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RoS Funny Moments #1 | Rules of Survival PC | Malaysia

RoS Funny Moments #1 | Rules of Survival PC | Malaysia

Hunter : Let’s beat him up! Hunter : How did you do that!? BaYaM : I just punched! Hunter : From the outside!? BaYaM : Yeah! BaYaM : Even the bike is out of fuel… r3m : It’s full man, what you’re talking about!? BaYaM : Eh What!? r3m : It’s still full man BaYaM : What!? Just now on my screen… Hunter : The drop is right in front of us! Iliiyyaassuuu : There! There! Behind the tree! Iliiyyaassuuu : Ikhwan! Ikhwan! On the right! On the Right! BaYaM : Who got shot? r3m : Me, Me… BaYaM : Don’t Peek! Don’t Peek! BaYaM : Let em be… BaYaM : Take that sucker! r3m : Wey, the drop is just right in front of us! BaYaM : What is this!? Courtesy of Iliiyyaassuuu Hunter :THERE’S PEOPLE HERE! HELP ME! HELP ME! I HAVE NO GUN! Iliiyyaassuuu : Upstairs! Upstairs… r3m : Just kill them? BaYaM : Don’t give them any chances… KASI (let them) MATI (die) ITU SEMUA BUDAK (all those kids) JANGAN KASI CHANCE! (No Mercy!) Iliiyyaassuuu : RED ZONE! RED ZONE! RED ZOON… r3m : Uish, Fiesta eh!? Hunter : harvest feast *Ilyas Panic in Red Zone* *Then I got bombed* Ilyas : There you go, greedy some more…. Hunter : Don’t loot! It’s BaYaM’s kills. BaYaM : In many places, I got hit? The car didn’t get hit… r3m : Feast Feast FEAST! r3m : Hop in so slow… see that?… r3m : Magic Siak (it’s magic…) r3m : I’m the boss, sit in the middle Hunter : Oi! r3m : Your Head!

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