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Importance of Survival Skills

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Mealtime Skills 1 of 5

Mealtime Skills 1 of 5

Hi, I’m Sue Shannon, and I’m an occupational therapist at Perkins School for the Blind, and our webcast today is focusing on mealtime skills. We chose to do a webcast including mealtime skills because it’s… they’re skills that we use so frequently– everybody eats, many people eat three times a day– and there’s many opportunities …

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills – ILS, it’s critical because by developing independent living skills, you can be productive. Technical Assistance, you’ll learn how to use your new laptop, computer, tablet, and learn how to use texting. You’ll learn how to use public transportation such as reading routines by its numbers or color route to get to …

HHMI Educator Tips — Making of a Theory film

I show the Making of a Theory film just before we begin talking about the evidence for evolution in my second year biology course. The film itself is 30 minutes in length and it’s great storytelling about Charles Darwin. Students learn that he was more than just a collector of finches on the Galapagos Islands. …

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