fire, create tools, gather food…really, there's a lot you can do with an ax that is absolutely crucial in a survival scenario that, with any other tool, you're going to have a much harder time doing. It might not be as good at doing certain tasks as a more specialized item like a knife or a fire-steel, but an ax will get the job done.

  • Thanks you for watching this video. In the meantime I have designed my own survival knife which you can find at my online store: Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  • The one and most important item you need is knowledge. Mankind was born naked and progressed from there.

  • I would to pick a good knife. With a knife one can build a fire bow or fire drill. Or shelter, traps whatever is needed.

  • Classic Lillly – no good with the bow drill… Well it is very good to see you have come a long way! Cheers eh

  • Hi Dax and Lilly, hun iv learned alot from ur channel. Im working on a primitive bow at the moment. Your videos empower me its easier for me to learn from a woman than a man. Theres a lady i think you would like, her name is Susan Weed. ( You are into herbs, i was making a marigold sauve for bug repel. I hear it works well. I want to use it on my Jakes paws befor we wood walk. Just wanted to give you a 👍so✌🕆🤗and🌹's

  • I'm a little late here but I would choose a metal container. You can make a knife from rock, you can use natural material to start a fire with the rock knife, and you can make a cordage free shelter. But in the woods, a container to purify water is very hard to make, and waterborne pathogens, giardia, and protozoa are nothing to take a chance on.

  • Say you only get to bring a fire steel… what would you use as a knife/axe/or fishing/hunting equipment? Thank you.

  • There are a bunch of silly, even stupid comments on here! The choice of what one would take is an individual decision. A person needs to know their strengths and weaknesses. If you can make fire with natural materials like a champ then you might choose to take a knife. If you suck at firemaking then you take a firemaking tool and bust up a rock, strap a sharp shard to a stick and make an axe. This is what Lilly was trying to convey. Unfortunately many commenters were to busy trying to prove how smart they are or trying to be amusing to get that point! The girl is amazing! Instead of being an ass or a frustrated comedian, how about being supportive and realize how passionate she is about what she does!!

  • I agree a fire steel is ideal, it's worth thousands of matches, lasts for years, and fire is also an ancient technology. You can create weapons, make clay pots and canteens, make bowls from wood, it's all possible with fire alone.

  • Bow drill is not hard Lilly the real trick is getting the best material. Willow for the drill and willow or sap wood from cedar tree for board

  • I think I would bring a knife fire you could make with a bow drill ( the courdige you could make from stinning nettle ) that Meena you can make fire with natural stuff and the for almost everything else you can use a knife

  • a good knife, duh. a good knife will grant u what fire stick gives, but a fire sticj cant give u what a good knife can. besides, a good knife often has an intergrated fire stick but of course thats beside the point here.

  • It all depends where you are at in a survival situation, but my EDC is a razor sharp Leatherman c303 with a pocket clip and 10' of 850 quick deploy paracord fob attached to it on my pant's right front pocket, a Leatherman Skeletool CX on my left front pocket and a Bic lighter inside my right front pocket (I don't smoke BTW)…, so, I guess for me it's a sharp knife and a meaning to have a flame first instance…after that, you'll have time to make fire by friction (bow or hand drill, or bamboo saw if it is available)

  • if you can't reliably make friction fire, you need to work on that! give me a modified Cold Steel shovel, with one side converted into 8" of saw blade. I can make a hoku knife, a bone awl and needle, weave grass ponchos, make bark or wood containers, make and use a bowdrill set, make cordage. I can sharpen the chopper side and point with a stone.

    You'll get really sick, really fast, of not being able to efficiently chop, dig and saw, folks.

  • Lilly, you could of picked the Gerber Ultimate Knife Pro, gives you the fire steel as you picked (fire), plus the knife, (security), plus the hammer handle (tool) and a whistle (fun) 😉

  • I can make fire by flint, quartz, iron pyrite. A knife or an axe has too many uses to list… and if there are large predators you have defense options. Fire doesn't always keep them away.

  • If I could have only one item, it would be a good water filter, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter would be my choice. If there are rocks around I can make a cutting tool, cut wood, make a fire and everything else. With wood I can make cordage from the inner bark, make snares, and deadfalls. But I must have clean water.

  • I like your older videos, it shows how far you've come and how much you have progressed. I couldn't see you going to Gabon back then. As for my best survival tool? My Navy Ka-bar, and my magnesium fire starter. I guess you could guess, I'm biased in my kit. I guess, also, you could say, to each their own. Thanks again, Miss Lilly.

  • What a trip Lilly. I just started watching your videos which me and my family LOVE. The year now is 2018 and this is the first time we have seen you with blond hair ! You rock !

  • I was taught how to start a fire using stones when in high school and shown how it worked, but I never depended on it though. That is great that the stone can be used with the fire steel to start a fire.

  • Tough choice indeed, nothing wrong with choosing a ferrorod because shelters and beds can be built without metal tools, land and water traps can be built without metal tools too, same with containers especially when made of bark, thus you'd have fire, shelter, water, and food. Right on.

  • Hey Lily. Please do a video on the pump drill fire. No one uses it for some reason and it makes it VERY easy to start a friction fire.

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