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Shroud – the King Apex legends: use Hemlock as full auto assault rifle

Shroud – the King Apex legends: use Hemlock as full auto assault rifle

golde have special abilities essentially
you know like gold helmet gold helmet is the same as a purple helmet but gold
helmet has fast alts charges and fast skilled charges gold chest piece is when
you finish somebody you get full armor back gold backpack is fast heals gold
knock out shield as self Reds hold over spamming away with that men of wings
gladly and a gold-backed like what best you make you wanna play so fucking badly
that’s how I feel when I watch some people’s dream this game I’m like man I
just wanna fuckin own your all yeah we’re gonna push it back in the bunker one left just little like nook here want
to finish just for shield I like I shred the single fires faster
than my auto that’s just not possible this is not how that works I got some
loot in this middle part there good you like to have it yeah it’s good good
weapon uh you have to you have to be precise with it though is like if you
miss like if you miss even like two shots you probably won’t get the kill it
does pretty good damage though not a bad weapon it’s not very good a single fire
but it’s good when you have a turbocharger right on top of me I take the kills what’s the custom
version of OBS do I think you told me that jumpmaster
tricked me again because I know how to avoid it if I want to but if you are the
last person to pick you get jumpmaster automatically if you don’t click
anything you will get or the jumpmaster will get passed to someone else because
it assumes you’re afk oh there’s a lot of people landing here and we’re landing
late alright we weren’t gonna make it we weren’t gonna make it in that spot I
had to change I just as soon as I said it you just like your servers lagging a
little bit that’s okay yeah and whenever you like yesterday Grim’s was like
raving about how you and I don’t pass dump master and he was like this is so
crazy I loved it they just like wouldn’t pass it is accepted it like yeah
everybody’s gotta take responsibility you know yeah sure oh yeah great here
too I just feel it it’s not a room but chat it’s a fuckin
Dyson on me three-way dead mostly were better
you drop a room bonus the Dyson in the second a hundred percent this game changes when
he solo queuing and three-party queue I swear I don’t think that’s bullshit at
all my chat was telling me it’s it’s not true but I swear it’s it’s so true when
you solo queue the people in your lobbies change because you go from from
going against stacks to going against solos and duo’s and that’s a completely
different atmosphere 100% holy responds everywhere when right here it’s a hundred percent when you solo
queue here with solos and duo’s and if you Hugh is three people here with three
stacks hundred percent that’s how that works O’Malley together solo had nothing on her know that there was
another one I don’t know I don’t know why she had nothing on her yeah where’s
the barrage that got raised so I think and maybe a double where has happened or
something that’s a concealed on bloodhound one is energy ml a lot of it hell yeah packets Regas and your shotgun you chief notice that
like thank you yes guys on me like two teams we’re coming think he’s on the
roof oh yeah definitely on the roof brain
flow top low well talking about ran away
somewhere I don’t know what is kind of did so much damage both those guys
didn’t get the kill chin more shotgun am up anymore in drop it I’ll drop some
races freakin zoomin there is a boxer me that says rape on it one purple armor
one HP well my name there owning your all yeah I found the race this seems dead shields there with me in
way I thought we finished her teammate we finished it well she died but they
got a card I think that’s fine he’s probably gonna go to this one right
here North I’m gonna pop it in this a hey thought he’s on it he’s about to resonate hello
solo I love this fucking gun really got
energy thank you really I was really kind of that no no no no no
really kind of those guys giving us directions oh here’s that are down grab it long about to be I love this mommy you guys perfect down bloodhounds last one yeah I got it
yeah no I love the sound of that gun too this guy’s actually really good to have
it it’s it’s really I called that drop in the zone didn’t
realize but nothing nothing what’s really dangerous about the havoc
is that reload time shit takes a while she looks like the longest reload out of
like all the gun all the guns robot here below me who’s the last wow just crouched under
that little lid nice

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