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Solo male stars came to find a date [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.10]

Solo male stars came to find a date [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.10]

So the single celebrities applied for our show especially for today. – Right. / – It’s amazing. From a celebrity who’s a representation of purity… (Wary) Already? I shouldn’t say this now, right? But how do you know they’re pure? I don’t know well, but they’re known to be that. (Flustered) (The male participants will be revealed soon) There are four male celebrities, but there are also… – Great female participants. / – Right. I hope they find love and leave the mart happily. – Right. / – Yes. – Aren’t you nervous? / – I am. I’m excited. I wonder who will come out. Me too. I was curious who would come out, so yesterday, I looked up male singers in their 30s. I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited. Is Heechul, one of the host, also in his 30s? – Is he? / – Is he? I think he’s about 36 years old. – Really? / – Will he also be sitting there? (Will Heechul participate?) (I hope so) (I hope so too) I’m nervous. – I got nervous as I sat down here. / – I did too. Honestly, I am curious about the ladies. – Right. / – I’m kind of scared. I feel weak. (This male participant says he’s weak) I think you picked your name well. Wolf Man. – I chose Wolf Man because… / – Yes? Wolves have twists. Wolves are very family-orientated and they love only one partner. (Kang Kyunsung of Noel, a vocalist group) (He’s good at singing) (But he’s also hilarious) ♪ Oh, my gosh ♪ ♪ Don’t do this to me ♪ That’s a kind of man I want to be. I think there will be some tension when there’s a girl, and we overlap. We both like her. We should avoid him. Why? We have to avoid him? – It won’t be easy. / – I think… I’ll really be nervous today. I don’t think I’ll be able to appeal to them. (Sweet Lion, Ryan) (Ryan was a member of the group, PARAN) (He’s currently acting in musicals and plays) – I think this is for real. / – That startled me. – Our phones rang at once. / – They rang at once. (Gulps at nervousness) I’m too nervous to type. My hands are shaking too much. (Me too) (Miss Korea Kim Hyeseon logs in) (Lawyer Heo Juyeon logs in) (Innocent Kang Juyeon logs in) (Laughter Park Suya logs in) (Today’s male celebrities also log in) Wolf Man? Sweet Lion? – I like Ujjujju. / – Ujjujju? – I think he’ll be very sweet. / – Yes. – Miss Korea means… / – So she won Miss Korea. There’s Innocent, and there’s Lawyer Heo. – Lawyer Heo? / – What does it mean? She’s a lawyer. – Okay. / – I told you… That there will be someone who’s highly educated. I think Laughter Park Suya will be… – She’ll be bright and outgoing. / – Yes. She must laugh at anything. She’ll clap while she laughs. I like women who respond well. Me too. Look at this emoji. (She became very popular with her nickname) They’re all looking forward to it. Really? They’re saying they’re really serious. (They start typing faster as they hear that) (Sweet Fool seems to type especially fast) “If you’re serious, you should go eat celery.” I like dad jokes. I think he’ll be a comedian. (Is he really a comedian?) Miss Korea Kim Hyeseon liked your joke. She’s saying, “It’s a dad joke!” She likes it. – She likes it. / – She likes your dad joke. I got one. She must be not so young. (A former member of NORAZO, E Hyuk) (He was in charge of the looks and high pitch) (It’s been a while since we’ve seen him on television) (He’s here as Sweet Fool today) Sweet Fool is appealing his charms. Our charms? “Can you appeal our charms to each other?” That’s difficult. My charm? I’m optimistic. I eat well and laugh well. I’m bright. (They became serious in showing their charms) We need to appeal? What’s my charm? (He starts typing fast) (Ujjujju) My goodness. What’s going on here? Is that a mistake? – It’s his butt. / – It’s his butt. My goodness. We haven’t even met. “Please delete the picture.” They’re quite innocent. It’s because Innocent Kang Juyeon is innocent. – I’ll go home now. / – Don’t write that. (Ujjujju Ryu Geunji went too far from the beginning) (He’s the good-looking comedian of “Gag Concert”) (He’s a man with the golden ratio) Then I won’t wear these! (The 4 male participants have been revealed) Sweet Fool said, “I’m fearless.” It’s important. He’s fearless. So many people run away at a crucial moment because they’re afraid. You’re right. (I should run away now) (Let’s come on out and meet) They want us to come. I’m nervous all of a sudden. I’m too nervous. Let’s see who came today. We’ll bring out the female participants first. – Please come to this side. / – Hello. – Hello. / – They look beautiful. Hello. Hello. – We’ll bring out Wolf Man first. / – Okay. He said his charm was that he was considerate. We’re waiting for Wolf Man to enter. – There he is. / – Hello. Hello. (Kang Kyunsung of Noel enters) Hello. His face is so small. (Big smile) (Welcome, Wolf Man) – Hello. / – You need to be in a relationship. It’s my first time seeing you after you cut your hair. – Really? / – How have you been these days? I’ve been cutting my hair. You got a haircut. (He’s quick-witted) I use less shampoo now. Alright, we’ll bring out the next guests. Sweet Lion, please enter. (Anticipating) Hello, I’m Ryan. – Have you been well? / – How long has it been? I’m still alive. Their faces are smaller than ours. What should we do? Now, who’s Sweet Fool? Is it E Hyuk of NORAZO? Really? (Surprised) Hello. E Hyuk of OpenHead. A former member of NORAZO. – Hello. / – Hyuk. Alright, we’ll look forward to hearing him sing high notes later. (Very much looking forward to it) The last guy. He sent a photo of his butt as his charm. It’s Ujjujju. Hello. Oh, it’s Geunji. – Hello. / – He looks handsome today. You have a girlfriend though. – I do? / – I saw you with her last week. Did you settle things with her? – He seems flustered. / – No, I’m not. I think he is. He’s here as a single man. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m single) Now, you will introduce yourselves. We have something called Love Balloons. If you press the button… You can show off your charms now. You may press as much as you want. I hope you show your charms not as celebrities but as single men who want to fall in love and capture the hearts of the ladies. (They’re nervous) Let’s start with Kyunsung. I am… Here as a man who wants to find love. Not just a girlfriend… But to think about marriage too. (The ladies are taken aback) – Marriage? / – Goodness. Your biggest charm is that you’re against premarital sex, isn’t it? Sorry? I can’t say that I have remained chaste all along. But… Right? He’s reflecting on himself. It’s just that I believe that we should refrain from having premarital sex. There are some things I hear people say that hurt my feelings. “You shouldn’t do that with family.” I think it’s the worst comment in the world. – It’s because… / – I’m sure Sugeun feels guilty. You are a family as a man and a wife. Of course you should make love. If you don’t, with whom would you make love? You do… Right? Well, I’m not reprimanding you. So I… (Laughing) In short, I’d like to meet a lady who will be able to water the deserted land with me. It’s like watching a documentary. I know Kyunsung. He seems pretty serious today. I am. So… Yes. Is there a song you’d like to hear at your wedding? Noel’s song, “Propose.” Could you sing it for us? I hope Ryan would sing it for me. Just like that? (Me?) You don’t sing your song at your wedding. This isn’t the only chance I have. Let’s hear from Ryan. – Let’s hear Ryan sing then. / – Okay. (This is a nuptial song for Kyunsung) (♪ Don’t cry ♪) (His eyes get watery) (♪ Smile now ♪) (Impressed) He’s good. Please introduce yourself, Ryan. Sweet Lion. Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Joo Jonghyuk. My name card says Ryan as it’s the name I debuted with as a member of PARAN. I’m the type that focuses on my girlfriend only than to be a sweetheart to everyone. (That sounds great) The lyrics of one of Psy’s songs go like this. “Sometimes like a movie actor.” “Sometimes like a comedian.” It’s from “Entertainer.” “Entertainer?” (How sweet) I can be an entertainer just for one. I can’t wait to hear his introduction. Sweet Fool. Sweet Fool. Next up is Sweet Fool. When I was a member of NORAZO, I heard that I look too strong or that I look like a foreigner. They assumed that I’d be talkless or that I’d have a weird personality. I’m actually the opposite. So… – I’m like a fool. / – A fool? My close friends tell me to stop sacrificing and devoting. That’s what I hear most. (That’s unexpected) You do seem innocent right now. (I may not look it, but I’m actually quite innocent) You can sing high notes incredibly well. Instead, I’ve been practicing some old jokes. (Old jokes?) Some people like those jokes. – You’re right. / – We’re looking forward to it. – Please tell us. / – Okay. How have you been? – What? / – Juyeon. How have you been? (What? Is he talking to me?) (Hyuk asks how Juyeon is doing) – Wait. / – Do you know her? – You two… / – What is your relationship? I do know her. What is your relationship? – Our relationship? / – What is your relationship? It’s cider. (It’s cider) This is my first time seeing him. (Gosh) I shouldn’t have done that. Next up is Geunji. Hello, I am a KBS comedian, Ryu Geunji. I’m the type of guy who gives his all to his girlfriend. Whatever my girlfriend hates… (That’s my type) I tend to give my all in… – So today… / – Do you like to gamble or what? Gambling… (Flustered) – I’m sorry. / – I’ll watch what I say. You’ve taken a blow. (The true meaning of “you reap what you sow”) I tend to devote myself, and I came here to find a lady who is the same as me. (I see) Do you have a talent you can show? Like singing or dancing? Do you like a giraffe? Giraffe? One lady, okay. I’ll go to you then. – A giraffe will come to you. / – A giraffe. I’ll express my emotions. (He’s turning into a giraffe) (A giraffe is on his way to express his emotions) Look how long his legs are. My gosh. (Flustered) (He approaches her like a shy giraffe) (And tosses a candy) (Gosh, what is this?) (I like the giraffe) (We hope it was successfully delivered) Now, we will hear the ladies’ introduction. I am currently working as an announcer. I am Innocent Kang Juyeon. I often hear that I managed to remain innocent which is hard to do in this heartless era. (He reacts to the word “innocent”) (He’s so funny) May I say a word to my future boyfriend who will fall in pure love with me? – Sure. / – Sure. Honey, buy me a cheeseburger. Come on. Can’t I take this button off? – I was about to press it. / – You can undo it once. Really? What kind of burger was that? – It’s from the “L” restaurant. / – I see. Wasn’t she so cute though? She has courage. (We hope you find an innocent boyfriend) Let’s meet the next lady. It’s Kim Hyeseon. Hello. I have a beautiful smile, my name is Kim Hyeseon. (He likes to copy) I am Miss Korea. I was selected as Miss Korea in 2011, and I am currently working as a DJ. (Wow, a DJ) (Miss Korea Kim Hyeseon is working as a DJ) I have only loved music so far, but I came here to fall in real love. Who wants to find love with me today? Put your hands up. (Laughing) – Thank you. / – I liked her hand gesture. Alright. Let’s see who she is. Hello, I am Heo Juyeon. I am a lawyer. People usually call you by the title… – So it says “Lawyer Heo” here. / – So that’s why. When I work, I tend to be sharp, focused, and meticulous. But when I’m in love, I tend to get cute and I like to have fun. I’d like to meet someone nice today so that I can act cute and have fun with him. – So… / – Welcome. What kind of cute acts would you show to your boyfriend? I am originally from Daegu. I’ll do an acrostic poem with “Matching Survival…” – In the Daegu accent. / – That’s going to be hard. – With “Matching Survival.” / – Let’s go. I’ll call out the syllable. Let’s start with “Matching.” In 3, 2, 1. – “Matching.” / – “Matching.” I came to Matching Survival to find my love. – “Sur.” / – “Sur.” I think I’ll be able to spot him if I like him. – “Vi.” / – “Vi.” I really hope I can find someone great. – I can’t wait to see how it ends. / – “Val.” I’m already so excited. (I’m already so excited, sweetie) (She’s good) “I’m already excited.” “Do you want to find love with me?” I like her pronunciation. I bet she can hold her alcohol. (Shy) Now, we have one lady left. – It’s Park Suya. / – Yes. Park Suya! (Give her a big hand) Hello, my name is Park Suya. I am a music teacher at a high school. Oh, she’s a teacher. I’ve majored in musical. So… And… (I’m a musical actor too) I’ve prepared something for my future boyfriend. Please show us. – Give us music. / – Music, please. (Dancing gently) (Just watching her makes them smile) (♪ Mr. Chu ♪) (♪ Kiss on your lips ♪) She’s a great dancer. (He spots something) Look at him. (A collaboration between Geunji and Suya) (So excited) (Laughing) (Perfect chemistry) This is a collaboration performance. (That was impressive) (Is this the end?) Well done. (It isn’t!) Sweetie, can you see how excited I got? (Flopping) (She’s super excited) (Sweetie) (Can you see how excited I got?) (She finds herself embarrassing) (What on earth was that?) (It even made Kyunsung gasp) (What a shocking ending) – What was that? / – What a twist at the end. It was a huge twist. – Goodness. / – What is that? – What was that just now? / – She had a little twist. She showed some popping dance. That was so shocking. – Everyone’s shocked. / – So that was it. We’ve met all the ladies and guys. You’re all impressive.

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