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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Campers” presented by DUST

  • French. Wine and cigarettes. Primary cutaneous CD8 positive aggressive epidermotropic T-cell lymphoma….

  • She was the predator and he was her prey, it would have been helpful to know how he got infected in the first place, interesting French production.

  • this is totally unrealistic, no one would get away with pitching a union jack tent in a french camp ground

  • an important part of storytelling is 'get to the bloody point', the next is, figure out a good ending. well shot, neat effects, total waste of time

  • Hmmm I am genuinly starting the get annoid whit people in the comments that cant fill out the blanks…. well thats theyr falt, not the film maker! Also this one is not that complicatet even…. hmm, lets see – looks like fungal infection – ether alien (from a meteor maybe, or the lake) of from a lab made wepon, it uses its host to find new one, boom, thats it, story of patient 0 and 1… was that so hard?

  • THIS might have been a good video if it weren't so true,BUT the truth is most young people are completely deranged now,those whores(school teachers) destroying the kids are going to have a brite future in hell…THEY were warned not to harm the LORDS children…..

  • Metaphor for adolescence and and teenage-angst. Well done. Her post-embrace emergence scene is critical. (And well acted.) Cheers!

  • I think this story is not about some disease, just a methapor of a boy in his puberty. That's why there's caterpillar at first clip, it means a change, a metamorphosis. And the fungus is his lust, it consume him, and when he cut the fungus at the tent, its just him masturbating. And when the girl embrace him and the fungus spreading, its just him having sex and release his lust.

  • Nothing interesting here. I can quickly come up with a half a dozen interpretations to fit this, and more given time, I could come up with many more. They're all very different interpretations, thus this video is ambiguous. I prefer less ambiguity than I do making up a number of endings to a totally contrived scenario.
    And, if I go wild, I could come up with hundreds of endings, like they both later sprout wings and fly to a spaceship that brings them to the planet Kulak, where they shed their limbs and turn into plants.
    Being too ambiguous is less interesting than having a little more defined than is done in this video.

  • WARNING WARNING WARNING No teenage plantagenet was violated in any way during the presentation of this stupid goddamn movie.
    Heh, that was a hell of a distance for a reference. 🙂

  • STUPID, STUPID JUST PLAIN STUPID.. I wish YT would allow the use of 72 point font so I could shout STUPID? Damn are there no censors before people are allowed to post?

  • Ca va c'est pas mal l'équipe, c'est ouf le visuel quand vous fusionnez là c'est vraiment bien fait. Et frenchement mademoiselle ça doit pas être facile tous les jours d'être aussi jolie, c'est limite un peu trop xD

  • Interpreting it non-literally, i'd say it is a movie about accepting a persons flaws while pursuing romance. You find someone you like, and regardless of their flaws you stick together because it makes the counterpart bloom. In early stages anyway.

  • This is clearly a metaphor for treatment of the proletariat (the boy) by postmodern capitalism (the girl.)

  • Guess there must be a worldwide conspiracy aiming at destroying the beautiful Sci-Fi genre and replacing it with horror movies, thus making Trumps dream come too:
    making people even dumber and perverted than he is, thus being able to earn even more money.

  • Was I the only one left wondering if his sister was going to be infected from the arm wrestling…and why the singer walked away unscathed from whatever it was ?

  • English subtitles too small! No fair! Makes me wish my French was more than bare minimal. It is a beautiful language but since I'm an English speaker make the subtitles bigger!

  • Having lived in France, I know the French don't bathe too often… but I had no idea it could lead to this!

  • Not really sci-fi. More like self-indulgent teen romance on an overdose of Camus. It's metaphorical perhaps, but not sci-fi.

  • Got it! A parasite living among humans. Been picking off the campers, one by one. Once biten or infected, the human side becomes obsolete. The parasite takes over, consumes the human host, then replenishes itself with another human host and begins again. This is how it survives. It could be a bite or the release of gas…the human host is no longer in control of what they will become. It's inevitable, the humans dies for the parasite to survive.

  • That's right kids……don't forget to wrap that wrascal when having a good time. Ah those whacky french……so avant gard.

  • Everybody loves Chloe….Chloe is the personification of lust & desire. She passed the weirdly beautiful infection on to the boy the night before the first scene. He agonises for days but comes to her again however and she follows him and blooms symbiotically as they connect & join . It's how she lives….she is a love parasite. She leaves renewed and alone in the morning having consumed him.

  • This all happened because he got his blood tested at Theranos? That creepy broad with the black turtle-neck couldn't find this in his blood?

  • What a trip, I had to watch this again, it was so good, and what's with all the thumbs down, this was excellent on so many levels.

  • If someone is deaf all there life how are they to know what the sub titles mean, with no reference to sound???

  • I think she was the next to be infected or she was the one infecting people. It seems they already knew each other.

  • Moral of the story wear protection and don't catch herpes cause herpes has no discrimination anybody can get it!

  • although all the dust sci fi shorts are well crafted AND ACTED… THIS ONE FALLS INTO THE CATEGORY OF THINKING that having a confusing story line adds to its greatness….. it does not……..about 20% of the shorts I have seen so far fit this category

  • Urgent, please somebody get a script for this "movie". Is this some kind of fashion nowadays to release films with no script? It is just a random sequence of images! Millennials do not talk anymore? They can not articulate thoughts in words anymore?

  • Great short, she is like a snake that bites it's prey then eats it later. It's funny how he first came out of the woods then she goes into the bathroom and at the end she is the only one to come out of the woods.

  • I have a theory.

    At 4:45 one of the girls mentions "Ardèche doesn't suit you".

    I decided to look up the history of Ardèche. Turns out, at the end of the 19th century, Ardèche had a major phylloxera crisis. The grape phylloxera feeds on roots and leaves of grapevines. Over time this feeding method causes deformations and fungal infections to the vines. The phylloxera originated from America but the grapevines in America have evolved and developed a defense towards these aphids. But the French grapevines had no such defense.

    I believe that the girl is some kind of spiritual/mother/leader/hive mind of the phylloxera and the boy is essentially a target.
    It would make sense for this kind of being, (the girl), to go to a secluded but often busy area in France where the "people" have no evolutionary resistance to… Shall we say… Her abilities? I mean one of the girls did say she didn't "suit" being there. Perhaps another foreshadowing that she was not from there? The mere mention of the place they are located was a dead giveaway to search more. It did not suit the minimalistic narrative and I believe the director/writer planned for this clue.

    Perhaps the boy is being strategically attacked by these microscopic phylloxera unbeknownst to him?

    The entire bug/insect aspect was foreshadowed at least twice before the finale in a super obvious way and I believe the director/writer has hidden this amongst a seemingly bizarre and irational, but unique plot.


    Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

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