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[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.22 TTT #2 (Camping Ver.)

[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.22 TTT #2 (Camping Ver.)

[HEY] [GOING SEVENTEEN] [Happy Camping Day] [Last Episode] [Return of TTT after a year] [Today is a healing day]
– Today is
– A healing day [Eat Play Rest / TTT CAMPING VERSION]
You can eat, play and rest as you please today. [BRAVO]
Wow. [Members enjoying their free time] [Let’s eat since we played hard!!] [But, if you eat the Macaron…]
Macaron! [But, if you eat the Macaron/ you lose everything!]
Wow, the Macaron is so cute. [In just 30 seconds…!] [The tent falls/ Goodbye…] [Gets food taken away] [We have to get everything back/ Let’s finish our Happy Camping Day!]
Why do we live like this? [HAPPY CAMPING DAY] Hey guys, let’s first check what you can buy from the store before we start the game. Yes. Sounds good. [Let’s go to the store] [Welcome]
Hello. Hello. [Focus Focus/ Okay guys, let’s take a look at the menu]
Okay guys. Let’s see. What do we have? An Indian tent. A full-set Indian tent. Ten diamonds. Five entry-level tent sets. Three sleeping bags. One refrigerator box. Five lucky boxes. What is the lucky box? [Lucky box=Random box]
See if there’s anything inside the lucky box. Oh, it’s random? Yes. Random. What’s so random about the random box? [Hit and Miss/ Everything here is inside it]
The lucky box may contain good or bad things from the list. Oh, okay. Life is, you know it right? [Yoon Jeonghan/ Calls himself as a lucky man]
I’ve never picked anything bad from a lucky box. Okay, we’ll open the lucky box because we believe in Yoon Jeonghan. [Next, to the food store]
Then should we also go and take a look at the food store? Let’s go take a look at the food. Let’s go. We’ll come back next time. – Aren’t you the person that was over there?
– This is kind of like a game. It’s like a game. When did you get here? [Welcome] [(Mr .Jang)]
It’s like Mr. Wang, Mr. Jang. – Hello.
– Hello. [(Nice to meet you for the first time*^^*)]
Yes. Nice to meet you for the first time. When did you get here? He said nice to see us for the first time. [This is the food store]
Bro, they’ve got things for like barbecue. – They’ve got a lot of things to eat.
– Seven for rib eyes. Five for pork. What the, where were you a while ago? [????/ This is a different person]
This is a different person. [Mr. Jang / A different person / Mr. Wang]
That was Mr. Wang and this is Mr. Jang. Beef is the price of a tent. They’ve got pork ribs as well. Wow. Bro, have you tried jjapaguli in the version from the movie Parasite? Nope. I haven’t tried it. Wow, this Korean sirloin in jjapaguli is awesome. I’ve tried it before. It’s great. Parasite version jjapaguli? So, anyways. Whether it’s the tent or food. [All we’ve got to do is do a good job playing the game, right?]
All we’ve got to do is do a good job playing the game. – Okay.
– What’s the game about? – What do we have to do?
– Let’s go over there first. [Busy schedule/ Let’s go check our quest]
Let’s go ask what our quest is. [A camping ground where things appear out of nowhere]
What the. Something appeared again. It’s like the inside of a game. It would have been funny if that guy was here. This is like a magic camping. [The quest] [There are a total of 8 quests] [The Pied Piper] [DK’s game] [Snap shoot] [Random telepathy] [Spinning while doing the elephant’s trunk] [Pointing game] [Speak with your body] [Rock paper scissors] [According to the level of the game] [The amount of diamonds will differ] Let’s go sit down. Let’s listen to the explanation Okay. Should we get the game started right away? Then, Joshua go and pick our first game. I’ll pick one. But I’m not nervous right now. I feel like I’ll get nervous once it starts. [What is Joshua’s PICK?] [Pointing game]
Pointing game? [Pointing game / Excluding the member that the production crew points to / Pass if the same number of members as what the crew shouts stand up / Success if 3 passes in a row! / Only 3 chances] [] So it’s kind of like the game of zero. [Pointing game / Success if three members excluding Seungkwan stand up when the crew shouts “Seungkwan, three people”] [We / should go with our own numbers!]
We should go with our own number. [Trying to cheat right there and then;;;] Go with your own number. From 1 to 13. if they call out three people, 1 to 3 should stand up. If Coups gets excluded then 2, 3, 4 should stand up. – All right.
– Okay. [OK understood]
I got it. [Angel Yoon’s conscience /
But is it alright to cheat right in the face?]
But is it alright to cheat right in the face like this? We should. We have to win. I think it’s alright to script it out because we don’t get to practice. I don’t think the PD would have thought of our own numbers. [Trying to justify / This is practically a good method]
This is practically a good method It’s been a long time since we used our own numbers. [Let’s gather up Seventeen!!!]
Let’s band together. Trust each other. Go go go! Should we begin? Yes. Then we will start. [Wonwoo, three]
Wonwoo, three [According to Coup’s strategy/ It would be a success if numbers from 1 to 3 stand up] Wonwoo, three.
1, 2, 3! [Number 3 Joshua] [Number 2 Jeonghan] What the, you told me to stand up! [?????]
Why aren’t you standing up? Wonwoo three. One two three. – You told us to stand up.
– What, you have to stand up. – Why didn’t you get up.
– You must get up. – You must stand up.
– You failed the first try. You guys said you were going by senses… [Mad]
We decided to do it like that. – Oh, do it like that?
– He has no senses! – Come here.
– Come here. [Follow we]
You were the one who said something. [First try failed] -Let’s do the second round.
-Okay. Yes. Mingyu, two. One two three. [I am number three] Mingyu, two. One two three. [Failed] [Second try failed]
I’m sorry. I am sorry. [Focus]
– Guys.
– Hey, The8 has something to say. This is not difficult. – It’s not difficult.
– Just count num.. Just count your numbers. [Last chance]
– Let’s do it.
– This is the last. This is our last chance. Guys! I think our members are all suffering from heat. – Guys, we can do it.
– Yeah, are you okay? – We can do it. We can do it.
– We can do it. Cheer up! Mingyu, seven. One two three. One two three four five six seven. Okay! [Wo-ah]
Second time. Get up. Get up. Vernon, seven. One two three. One two three four five six seven. Okay! Nice! [If they succeed this time than they get 5 diamonds] Jun, two. One two three. [Seventeen unique number 2]
[Seventeen unique number 1]
Jun, two. One two three. [Finally the time when they all became one]
Hey!!! [Third try successful] Why is this making me so happy. I’m getting good vibes! Let’s go. – Should WOOZI just go, or who wants to go?
– Let’s earn all of that! – WOOZI will pick the next game.
– Okay. WOOZI! [Looking at the diamonds]
The diamonds are pretty. Hey we finally are a team after a while. What would be good? Just pick what you want to do. – But I am curious about DK’s game.
– I am wearing DK’s t-shirt today. [WOOZI’s PICK DK’s game]
So I will choose DK’s game. – Okay.
– It feels good when you succeed. [DK’s game] [A game inspired by DK’s behavior from MBTI experimental camera] [A game inspired by DK’s behavior from MBTI experimental camera]
[Run at the sound of the whistle] [And must reach 3M in 1.3 seconds] [And must reach 3M in 1.3 seconds]
[3 opportunities total] [DK’s game] [Waiting for the practice game] [Nervous]
How do we start if no one is saying anything? [Ding! Like this]
Oh what. Is it starting now? [Start!] – Isn’t it hard?
– This is, the time is too short. – This is difficult.
– You have to get your head on straight. DK really looks like a racing horse. [Should we call it or not?]
What, but. [Usain Bolt] [Spinning] [Succeeds with exactly 1.1 seconds]
Hey, he did it. – He did it because they look shocked.
– How many seconds? [DK has DKed]
– 1.1 seconds success!
– Wow! [DK’s game succeeds] DK’s game, DK won DK. Hey, DK. Get the diamonds. Can we try this one more time? – If you win we will give you ten. You have to return them all if you fail. – Hey, want to be safe? Or can you do it?
– No, I can do it. – Let’s have some fun and do it.
– Okay. Take that and make it double! [Deal] [Let’s go double] [Flew like a butterfly and succeeded like a bee] Nice! – He definitely did it.
– Nice! [Come on 10 diamonds]
He definitely did it. Let’s go double! I mean the Producer’s expression was. Okay, take that and make it double! – Take it and make it double!
– No, I think [DK’s game double success]
I think Third game. Who should pick the third game? Just rip it. PP. [Pied piper] [You must play the song you hear] [You must play the song you hear]
[through earphones with a recorder] [and get 3 right in 100 seconds.] [and get 3 right in 100 seconds.]
[Three opportunities total] [Pied piper] WOOZI can play it. Hey, can you play the do re mi fa sol la ti do? [Is it my time to shine]
That’s it, that’s all we need. WOOZI, play it. – Just play anything.
– Huh? Just play anything. [Getting the knees ready]
[Fancy] [Pied piper] – Give us a diamond for DK’s snake dance.
– DK is a snake. Can you give us some diamonds for the snake dance? Start. [Only WOOZI can hear the song]
Can you hear it? – Me!
– Pretty U! Start. [Look at how in sync he is] – Pretty U?
– Pretty U! Pretty U! Correct. It’s over. 3 right in 100 seconds? Hm. When you can’t do English~ The same number front and back~ Nene chicken! [30 seconds has passed now] [No one is getting the hang of it] Wow! What is that? It is difficult to make scales with this. – Wow. This is hard.
– Should I play the hook? Drift Away? [Changing the verse to play]
Hm… [Changing the verse to play] [Pondering] LILILI YABBAY! [Of course boss Kwon] [Quickly the next song!] [Now 60 seconds passed] [You have to erase the memory of mine I’m poison] [I know I can’t take it no more] [The Pied Piper complete] [Snake-remony] So this is a game to just give out diamonds, isn’t it? – Should we do a snap shoot?
– Should we do a snap shoot? or ‘Speak with your body’? Let’s do snap shoot [Success if more than six faces are taken in the moving camera during the 30 seconds of the song] [7 Diamonds] [Mr. Wang]
We just have to move quickly Move your heads as much as possible We have to move toward the camera quickly together because they catch us and move [Start] [Seventeen here Seventeen there] [Camera POV] [Crumble] [V]
Aren’t you filming it too high up? [Blocking directly] [Group shot / Camera POV] [Composed] [Rushing] [Gathered] [Group shot 222] No, we must have got it at one go. It’s a success, right? You failed. One person approved only when the eyes, nose and lips all appear. [Checking the photo]
One, two, three, four, five… Huh? We all got it? [They said it’s a fail?!]
We all got it All of us are in there We’re all there! [Sharing photo]
– Wanna see?
– Hey, it came out too well! What? You said only five came out? Aside from the obviously cut ones, Wonwoo, The8, Mingyu, Jinho, Hoshi, DK, Vernon, Coups, Jeonghan… Even two sound supervisors! Since two sound supervisors appeared in the photo…. Who have to validate this [Sorry, it’s a good photo…] [It’s even a good photo / (We’re staff)] [Snap Shoot Succeed!]
Hyung, our vibe is amazing right now so should we just do rock scissors paper? – I think we can do rock scissors paper with this vibe.
– Okay, I’ll change it to rock scissors paper. [As the word itself, rock scissors paper, only one chance] [10 Diamonds] [Time for me to step up]
Who’s up? [Isn’t it me?]
– No, no you sit!
– Mingyu sit! No, trust Mingyu [No turning back if stood up!]
– Can I trust you?
– They said you have to do it because you stood up Mingyu, just do it! Do it! – Ah, you told me not to?
– Do it, do it! [What’s up with him?] That hyung has split personality [My type] [Person to blame]
Well, at least we have someone to blame [I’m going to win no matter what] [This time Mr. Jang] Rock Scissors Paper! [A draw] [Will it end in a single round?] Single round! [Only one chance] Mingyu, please! Mingyu, please! Mingyu, please! [Perfectly failed] [I won! Chicken for dinner today!] [Doomed] It’s okay~ It’s not okay! [Rock scissors paper failed]
It’s not okay at all! You know what a thinking chair is, don’t you? Sitting facing the wall. Sit and face the wall [Self-reflecting]
– We’ll do this just for 5 minutes
– Mingyu hyung is turning away from the camera Should we play the next game? What do you want to do? Should we play it by ear? How about ‘speak with your body’? Speak with your body, random telepathy, spinning on spot. Speak with your body~ [Self-reflecting] [Have to get 3 questions right in 100 seconds by expressing the given word with the body, 3 chances in total] [7 Diamonds] The topic this time is a situation Situation? It’s kind of hard [Like what, for example?] [Not telling you]
You can find out from the first question. Vernon, have some passion and think a little bit desperately… I think I’ll do better than you. Start. [Crashed a toe on the threshold] [Grab something] [And hit] [then hurts] You hit your leg! You hit your toe between the door? You hit your toe! – Appendix?
– Your tummy fat? – You hit your tummy fat? [Door/ Fat (Threshold)]
– A crack in the door?
– The waist! Ah! [(Door)]
You shut your foot in the door! You trap your foot in the door! [(It’s not the foot)]
Your toe was shut. You shut your toe in the door. [Whispering/Noooo] It is a door though, right? [Whispering/ Yes!!!!] [Warning/ You are not allowed to speak!]
You shouldn’t speak! [Sending a hint/ (Three syllables)] [Hint error/ Third toe!]
Toe! [Correct answer/ Your toe was shut (in the door)]
You shut your toe in the door. [Second word] [(Ice cream)]
Ice cream! [(Ahhh..!)] [Everyone’s having a headache]
I’m having a headache! [44 seconds passed]
Your head is cold? [45 seconds passed]
After eating an ice cream, your head? [(Two syllables) / 46 seconds passed]
Headache! [Correct answer as he likes / Headache after eating an ice cream (in a hurry)] – Here?!
– Camping? Today?? [Mirror]
Make-up? Make-up? Boo Seungkwan today? [Lethal] He’s handsome!! Right?? [Not perfect but correct answer / He looks handsome today]
He looks handsome today. [Success in 64 seconds] [Speak with Your Body succeeded] [Moon ji-bang: the lintel that is put horizontally on the middle of the door]
I’ve never heard that word until today. [7th Quest]
Let’s play random telepathy. [Random Telepathy]
– You do spins at last for fun.
– Okay, okay. [Write a word that pops into your head after hearing a given word] [you have to communicate telepathically – you’ve got three chances] [] [(Warrior Yoon is getting ready)]
If you get it right, you win. First, it’s all SEVENTEEN. [The staff had no idea…ugh] Shall we give it a go? [This quest has three chances]
– How many chances have we got?
– Three times. Let’s pretend like we’re considering. Let’s not peep! [Shameless]
Let’s be honest. [How many years have we been together (this is a piece of cake)]
Think about all the years we’ve lived together… Teamwork is needed. If we make it at one go, you give us a diamond, right? [Yes..^^]
Yes. [First given word Seungkwan]
Here comes the first word. First word is Seungkwan! [Why Seungkwan of all places / Seventeen&staff have a good team work.. lol]
Okay, Seungkwan~ [(Hmm…Seungkwan…)] [Without even thinking 1 / Without even thinking 1]
It’s going well. Isn’t it too easy? It could be different since it’s too easy. Don’t think too much. Five people. Jeonghan. [(For sure)] Let’s open it one by one. – Seungkwan.
– Me…? [(Of course)]
Me, Seventeen. Woozi. [Seungkwan is Seventeen!]
It’s Seventeen, of course! Jun. [Fourth Jun / Seventeen]
Seventeen. Last one! [Sure thing/ The answer is Seventeen anyways]
You should pick it carefully, the one that doesn’t look like it. [Fooling the staff altogether]
Mingyu [Seungkwan is Seventeen!!] [Random Telepathy succeeded] Shall we double it? Shall we? [Controversial]
– Okay, let’s go double.
– No, let’s just do it. I’ve watched a movie ‘Tazza’ this time, do you know the famous line from it? ‘When you bet, bet your life.’ Okay, let’s bet our life! Let’s go~! [This time, it’s ‘tree’]
Tree. Tree. [This round is ‘Tree’ / Telling the next person] They would hear it through the audio later on, all of them. [Jeonghan’s big picture / It is funny that we do this in the same way when the word is ridiculous.]
It is funny that we do this in the same way when the word is ridiculous. [To. Audio director / You are listening, aren’t you?]
You can hear all these, right? [To. Audio director / Hello.]
Hello. [To. Audio director / Can you hear my voice?]
Can you hear my voice? Here’s the word~ Autumn! [Seventeen keyword is tree / Staff keyword is autumn] [This is GoSev’s team work] This is for autumn! Now we’re calling six people. [(Exaggerating)]
– Six?
– That’s too many! They will call 13 later, won’t they? Joshua. Vernon. [(Oops)]
What? what? [(We’ve got this)] Dino. Me??? [Autumn is for trees /
Are there other things you can think of other than trees?] Wonwoo. It’s too embarrassing. [Don’t be!/ Autumn is for trees!]
Autumn is for trees~ [ Autumn is for trees!]
Maple trees are pretty. [Staff’s monolog /
You’re gonna do tree whatever it is, aren’t you?]
– You’re gonna do tree whatever it is, aren’t you?
– No, no, no. [Good hearing / So confident]
– How are we making that up?
– We didn’t do that. We just have too many good memories with trees in autumn. Autumn is for trees. [Making up quickly/
making up memories with autumn trees]
We would go to see trees in autumn when we were trainees. Yes, we would. Hoshi. [You didn’t forget our memories, did you?]
Hey, when we went to see trees in autumn. [Don’t you remember when we went to see trees in autumn?]
Don’t you remember when we went to see trees in autumn? [Push and pull / Of course, I do]
I do remember~ [♡Autumn trees♡ ]
Our trainee days memories… [Winner is Seventeen anyway / Last one] [Intense guessing time] Seungkwan. [10 diamonds / if he gets it right, diamonds get doubled]
Please. [Is this real or acting / Seungkwan looks confused]
– Was he with us then?
– No, it’s not like that.. Seungkwan, I believe you. [We’re not gonna blame it on you]
– It’s fine, I’m not gonna blame you.
– I am… [Sweet members /
Are you really gonna trust him?]
– I trust you~
– No blame, no blame. [Autumn is for trees / maples in autumn, are you kidding?]
I wrote maples. [Random Telepathy Double FAILED] What is he? We are all trying hard. – What is he?!
– No because I! [Making excuses]
If we get caught I was going to say that we did not plan it beforehand… [Do you know what self-reflection is?] [What did I do so wrong..!]
You guys are blaming me too… Should we move on to the next game? [Last quest!]
I will go get our last game. [34 diamonds right now] Last game is elephant spinning. [Two members do 10 spins, and one should do badminton serve and the other must catch it with his hand, 3 chances in total] [7 diamonds] – Oh so you do not have to hit it but catch it?
– Can I do the catching one? Yes you can. [Strong cochlea]
I’m good at doing spins. And after that can you hit it? How do I hit it? Hit it like this and just give it to Scoups. Try it Myungho. Let’s make Myungho do it. How many chances do we have in total? [Also 3 chances] I guess wind is blowing? We can do it in three times. Start! One two three four five six seven eight nine ten Slow down. – How many spins did I do?
– Ten! You did ten! [Comfortable serve after 12 spins] Slow slow slow! Nice! [A steady posture] [Diamond] [Succeeded after elephant spins] [Ceremony1 / Ceremony2]
I’m sorry PD but, have you tried this game beforehand? – Ask and go to the blue?
– Myungho go and get diamonds. Give me diamonds. So no ask and go to the blue? It’s today’s title, today diary’s title, ask and go to the blue. [feat. Kwak Chul Yong]
Nowadays’ buzz words. Oh really? It was buzz words. We have nothing to lose now so we will bet 2, and will you bet 5? – Huh?
– With same game. – You will bet 2 and you want us to bet 5?
– We will bet these two so five. Why should we play such a game like that? Fine! Okay!~ Let’s not do it! Or shall I show one talent? [Suddenly??] Will you give us more diamonds? Ah I will sing one song. Suddenly? Have fun. I’m so curious, singing a song all of a sudden… [Emotion]
Do you want BGM? The way to avoid the sun? [LOL] Suddenly? [Stage type] [Got my favorite] [Let’s sing properly if we are going to sing!] [Real talent show/ Setting mic] [Copyrights please / Dino again…!]
[Why is Crush coming out now?] [Anyways final result – 41 diamonds now] [Currently 41 for Seventeen, 9 for production crew]
We still have nine diamonds. Rock, paper, scissors betting nine? Should Mingyu take responsibility for rock, paper, scissors? We will have our Mingyu do it. Because we lost one chance because of him. So in order to blame him to the end he must do it. [Random telepathy]
Then I ruined one too. Let me do something to cover our mistakes with Mingyu. Okay Mingyu! – If Mingyu loses we are losing 20 diamonds
– Then we… Two of us should do something. Our Hyung(Bro) and Nuna(Sis) and two of us should do survival. [A single round with four people]
Anyways it’s 50% chance so let’s do it until we get a single winner. – Guys do you trust us?
– Yes we do we do. Mingyu you can do it. [Cheer up PD!] Cheer us up too! Cheer up! Hey you two just do not put same. It’s okay if you just make different ones. Rock, paper, scissors! [Woa] Rock, paper, scissors [What’s up with PDs’ teamwork] Rock, paper, scissors [First, Mingyu tied] Rock, paper, scissors! [Joy and sorrow] [Scissor the miracle] You know members were staring at me with anger because of that maple… – Ah we have plenty! Plenty!
– Good good! So you have obtained all 50 diamonds. [Let’s do diamond flexing!]
– Let’s look around the stores.
– Okay! Well done! We will hit the slate! We will hit the slate! One two three! See you in the dream.

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