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Importance of Survival Skills

FINDING SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to Hacker PZ9 Safe House & Getting Locked Inside for 24 Hours

– Spy Ninjas! PZ2 has a paper with our safe house address on it, and he’s delivering it to Project Zorgo’s Headquarters! – He’s right there, he’s right there, he’s right there! – Where, where, where? He’s crossing the street! Let’s hurry! We can’t let him get away. Let’s go behind this bush! – He’s …

Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5

Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5

– Look at this guy’s new swimsuit. Check this out. Watch this. He’s a shark! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. It is another bright early morning, 5:00 a.m. Duncan and I are the only ones awake, but we’re happy about it. I’m not gonna lie, the mornings have been kinda hard for me, but we …

It’s Okay For Kids to Get Dirty – Camping Day 2

MALICE’S WEATHER MACHINE ⛈️ Princess Picnic Ruined! – Kiddyzuzaa Land | WildBrain Kiddyzuzaa

Daddy Kid Campout 2017 – Camping in the Backyard!

The Tent is Up! Camping – Day 1

The Tent is Up! Camping – Day 1

– We’ve got a tent. We have a home. How do you feel about it? Are you ready for camping? (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our first day of camping. We’re not camping yet, we’re still at home. See, home. But, oh, my goodness, there is so much stuff that you have …

Shopping for a Camping Trip with FOUR KIDS !

Shopping for a Camping Trip with FOUR KIDS !

(laughter) (upbeat music) – Good morning everyone. Say good morning. Yes, there it is. We are in our garage because we are packing to go camping. Our whole family is super excited about camping. For the past four years we’ve been going to different lakes. So one year we went to Lake Casitas, last year …

Cuddling  in the Tent – Camping Day 3

Cuddling in the Tent – Camping Day 3

– Duncan and I are gonna go on a little nature walk, see if we can find any animals. (Duncan cries) He’s real excited about it. (cheerful music) Good morning everyone. Are we camping (laughs)? – The smiliest face right now. – Where is it? – Are we camping? – Are we camping? Yes. We …

He Caught a Really Big Fish! Camping Day 4

– I caught my first fish. – [Jacob] Whoa! – Oh no, oh no! (Jacob screaming) (Chris grunting) (laughing) Oh no! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. You probably can’t tell, but it is not sunrise yet. I know it looks bright. The sun has not come up yet. 5:00 a.m. and this guy kept Mommy …

Malice’s Magic Weather Machine ? Kiddyzuzaa Land: Episode 3 ? Princess Picnic Prank Backfires!

– [Announcer] Kiddyzuzaa. – And then she gave us all giant chocolate eggs filled with, you’ll never guess what they were filled with, chocolates, we ate chocolate. – Oh those princesses are just so happy with themselves, well I have a plan to make sure this so-called picnic is a complete wash-out, hee hee hee. …

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