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Importance of Survival Skills

Desert Survival: Tips for Finding Water

It is said that Earth is the only planet known to have permanent bodies of liquid water on its surface, which is essential to sustain life January 2020, Mojave Desert All life on Earth requires water to survive Without water a person could die within three days But how much water does a person need …

Only hunter know where the crab are hiding and living |  primitive skills

Primitive Survival Bed in the Desert Sand

Primitive Survival Bed in the Desert Sand

Somewhere in the Colorado Desert This is a suitable location with soft sand I made this carrying net in a previous video I also made this bag from cattail leaves The calabash bottle gourd accompanies me everywhere When the sun sets the temperature quickly begins to drop This rock fire ring is designed to reflect …

Primitive Technology – Make Super Huge Grilled Fish – Primitive Survival Skills

Skill Survival Of people Primitive Grilled Pork on the

Fall Harvest & Cook – Acorn and Mesquite

Fall Harvest & Cook – Acorn and Mesquite

I have completed final work on the rocket stove The edible pods of the honey mesquite tree ripen in November and December here The ripe pods easily come off of the branch Unripe pods are difficult to remove This species is called honey mesquite because bees especially like the flowers Hundreds of species of oak …

Primitive Technology: Hot Smoked Meat – Food Preservation

skills life – Amazing Survival yumy cooking in forest – Wilderness and eating delicious

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