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Importance of Survival Skills

primitive Survival – Yummy cooking – intestines pig Eat delicious (EP 15)

primitive Survival – yummy Cooking Fried cow legs Burn – Skills eating delicious (EP 18)

Primitive Survival – Skills Cooking big squid – and eating delicious delicious (EP 19)

Amazing Survival – Skills find Cooking  crab – eating and eating  delicious (EP 12)

Amazing Survival Skills – in forest find pig head – Cooking and eating delicious (EP 13)

primitive Survival – Cooking yummy oyster – Skills Roasted Cooking eating delicious (EP 16)

Survival Skills – Primitive life Catching fish trap by bamboo – Cooking fish eating delicious

Picnic In Paris

Picnic In Paris

So today we are having a nice little picnic in the outskirts of Paris. We just felt like we needed to get out of the city for a bit. So we went to a grocery store we picked up a few snacks and now we’re in the bois de boulogne and we’re going to be …

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