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Importance of Survival Skills

Nanowrimo Day 5: Nanowrimo Survival Pack Collab! [CC]

Hey guys how’s it going? I am so excited for today’s video. You probably saw the videos for the big Authortube collaboration we did, the secret santa NaNoWriMo care package survival kit videos. [laughing] I’m gonna have them all linked down below anyways, but I – it was so much fun. I participated in that …

WIN Coyote’s Adventure Pack!

– What’s going on Coyote Pack? If you want to win a Brave Wilderness branded Maxpedition backpack, stay tuned ’til the end of this episode to find out how. (energetic drum music) Welcome back, Coyote Pack. Now I often review two comments and one question that I always get is “Coyote, what is in that …

What’s in Coyote’s Backpack?

What’s in Coyote’s Backpack?

– Now, one question I always get is what the heck is in your pack, Coyote? So what we’re gonna do today is take off Coyote’s pack and see what’s in it. (dramatic music) So, this is my adventure pack. This goes absolutely everywhere with me. And it changes based on what location we’re in. …

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