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Importance of Survival Skills

SURVIVING AN APOCALYPSE (3 key tactics) | Yes Theory

SURVIVING AN APOCALYPSE (3 key tactics) | Yes Theory

What would happen if the apocalypse was upon us? What would happen if we were left to survive in the wild or if zombies? Chased us out of our cities. This seems pretty unlikely But since a big part of what we do on this channel is to do things we’ve never done before And since we have gotton lost in the mountains and in the jungle We thought would prepare ourselves by partnering up with two badass Army Veterans Rock and Mykeel Who took us on a military training last week to learn the three basics of survival: shelter, fire and water Mmm today, we’re doing survival skills, cool. Is running with shitty running shoes part of it. Yeah. Fuck you’ll learn how to survive an actual apocalypse today. There’s zombies you’re lost in the wild. We’re starting the day with the run run fast come on, baby Sprint Damn that booty, damnnnnn Awesome, awesome, awesome. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Gooood. Gotta stand up and keep them lungs open Is that worked out the other say we go home? We’re going to sleep to 48 hours good. Oh, yeah Mikkel was Literally pushing ah we got a princess right here one two Let’s assume. We’re out here in the mountains with lost that we might end up being here for three to five days What would you guys do right now? My instinct is to be close to a tree I don’t know if that helps at all, but to maybe start the shelter? Yeah, my instinct is just go for Darin Immediately what I would be thinking about my priorities of work And what I need to [accomplish] to live out here [for] three to five days. We know that shelter is the most important What that means to me is fire, and then it also means building a shelter if you freeze death in the night You’re not going to make it the second one is going to be water but if you’re being hunted by under wolves or bears or zombies I don’t know. How do you hide from that zombies is pretty likely zombies are? Likely if there’s a known enemy whether it’s animal or another person you would definitely start preparing yourself for Some type of fight, and you would never separate also for context his wife Can otherwise be like who do we? Build [apart] I mean you need to build it right then why we hired [Eileen] on the team what I would do first They’re zombies I would attach there and so [pole] and use it as bait once they get here at full [sized] [Rand] would Do only the sacrifice he is not a dealer I got the knife some good, but I Leave the hooker. I be the only [one] surviving all right. Why don’t you guys go get some wood all right? Well, what any around or? [Thunderhorse] we can attack during on wow that was those red ants extremely Excrement expression could be zombie who knows the wild lands surrounded by predators Young Courageous team were building the proper the proper shelter to survive [urbanized] Eileen [is] the head honcho. She’s leading [although] this [looks] amazing limits her up there you go alright. So hey Let’s get the crew out here explain what you guys did so in this area that we’re given [you’re] really hidden So you could have people passing within 20 feet of you and they wouldn’t know where you’re at You mean it hi It’s going to take a lot of vegetation to insulate it with people there if you’re not by yourself body Heat is very very crucial when I was in the military and sleeping in a cold environment We would bundle up together and having that skin-To-skin contact is uh is good. Thank you. It keeps you warm Why don’t we walk over and we’ll give our concept of why we chose our shelter what we did good job though [okay] be good Which is good six out of ten seven? Seven no, no I said we didn’t give it a seven ah where’s your saying good [job], okay? So [Mikkel] and I walked around But when you’re looking for is a location that was easy to build as we’re walking were on a slope We’re able to see right in front of us There’s a lot of open land, right The objective here is to be found by by the searching party and get rescue could be because we this is our trip yes this Was here originally, and there’s a lot of branches underneath first thing. We do is we scooped out the branches. We made a spot That’s small enough because both of us the smaller you make the shelter in my opinion the better off you are So we do from here [scraps] [on] [the] bedding [that] we have and we would just start making our boat All right, well [inside] this bed [Dish] Hey, sweetie Hey, how was your day? [I] was vegetable here. It’ll [be] fine. [no]. You’re the big yeah That’s very [good]. [it] is [a] custom what we had is a cantaloupe. Would you sleep here? Yeah? We graduate from Shelter and now we’re looking at the second priority of work which is Building a fire starting a fire is one of the hardest things that you’re going to do especially if you don’t have a lighter Or matches the one step [that] everyone skips When they’re making a fire is the preparation involved the preparation can make a fire is probably more important than the actual mechanism You’re going to use Aaron’s going to have some steel wool for the batteries Matt’s got a pair of sunglasses [so] we’re going to tie some optical plays to identify and then thomas has the old standby flint And you got it We got five we got five look at that Look at that. I’m trying to find a point that makes the smallest thought and that’s going to concentrate the power of its own, whoa my bad There you go, just like that like [maybe] put in [oatmeal]. I’ll go for right here murders up. Oh You got it I? Got [I] sure I get later done. We’re not gonna use my phones away there is about try and touch the straight and carry me cal so we’ll see if You want to try on the back first, okay? All right? Don’t drop me one After two day hike a mile like that. Yeah Okay, so we changed scenery across from the forest area. We were at all the way back there So we trying to do a bit of a recon mission to see if we can find any water yeah? I’m excited to see it with A Griffin water out of here seriously what the hell? We’re trying to find water in desert Which is obviously something very difficult to do I will notice mountains All the goalies are coming to one location if we’re going to find water. It’s going to be at the base of the mountain The [Theories] [writers] [write] and worked out in the middle of the desert, and we just found a flowing stream. No way, whoa Whoa? Why is it? Yes? It’s [a] bit [Darrin] Scream [ah] This is crazy [actually] look around in the middle of the Valley few to all the water from both mountains comes right here in one area when you’re walking down the Dry streambed you go to one the been so you identify the little part yeah That’s where you dick that’s going to be the last part in the stream that has water in what happens if you drink this water though, uh You got to boil it first Just to be safe what Doc takes to do so yeah, that’s not safe to do I would sort of say huge Thank you to rocking Mikkel for having us out of here first taking us through the military training and then taking us through some basic Survival skills, it’s honest even a [blast] Yeah, we all get we hug all right. That’s nice time. We always like I love this guy Yeah, you guys kicked butt today And yesterday we run a nonprofit called Ranger Road ranger org and we work with all veterans Army Navy Marine Corps National guard? Mostly disabled veterans, and we take them through skydiving [advance] fishing events. We help them take down first step in the right [Direction] Subscribe to Yes Theory for more!!!

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