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Importance of Survival Skills

LOTERÍA | Mexican Survival Guide

LOTERÍA | Mexican Survival Guide

– What is the meaning of life? – 10:37 pm. – What? – No, mom, can’t you see we’re busy right now? – What’s Loteria? – You can’t just go around telling people you don’t know what Loteria is. What are you trying to do, give my mom a heart attack? – Well, I don’t …

Tabletop Games

I HATE YOU!!!!! OH, WELL NEXT TIME DON’T STEAL MY MONOPOLY!!! Arianna, give James your $200. You landed on his property. No, HES IN JAIL I’m not gonna give money to a criminal. JAMES: That’s not how you PLAY!!!! Mommy, why is brother screaming? Shut the f*ck up Sally, You don’t get to talk after …

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