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Summer Concert Festival, RV Remodel & Visiting The Tribe

Summer Concert Festival, RV Remodel & Visiting The Tribe

hello and welcome guys
to the summer concert series here in Seattle Washington I’m here a little
early got the RV here got a couple friends
with me and here is the White River ampli theater here in Auburn Washington
people are trickling in the first show the first band of nine doesn’t start
till 1:30 p.m. here and it’s gonna be about 72 degrees today so perfect
Northwest summer day I had a couple other options this year I’ve done pain
in the grass before but it’s no longer a one day event with four stages it’s a
three day event with separate tickets and you can’t even camp here you gotta
leave every single night and come back the next morning I didn’t want to do
that and then Breaking Benjamin and shovel or later in September here I’m
gonna be out of here by then so I’m doing the disrupt festival here which
has got thrice a tray used some forty-one and they used is headlining
this one so just going to secure everything up and then when traffic is
really bad tonight I’ll just play being one of the last people to leave on all
the cars go but not bringing the GoPro in with me
and I know I’m gonna get copyright flagged for the music anyway so I’ll
keep them really short clips and just kind of show you some of the event on my
phone instead alright Hey what a fantastic show yesterday guys
traffic there was kind of tough getting out of there it always is they’ve run
upin Auburn after the show they run you back like 10 miles in backroads just to
kind of stage you so that they don’t completely mess up all traffic but you
know it’s always worth it I’d like to go to one big festival like that a year and
it makes me feel good and it was nice being with friends I met a lot of my
viewers actually so many of you like 9 or 10 people came up and recognized me
in the stands of those nine and 10 one of them was a member of the band
sleeping With Sirens who came up to me after the show and gave me a used pick
from the show so thank you sleeping With Sirens I am definitely going to be
subscribing to your YouTube channel and checking out more your music but yeah a
really really great show and it was fun hanging out with friends speaking of
friends well first I have made some changes to the RV in a way so that I can
be less reliant on using the slides of my RV and that meant doing a little bit
of remodel in the rear bedroom let’s go check out a few exciting things alright
and again you’re new to my channel this on the left is my monster slide bunk
area which will be converted into a computer desk storage area eventually
but this is the size of the walkway when the slide is in the in position
everything is still accessible bathroom door I can still get in just fine and I
can get into the bedroom area just fine as well before we talk about the bed I
told you it was coming guys now the slide is in so you can’t get a really
good idea this is the biggest magnet board you have ever seen in your life
6 feet long by 4 feet tall and it currently holds all of the magnets that
I have collected in the last 5 years ok with lots of room to spare obviously and
it’s here in the back it is covering up the back window in RV you do not need to
keep that window accessible because it’s not for you Swift the front there’s not
even a rearview mirror in the front of a class-a RV therefore that’s why we had
the backup cameras and the other cameras this window which is an emergency exit
and it opens up to let some fresh air in so next would be the bed area I did show
this new little bed that I have here but I made a pretty major change here let me
show you what’s going on I flipped the bed around 45 degrees instead of going
west to east we are now north to south and as you’ll notice the bed is not up
against this cabinet where I cannot open these drawers anymore I did sacrifice
one end table so I still have one I pulled out the other one to be able to
turn the mattress and the board and to back it into this corner so that I can
still have a walkway here and open up all these drawers down here as well as
these closets right there for my clothes without having to pull this slide out
every single morning just to access things Here I am going to do something
about the plywood underneath because this is still major storage underneath
the bed as well the whole bed still picks up so that I can store things
underneath but and a big shout-out to my friend Mary who gave me this idea when
we were in Leavenworth I was talking about my problems and she came in and
took a look and like within five seconds just said how about you just flipped the
bed around 45 degrees put into that side and then open this up you guys are smart
that’s why I ask you sometimes for advice so so far so good it is working
fantastically later on down the road once this gets converted into an office
and storage space with it with a chair in here again it will not need to come
in and out every single day it just won’t how does make it he can’t
do he is he hope is he hungry for breakfast he’s hungry oh yeah let’s get
the kitty some breakfast so while I’m out here in this area I’m going to stay
in this area for a little bit I’m gonna go visit some more friends here up on
the other side of Puget Sound for a couple days so pack up everything get
some breakfast in me and then we’ll hit the road guys
and I’ve arrived to the what I call the destination Oak Road RV park camping
with a bunch of the old tribe members out here we’ve got
from pandemonium Terry and Scott or have invited me out to their property here
from destination open road got tiny full house Dana and the kids are over there
wandering Jimmy is back here and Dave’s RV travels Dave’s RV life is over there
in the bounder so and he’s over here sitting down we’re all getting ready to
have a little pot luck tonight it’s nice to see friends again I mean I’ve been
kind of doing my own thing for a little bit here and with all the places
shutting down here in the northwest it’s nice to have a a nice friendly spot to
just kind of Park for it for a couple days and and hang out with really good
friends and family here so yeah I’m gonna get all comfortable in the RV and
then I’ll get back to you a little bit and so for our potluck I’m doing my dr.
pepper pulled pork again which is done so we got to shred this add barbecue
sauce we’ll add it to warm and be good to go yeah all right got the barbecue
sauce on the pulled pork there yeah honey barbecue sauce so we’re just about
there I will just turn it to warm you ready to go
Thanks so the pulled pork there’s this green stuff I don’t know what to do
there’s some seafood shrimp there looks like garlic bread those deviled eggs meat oh yeah oh that’s delicious
you wouldn’t like it it’s movie time we’re watching an outdoor movie together come on a little cute titty tat hey you
and be gay oh I’m doing good Joe in fact we both slept really well out
here and so I don’t know what’s gonna happen I don’t know if we we might make
some plans and head out of here together and go camp together but right now I’m
just kind of enjoying the company of some family and friends and I don’t want
to film too much so I will get back with you with some more relevant video stuffs
later okay okay be well guys

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