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Importance of Survival Skills

Beginners Camping Set Up | The GO Outdoors Show

Mike>>The producers of the GO Outdoors show have given us some equipment perfect for first time campers and we’re going to have a race to see who gets set up first and the winner is going to be the first person to get completely set up and make a cup of tea. Mike>>[voice over] The …

Camping Basics For Beginners- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

Backpacking + Camping PACKING GUIDE | Tips & Essentials!

Backpacking + Camping PACKING GUIDE | Tips & Essentials!

Good afternoon and welcome to lock dock art here in beautiful Scotland. We are doing a bit of backpacking hiking and camping The last few days and we want to do a packing video. So we are currently in the middle of nowhere it was a bit of four hour trek to get out here …

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