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Springtime Korean picnic in Connecticut

hi everybody today I made lava lava totally move here so big huge please Yong Yong Zhao seasonings awesome show now I’m going to go on a picnic with my readers all my readers from the New York area we are supposed to meet together it’s going to be a padlock party everybody will bring delicious food luckily rice alcohol and also and I started making ten days ago this is time to go let’s have fun we are in the Platinum Parker so green I feel really good about accidents so now I’m going to show you how to mix my totally more totally mu is a cone jelly nothing totally chocolate flavor this is actually bitter taste a little bit of a circle at least a roll like a tofu but you need to mix with all this leaf vegetable and seasoning sauce the seasoning sauce is a very delicious okay I’ll cut it be brave brave brave brave stop isn’t it look good delicious it’s awesome come back happy birthday to you happy birthday dear way happy birthday purply the real looks that I grow in my garden for culinary use and I use it as an ornamental because it’s so pretty and it grows about this big I chop it up and I put it in like a pesto I make a pesto out of it this is a such a you know great depicting I think thank you so much everybody

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