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Shooting Targets From THE FUTURE?! – TGC News!

Shooting Targets From THE FUTURE?! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, background checks are
up, savage bolts down the Valkyrie, and targets from the future! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to those of you that leave a comment
every week and keep the conversation going. I appreciate you more than you know. Now, the news, our first story this week is
about a product that doesn’t quite exist yet. I’m covering it because I want to show you
guys where things COULD be heading in the industry in terms of targets. We don’t often think of targets as a place
where innovation can happen, however, the first ever TGC #notareview was on a really
neat system that now falls under the action target name. The one we’re covering today is in that same
direction. The company is called Cyrus Targets and to
be honest, their product is complex but very interesting. Its comprised of several parts. There is a target stand that has a roll of
paper stretch between the top and bottom, as well as a rechargeable battery and motor
to move the paper. It also has a sort of sun shade around it
for the next component which is simply being called the main unit. This thing is like a freakin power ranger
it has so much crap in it. There is a computer, a forward facing projector
that projects a moving interactive image onto the target, a backwards facing camera that
is intended to detect the shooters movement, a microphone and speaker and of course the
computer to control it all. The basic concept here is that using a mobile
app, you can set up your training session and the main unit projects an image onto the
target screen that is moving and interactive. They claim it can detect hits and auto advance
the target to keep it fresh. For lack of a better way to explain it, this
is one of those simulators that you see in a gun shop, compressed down for use on the
range. To me, even though this is complex in its
set up, it is a really cool concept. HOWEVER, I do see some challenges. First, they are going to attempt to crowdfund
this thing which to me, is not the best solution. Unknown companies with zero history asking
for huge sums of money are just a giant banner telling you not to get involved. Beyond that, the pricing is flat out absurd. I’m not saying the product isn’t valuable,
but the early bird special is 4,500 dollars. I asked the developer of the targets Matej
Kurbel who the target audience was when he told me about this system. He told me that they are getting interest
from military and law enforcement, but they think some civilians will jump in on this
too. He also said that he understands its not cheap
but often times with early adoption of new tech, you pay a higher price. While I agree with that, I just don’t think
there are many folks in the gun community willing to be an early adopter. Perhaps this is the next best thing for shoot
houses and big training facilities but for the average shooter, this is NOT the next
step in my opinion. What do you guys think of systems like this? Is it too much for the average guy? Price
aside, is it something that you would want to shoot over something like a steel target? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week, savage has released a new
version of the 110 called the prairie hunter. This one is special for one reason only and
im going to make you wait to hear it. The basics are that it is a bolt action rifle
with a 22 inch barrel topped with a threaded muzzle. It comes with the standard accoutrements from
savage like the accutrigger, and accutfit stock that has some adjustability and nice
texture built in. It has a detachable box mag that holds 4 rounds
for a total of 5 in the gun and the price tag is 759 MSRP. The thing that really matters? Its chambered in 224 valkyrie. Now, those of you that watch TGC all the time
know that the Valkyrie has not performed well at all for us so I’m very interested to see
if this rifle has the ability to wrangle that cartridge and actually consistently print
small groups. I doubt it, but hey it’s still a neat rifle
overall. Also in the news this week, a few quick bits. TandemKross, a company best known for rimfire
pistol accessories has dropped a few new trinkets for the Ruger PC Carbine. Included in the parts are a new flat face
trigger with nice texturing across the front, a muzzle brake, and an extended mag release. We’ve been sort of tracking along with chassis
and things like that for the ruger pc carbine and I think it’s really cool to see more companies
jumping into this market. Mossberg is now offering a two tone version
of the MC1SC with a silver slide and black frame. The MSRP is $421 BUT i’ve already seen this
gun for sale for much less. You know I really thought we would see this
thing making more waves this year but the chatter seems to have died down. Maybe we should get a hold of one for a review
and see how good it is. And more good news from the FBI. The July background check numbers are in and
they are positive. Summertime is ALWAYS a slow period for the
gun industry but it seems we got a little bump in July. The total number of background checks were
2,030,661 which is an increase of over 195 thousand from 2018. I have a feeling that August numbers might
be up with the threat of gun control in everyone’s minds these days but either way, more guns
is always a good thing because an armed society is a polite society. This time our questions are coming from the
TGC nation facebook group which just hit 5,000 members! My gut reaction to this question is training. Learning how to manipulate your firearms efficiently
and correctly is a big deal, a close second is ammo. That’s pretty simple, figure out what they
like to do when it comes to shooting, and let them shoot an AR that does just that. The selections are endless. Another easy one, that’s HiPoint. I remember when I first got into guns, people
were crapping on that brand non stop. At a certain point I got fed up with it and
reached out to hi point for guns to test and I fell in love with the “we know it’s cheap
but it works” feel of the gun. It seems like the community has sort of come
around on them lately especially with the yeet cannon thing but I’m a hipster and I
was on that train years back haha. Far and away the Ruger 44 carbine. It’s basically a 10/22 chambered in 44 mag. Also there was somebody that asked me what
my favorite range bag was? And I couldn’t find the question to show you
guys, but right now my favorite, I just got a hold of these, and I’m digging them a lot,
are the Vertx bags. We do have a code over there if you want to
use it it’s: “TGC” at Get you 25% OFF! Because those range bags are legit some of
my favorite ever! And if you
want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us via the links in
the video description below. Be sure to check out our second youtube channel
called TGC surplus. And as always, thank you all
for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Shooting Targets From THE FUTURE?! – TGC News!

  • First they went after bump stocks, now they're going after pistol braces.
    Thanks (NOT) Trump! What will be next? Binary triggers?

  • If you want to hear a very well articulated viewpoint on red flag laws, I suggest watching RangerUp's BNN from August 9th.

  • The future of shooting targets is the digital type as you showed. Even better is a target that fires back at you (not real rounds of course. These type of targets puts a sense of reality into target shooting and the type that shots back teaches you how to take cover and still engage a target. Yes it will be expensive at first and the Police and Military market will help to move the tech along and bring the price down over time. These will be good for shoot ranges / clubs as well. Of course the one percenters can afford them as well.

  • For 4500 to 7000, I expect to be able to safely shoot inside my house….that’s what they should be designing. Nobody is gonna buy that thing, especially law enforcement or military

  • Now on background checks, I cut to the chase. I own and operate a gun shop, every firearm I sell gets a 4473 filled out and a background check done. Why you ask, one it's the law and two you wold be surprised the number of people who are denied (don't pass the background check). Just look around your community and I'll bet you know one or two people that you know should not have guns but do. It's about being responsible and most of us are just that but again, there are those. Which means we as a responsible gun community need to be proactive and when we see a threat we need to report it. Here is a scary fact, . A juvenile offender who has a violent past can upon turning 18 walk into a gun shop, purchase any long gun he wishes and when the background check is run will come back with a proceed. Why you ask, because the violent past is not visible to the ATF / FBI. This must be fixed!

  • Red flag civil rights forfeiture laws.
    Common sense civil rights control.
    Universal civil rights checks.
    No civil rights loophole.
    Civil rights reform.

  • What do you think about the proposed legislation on body armor? I know this isn't a gun ithem but I figured it would fit here.

  • They don't work everybody knows it but everybody keeps pushing it I think that we shouldn't have to go through somebody else to tell me I can have a firearm or not

  • My thoughts on red flag laws there an easy way for the government agencies to go into people's homes and take there things away while at the same Time deeming them a danger to society / as well as making it easier for those who may have a grudge against a gun owner able to get them locked up or have there guns taken away simple because they do not believe in them themselves.

  • No shit!I said the Deerfield just when you started saying that!I picked up an old 1 just under 700 at a gun show.i think Ruger released a new run late 90's or early 2000's?

  • I think the US population drew a line in the sand after 94 'AWB. We gave them a mile with the understanding of it no longer being contested if the ban failed. It sunset as it did not show significant reduction in the time allotted. We are now being told it did not go far enough. Here come Red Flag laws as the most recent attempt to grasp at straws.

    Personally, I feel that red flag laws are going to make domestic calls more dangerous. For one, firearms are not registered. So, someone with 4 firearms will say they have 3. Now, you will have a pissed off perp with reason to use the firearm which is unknown to authorities, and their would-be victim. Second, if they know the firearms will be taken away, you suddenly have the recipe for an armed standoff and/or murder suicide. Sadly, I think this is what democrats and red flag cheerleaders really want – it gives more fuel for registration and confiscation.

    In the event we do see red flag bills make their way through, it will have several legal challenges up to the supreme court. The silver lining in all of this will be it will make for a wholesale change in the house, senate and possible white house.

  • Red flag laws are blatant and egregious violations of our civil liberties. They violate the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments as a matter of course, and they will do nothing but put law enforcement at further odds with the populace, as well as creating dangerous circumstances for the same, which will result in further violent deaths as the laws are enforced. Universal background checks would almost certainly require a registry both of people and of firearms, and is tantamount to restricting the movements of people. Registration was already deemed unconstitutional, and will continue to be so, even if a registry law is passed.

  • Here's the thing. I would be all for UBC and Red Flag laws if they were actually effective. But they are not, therefore I cannot in good faith support these regulations.

  • (Constitution violating) Red Flag Laws are Socialist gun confiscation and nothing less. They will be weaponized by the Socialist to go after people like me and you because of our beliefs and not for any other reason. Universal background checks will lead to registration which lead to gun confiscation sooner or latter. It has every single time in history it has been done.

  • Universal background checks: they suck and always will
    Red flag laws: the ones on the books now suck but the ones I'm hearing about being introduced that fix the due process problems and have harsh penalties for false claims don't seem that bad but I want it proven at the state level and have a sunset provision to be safe.

  • How do I feel? The only way they can make it work is registration. Witch leads to confiscation! And that means REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

  • I’d pay 4K for a robust target system that could be a training tool for students. Then again FOF is cheaper and comes with a real pain penalty.

  • The only possible way that red flag laws would be acceptable is if they included proper due process, the accuser can NOT remain anonymous, and there must be punishment for people who try to use these laws to harass legal gun owners. As for background checks, there should be an option to submit a background check that is good for several years and not make people have a background check each time. We know these checks have little to no effect in preventing criminals from getting guns since, they'll violate the law to get a gun anyway. What??? You mean criminals violate the law to get guns??? Who woulda thunk it?

  • How do I feel about RFL?
    I feel like anyone supporting that unconstitutional garbage can suck a wet far out of my ass

  • Red flag laws are wrong simply because they deny due process….there's no way to "prove" your innocence prior to armed men showing up at your home at 5 am demanding entry into your home. What's to stop an upset family member from reporting that you are unstable and have threatened many people? It's so Un-American that I have a hard time even imagining that we're discussing this.

  • The flag laws, as they have been passed in various states, violate due process. Why is it alright in our country to believe someone a criminal without breaking laws? Once it’s allowed for firearm owners then it will be easy to apply to other groups they disagree with. Love the channel too General Patton.

  • Price aside, I think that Target would be freaking awesome to play with. I always hear gun channels talk about training. What about just the fun of it? Guns are fun and I think this would be a hell of a lot of fun. Now I do see a lot of room to get that tarded price down, considerably. All that computer and tracking mumbo-jumbo is not necessary. Just having a moving image to shoot at would be pretty cool and FUN!
    Ever notice when repeat a word a bunch of times it starts to sound real… funny? Fun fun fun fun fun fun!

  • The idea of a Red Flag law is unnerving to me. It seems like a Very Slippery slope to be on and a Simultaneous infringement of the first and second amendment rights. Who decided where the line is and if you’ve crossed it?

  • Guess I'll go against the grain and not answer the weekly question, but instead talk about the 'future' targets. I have to agree with you, I think that that setup and cost will be prohibitive for the average shooter. Not to mention that projectors are terrible on sunny days when it's best to shoot IMO

  • I have no issue with background checks i think all states should be doing It ! I don't think drug users felons illegals… should be able to buy a firearm.

  • Hey, thanks for answering my question! I definitely agree, I think training would be the greatest investment any firearm owner could make, and training generally requires ammo, so those go hand in hand.

    I'm uncomfortable with universal background checks because I feel that it restricts the use of private property. I have seen that they are proven to reduce gun deaths though, so I can't say I'm 100% against them.

    I 100% am against red flag laws. I'm pretty sure you can already call the police to investigate a possible terror plot or conspiracy to commit murder, and that will give people due process. Red flag laws supercede due process, and as we recently saw with Trump, they could be used against someone who simply doesn't say nice things.

    Keep up the great work! I love watching the show every week.

  • I loved Voltron. Thanks. I watched it only once in a while when I was at a friends house as the was no cable in my house. Of course this was back in the 80's when I was in elementary school. Yes, I am old according to my children.

  • We have a red flag law and background checks on all firearm sales. These laws suck. I can't even sell a gun to my brother without going to an FFL and pay a fee to "transfer" the firearm to his possession. I am mad as hell that Republicans and our President are getting behind these stupid laws. I was hoping the NRA would have gone to batt for all of us here in Oregon when these laws were sign by our stupid governor but I have lost all hope that the NRA would actually defend us instead of just lining their pockets. This is why I do not donate to them and why I drive 50-60 mile just to shot instead of going to a local shoot range (I would be required to be a member of the NRA in order to shoot on that range).

    In the mean time, I keep waiting for the police to show up because some whacked out liberal called the police with some complaint about me just because they saw me carrying a firearm to an from my car. There is nothing like know that the government could hold a secret court case against me and have some judge tell the police to go and confiscate my firearms without me even being present. Then have to pay some attorney to represent me and go to court to get my firearms back. Unlike some of the people here on Youtube that make money (all be it less than they used to get paid), I would kiss my firearms good by as I do not have the funds to pay an attorney to help me get them back. But what really chaps my hide is the fact that I would be declared guilty and have to prove my innocence in order to get my firearms back. That is completely Unconstitutional.

  • Thought the personal simulator was awesome. I couldn’t afford it but I would get one if I could. I have used simulators before and the training is completely different. When you are thrown into a completely dynamic training environment it really forces out your weak and strong points. Good stuff.

  • UBC: Pointless, we have that in WA and it's ignored 99% of the time. Everyone I know has violated it.
    RFL: Any law where the right's of a person can be decided away in Absentee is not a law, it's a farce. The Constitution itself guarantees my right to face my accuser.

  • Want to shoot yeah of course… $4500 for anoverly complex tech. Set up. Taking up my time to adjust…..and set-up is waaayyy to costly…I only have so much time to shoot in gen…….as for red flag laws..I only see that working if the govt. Sets up some SERIOUS prosecution for people filing bogus reports..and I mean mutiple years in jail for"setting up" an ex partner or someone you just don't likewith a bogus alert

  • I am greatly saddened to hear from Trump that he would even think about setting up red flag laws….and that goes for Crenshaw also……it is a way to buy liberal voters that is all….givein that you do not have to be convicted of anything to have a restraining order taken out against you….hell you might not even know about it…it seems tailor made to believe all women….and then your rights are gone!!!!

  • The problem with society today is that everyone is too safe in the 50s-60s somebody had a pistol on them to stop a mass shooter… seems that we now have a bunch of range comandos who are willing to carry at the range but count on somebody else to have a weapon when SGR…yeah alot of people can use a weapon….when they have one eveyone who legally can should carry a pistol!!!!

  • It’s sad isn’t it? The gun community is one of the worst out there, the leftists are better than us in this regard! What I’m talking about is legislation that infringes upon what we enjoy, in this case the second amendment. I’ll bet both my testicals that if red flag laws or universal background checks happen nationwide the vast majority of gun owners wouldn’t do anything, unlike the leftists who hold nationwide protests if trump tweets something off color. I hate to say it but the one thing that allows legislators to keep infringing on our rights is us! We don’t do jack shit and just let them shit all over the constitution saying “well if they do it again you’ll be damned sure I’m gonna start the second civil war” and “come and take em you fed fuckers!” When they don’t even call their representatives and tell them “hey we are unhappy!” And they don’t protest like our opponents and they have gotten far doing that! Look at all the legislation passed that favors them, holy shit it’s a lot. And I have fallen victim to this trap too, I’m not saying I’m great, I’m not. I’m just like the rest of us, and it’s time for a change. Not in our government first but in the people who hold the real power, The People of the United States of America.

  • Im not a big fan of crowdfunding but it’s voluntary so I can live with it.. I do like innovative products even if they are expensive initially. Just like smart phones the rich will buy them and hopefully the company survives and more companies jump into the market to cash in and create competition and better less expensive products. (Think computers now vs 20 years ago) once they go mainstream cost will drop and availability will go up along with quality.

  • Red flag laws are fear-mongering BS. It's a way for the entire "Feels before Facts" crowd to stroke their scared little egos and feel powerful. This is not the same thing as feeling empowered, but for a bunch of do-nothing sacks of whine it's apparently enough.

  • Red Flag laws will absolutely be abused. I've read a few things proposing that the accuser doesn't even have to leave their name? Remember "Swatting" during live game play? Yeah, that will be nothing compared to what these red flag laws will bring. Also IF they do universal background checks as intended, it will require a registry, and history absolutely notes that a registry leads to confiscation. Sigh…laws based on emotion are just a really, really bad idea. We are losing this fight.

  • Red flag laws are one of those things where at the heart it has good intentions, but in practice its open to abuse not to mention taking away peoples rights/property without due process. Time and money would be better spent on reopening mental health facilities and bringing in more social workers. we went from 14 facilities to 4 in my city, and they cant seem to figure out why we have a mental health problem.

  • Totally oppose 'Red Flag' laws as there is no due process. As for back ground checks, I'm ambivalent, but since criminals don't follow the law, they may need scrapping.
    Fully support repealing the following NFA (1934), FFA (1938), GCA (1968) and anything with the Hughes Amendment in it!

  • UBC's are not enforceable at all. The people that I know who've sold off parts of there collection either sell to friends/family or in the case of a stranger do a pseudo background check in the form of "let me see your CCW license/pistol permit". As far as I'm concerned red flag laws are great for getting people killed by the police.

  • TGC I love the content, however I believe your SDI promo misses the mark for this audience. Seems too campy for a higher education plug. If you consider our guiding principles of the 4 rules of firearms, IMO we shouldn't make any form of firearms edu campy it should be humble, helpful, and confident in tone.

  • I certainly do not like the concept of red flag laws as proposed. If someone is a danger then they are the danger, not the tools they could use should they finally snap. Due process protections are a huge factor in implementation of any laws, and protecting due process is a majority of the reason why I'm on the side of the fence I'm on.

    I get the idea that we need to have some mechanism of identifying people who are planning atrocities before they commit them, but most if not all things on the table right now have absolutely no place in a free society. The balancing act is going to be a challenge, but everything must be weighed against the rights of individuals. The idea of "we must do something" is dangerous. Instead we must do "the right thing", and I don't think the emotional heart strings anti-gunners keep pulling on can think of the damage these laws will cause if they get implemented.

    As far as universal background checks, again the proposals serve nothing more than an infringement upon freedom. I think there may be middle ground some sort of "voluntary check system" that could help individuals verify a person who they are personally selling a firearm to is not prohibited, and some sort of indemnification or legal protection against legal action for a personal transaction to someone who commits a crime with said firearm if this check is performed, but anything that requires a check to just say "borrow a rifle" for a hunting trip to a friend that already has a crap ton of other guns and a CCW is ridiculous. Background checks are for the purpose of verifying an individual whom you don't know to ensure they have not had thier rights stripped through due process, not a hurdle to exercising their constitutional rights as law abiding citizens. And as long as anti-gunners insist on only universal background checks as the next step, I feel that any reform to the system that does protect the rights of citizens while maintaining due process protections will never happen.

  • Red Flag laws a legalized swatting. Plus they force they switch the burden of proof, where the accused must prove their innocence.

  • I figure the reason the Mossberg MC1 hasn't had much said about it is the market has been so saturated with single stack 9mm's that it just came too late and also it seems that these "stack and a half" pistols like the Sig P365 and Glock 43XL are the new fad everyone wants.

    I see no point to those pistols, they're only marginally slimmer than subcompact doublestacks like the Glock 26. 4mm's less than a Glock 26 and 2 less rounds of capacity and the inability to use Glock 19 or 17 mags just doesn't make any sense to me. If I'm going to lose the option of using the longer mags, then going to a much slimmer single stack is a fair trade to me.

  • Other than the problems others have already pointed out with these red flag laws, there isn't a mandatory prosecution of false claims against a person. There MUST be a mandatory Felony prosecution of false claims against people, no option for a DA or Judge to just let it slide. No plea bargaining down lesser charges. You lie to cause a law abiding Citizen to lose their right to own a firearm you go to prison.

  • guilty until proven innocent? no thank you. california already has a red flag law on the books, and far as im tracking was fixing to expand the ability to report someone to.. just about anyone.

  • Background checks are a proven failure, as they can not predict if a person without a record chooses to cause havoc in the future and people with records do not subject themselves to background checks (and never will), hence we've had nics since the 1990's and still pretty much every criminal and nutjob is very well armed, or easily could be if they want to. If someone is legitimately too dangerous to have a gun, why are they out of their cage? Is it responsible for our gov't to allow known dangerous people in public? Red flag laws are about as dangerous & unconstitutional as any law I've ever seen. Is there any doubt that it will be weaponized politically by gov't + the public? trump is already a 1 termer because of his betrayal of our 2nd A.

  • The targets, yes and no…. Yes I want. No the average shooter is not paying that. I'm sure the tech with come down in price sooner or later but for now .10 cents to a dollar for a target depending on what I get will do me just fine. Might be something a group or club might invest in if your group is big enough. It's a long way out for the individual.

  • So in the order of your question… 1.illegal (unconstitutional) & 2.ineffective until someone someone comes up with a way to predict the future

  • Red flag laws are a direct violation of due process and it's sad Trump said he supports it.In Indiana my representatives also support that garbage.Someone can lie about you to the police and there goes your guns and rights for who knows how long.

  • Being a "Gun News" channel, why not add a brief segment about guns being used in a good way?… Something like "A Good Guy with a Gun", kind of like the section in the NRA magazine American Rifle that highlights people using their firearms to protect themselves…. Your platform would be a great place to showcase these acts.

  • Red flag laws are an attempt by non-gun people to try and respect the rights of gun owners. The idea is that we get to keep our guns unless we present a threat to public safety. It’s an attempt to keep guns in the hands of the good guys, but get them out of the hands of bad guys.

    Universal background checks add a bunch of hassle to things that (based on studied I’ve seen) won’t make a huge difference to crime rates or gun-related injuries.

    I don’t like non-gunners regulating gun culture. They aren’t able to make as good decisions because they are uninformed. The gun community needs to work on our ability to self-regulate in a meaningful way, or we are inviting fearful and ignorant people to invade our culture and “solve” issues they don’t fully understand.

    I consider myself a responsible gun owner. The problem is that Too many Americans die each year from firearms. Our community is too often misrepresented based on violence rather than protection and sport. We ought to step up and find a way to tell our own story, and to find a way to limit the ways that others broken or evil people can do harm with the tools of our hobby and way of life.

  • For the futuristic targets.. That's a no for me dawg.. However!! if my gun club wanted to invest on one.. Now.. it's something I can see using.

  • They are both a bunch of CRAP. They a FRINGE on my 2A. That also makes it so that anybody can ACCUSE some one as being a threat to society.

  • Crowdfunding is the worst idea for this kind of project, it tranfers the risk (and reward) of any business from the owners or bank to the dopes that invest. Grow up, if it is a good idea get a business loan and take the risk like a reputable company.

  • No way on red flag laws but if it Meant reciprocity throughout the 50 States I'd be down for universal background checks

  • Red flag as proposed near me:
    Anonymous reports subject to the lowest standards of evidence. Followed by a trial in absentia for a crime you did not commit with no representation. Next step, punishment for a crime everyone agrees has not been committed yet. Then at your own expense, enter a courtroom all ready convicted and attempt to prove you are innocent. And these are the LEAST problematic parts of the law. Yay, Colorado.

  • Red flag laws are a bad deal period and I will refrain from piling on that discussion. As a firearm retailer my feelings on universal background checks are mixed. As a stand alone law it will bring more money across the gun counter for private transfers. HOWEVER it is also completely unenforceable unless coupled with universal registration. There are already hundreds of millions of guns in circulation, if I sell the gun I got from uncle Charlie to cousin Joe how can that be regulated? People already have several guns that are not transferred to them via a 4473 and background check. So it is really a meaningless law other than killing the gun show completely and being the foundation that ushers in true registration. So sure I would love the income stream from the additional transfers, it is a lynchpin law and would far more dangerous in the future.

  • Not long ago i thought ok of red flag laws..i thought IF DONE RIGHT..after really thinking about it..there is NO right way. Its a feel good idea….that only feels good if youre living in willful ignorance.

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