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Survival Frog Mess Kit | Survival Kit (Review)

what’s up YouTube the bearded
outdoorsman your guide to all things gear and beards today we’re going to
take a look at a mess kit by survival frog so stay tuned okay guys if you are new to my channel I
am the bearded outdoorsman your guide to all things gear and beards I do hiking
videos gear reviews tutorials some beard product reviews today we’re gonna take a
look at a mess kit by survival frog now this mess kit does come in a
ripstop nylon bright green bag alright so in the bag all cinched up you do have
a little bit extra space you can add some more items too so we’ll go through
this and break it down and I’ll show you each and everything in here so we’ll
start with the pot so you have a stainless steel pot according to their
website it is sus201 stainless steel it does have the collapsible handles
that are silicone coated and there are markings on the inside that is 4, 8, 12, and 16 ounces, 120 240, 360 and 480 milliliters so lightweight pot but I think it’s pretty good for what it
is not too bad now one downfall with this kit is it does not have a lid to
this pot now you could makeshift something or however you want to do it
if it’s a deal-breaker I’m sorry please continue watching and see what else
comes in it but uh but yeah no lid for the pot next we have the Eat N Tool by
CRKT this is a sport that has some wrenches
on the top it does come with a carabiner that you can hang it a bottle opener
here screwdriver here it’s a nice little sport metal this kit all-in-all is one
point zero six pounds that is as is how it ships it’s 1.06 pounds
I weighed it personally I did not take the advice of websites and all that kind
of stuff so the next thing you get is a p38 can opener
basic basic can opener there waterproof matches you get 20 waterproof
matches with the striker here another downfall this I wish it would have been
a screw top it’s not a screw top it just pops on so we’ll test I’m not really
gonna worry about testing this for waterproof we all know it’s probably not
going to be waterproof but what I’ll do is I’ll test one of these matches we’ll
dip it in some water get it good and wet and then we’ll see if we can get it to
strike but yeah you get 20 of these and a striker that’s glued already to the
side and again this is bright orange if you were out on the trail out in the
woods and you drop it it would not be hard to spot to relocate it and lastly
in the kit you have a solo stove a spit style folding camp stove it comes with
24 fuel tabs if I can hold on to them 24 fuel tabs come in this and you get your
folding everybody’s seen one now with this kit you can’t use it this way
because the pots not quite big enough so you have to fold it in just to touch
which I like this method better anyway because it is going to redirect that
heat from your fuel tap up flowing in that angle better to your pot so it’s
going to get you a little better heat you won’t lose as much as if you were up
in this mode so again you get 24 fuel tabs and if you carry all fuel tabs my
weight 1.06 pounds that came in with this entire kit as is in the mess kit or
in the bag and the mesh bag excuse me the ripstop back but there’s your
there’s your stove now I did a little bit of price checking on on two of these
items your can opener ranges is about $5 on Amazon and you can get
those in larger packs but single packs it was like $5 you can get larger
packs to save a little bit of money and with the CRKT that was running about
$5 on Amazon I saw a couple that were a little bit pricier a little
bit more than that but this just the basic one was about $5 now
it all fits nicely in the pot all in there and goes in your mesh bag now for
me personally this what I see when I see this kit I think of an emergency bag
maybe like a bug-out bag style not really camping material not really
hiking material but something to use as a survival situation something to throw
in maybe my truck back so if I needed to get out of my truck and get into the
woods I’d have a way to at least maybe open a can of food or heat up some water
that kind of thing so and have fire I’ve got 20 waterproof matches in here so it
would be good for that personally that’s all I think it’s good for it when I went
at the time of filming this video looked own survival frogs website they’re
actually sold out at this very moment and it does not give their price I
picked it up on Amazon because the way it works is not Amazon Prime you ordered
on Amazon it ships from survival frog so because survival frog is sold out
amazon says it’s unavailable I paid $27 roughly $27 on Amazon a couple
months ago when I bought it just haven’t had a chance to do a review on it and
here’s the question that we’re gonna ask today have you do you know of another
mess kit that comes in at $27 or less that’s going to have this kind of
material this kind of items that you can use are better for that price I think
for the money it’s a good kit I think it’s a jam up kit for the price for $27, what you pay for is what you get like I said it wouldn’t be hard to kind
of mod something for a lid and fit it in that bag it’ll fit alright guys well
we’re gonna test the matches and see how waterproof they are but we’re gonna do
that inside because of windy it is outside so let’s check it
out alright guys well there you have it
please if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button make sure to hit that
thumbs up and I will put links in the description below for both Amazon and
survival frogs so you can check those out you can purchase it from either one
and as always stay bearded get outdoors and God bless

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