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Importance of Survival Skills

Simply breaks the rule to be with Suji [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

(They’ll be buying things for a picnic) What can you cook? I used to be in a girl group. – I know it’s hard to believe. / – Seriously? We’d be on a diet and make this one dish. – They were fried tofu rice balls. / – I see. But I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t lose weight. (It didn’t help her lose weight) Do you like burritos? What are they? They’re flour wraps with rice inside. They’re easy to eat. – Should we buy 1? / – Buy 4. – Get one of each flavor. / – Okay. – It must be here. / – It’s here. I got it. (They begin shopping) This one’s not good. Do I look too serious? This is for stew. I didn’t know what to buy for a picnic. But she thought of everything and told me what to buy. I could sense her feminine side at that moment. Let’s buy Norwegian smoked salmon. Do you usually eat this? Doesn’t that one look the freshest? – You could use crab meat. / – There’s sushi. – Let’s buy some crab meat. / – Okay. – Sushi… / – How about a square one? Okay. They’re easier to place. Exactly. You’re smart. – High-five. / – You guys get along well. (Sullen) We do. I got to talk a lot with Gyuha. Since I felt comfortable, it was easy to be affectionate. I noticed that we were looking at the same food and realized that we had similar tastes. This experience helped me realize that. – We need more meat. / – Why? – I don’t eat a lot of vegetables. / – Really? I prefer meat. – Me too. / – Come over here. (He spots Suji) – I can’t find an onion. / – An onion? I’m looking for the peeled ones. – Oh, I see. / – For this one… (Let me find it for you) (He walks toward her) Look at him. – I’m sorry. / – Where are you going? Leave the camera. – Leave the camera here. / – Okay. Have you seen basil sauce? Basil? No. I need it. – I can’t find it. / – It’s not this one. (He leans over again) I told you to leave the camera. I told you to leave the camera. (Suji…) (I don’t know why I’m like this either) Do you know where the drinks are? I think it’s in the back. I’m going to make salmon Caprese. – Give me the camera. / – Caprese? – I think you should use tomatoes. / – Yes. The problem is, I can’t find any of the sauces. You can’t? Can I go with her? It’s this way. It doesn’t matter. Can I go with her? – Go. Hurry. / – He’s hilarious. – Really? / – He should help her. – He should. / – We’re too kind. (Suji) (I’m coming) I want to finish shopping, but I can’t find it. Give it to me. – That’s okay. / – I can take this. – Are you sure? / – Your arm must be sore. – Are you allowed to do this? / – I don’t know. – Isn’t this not allowed? / – No one’s stopping me. – But rules are rules. / – Rules? If they scold me, I’ll gladly receive it. (I don’t care as long as I can be with you) What are they going to make? – Them? / – Yes. They’re making something similar. They bought salmon too. – Really? / – They’re going to make a salad. – I see. / – They bought tartar sauce too. I kept recording my mouth. It was difficult to push the cart while filming myself. I see. Now, it’ll film my entire face! Go look around first. Okay. (They’ve become closer) – Are you going to make Caprese? / – Yes, with tomatoes. (He even violated the rules for her)

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