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Importance of Survival Skills

Send Emergency Signal in the Wilderness | Survival Skills

Send Emergency Signal in the Wilderness | Survival Skills

The traditional signal for help is three of
anything. So, if you were signalling by fire for an
aircraft you’d have a triangle with three fires. Three fires would indicate that you needed
help. If you needed to call someone by whistling
a lot of backpacks have whistles on them now. So, you’d blow three blasts, and that’s your
signal for help from a whistle on a backpack. You can improvise whistles as well. Acorns make really great whistles. And to improvise an acorn whistle you make
a V with your fingers and blow across the top, like that. Three gun blasts would also be an indication
that you need help. Three of anything is kind of the universal
sign. Writing SOS is, of course, a great signal
from the air. A big thing that people use now are personal
locator beacons. A personal locator beacon, I don’t have one
to show you, but they’re available pretty cheap for what they give you. And that is if you’re in trouble you can push
the button and it sends a signal up to a satellite that alerts EMS wherever you are and they’ll
come out and get you. So that’s a personal locator beacon. It’s sort of like a black box on an airplane. They have them on boats. They have them on airplanes. But now people can have them as well. And then the last thing I have is a flare
which is really very simple. This is a Skyblazer flare, and it’s kind of
just a piece of firework. You pull it. I’ve been told by pilots, and I do a lot of
heli-guiding, that if you do have to signal an aircraft you want to lead the aircaft with
your flare so that you’re firing at the front of it and it’s not going up behind the aircraft
and you can see it. So, to fire a flare you pull the pin on the
bottom. And this one is a dud. So it’s a good thing I have a mirror. The flares do have an expiration date, by
the way, so just like any other thing with an expiration date you should probably use
them when they’re fresh. This one might be expired. So much for the big bang. Use the mirror, use the whistle, build a fire.

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