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[Review] Last Day on Earth – Try to survive another day (IOS/AOS)

[Review] Last Day on Earth – Try to survive another day (IOS/AOS)

Hello everyone this is Anna and today I’m
proud to introduce you to a game developed by the Russian developers Kefir! Studios. Last day on earth is a MMORPG zombie shooter
survival and strategy game. The game is still in a Beta stage and the
multiplayer part is not yet implemented, so you have to play by yourself against the AI,
for now. As soon as you enter the game you feel completely
immersed into this post-apocalyptic world. You are hungry, unarmed, zombies are coming
at you, your inventory capacity is limited and you have no idea which items are worth
keeping. Quickly you use all resources in your base,
craft a thing or two and realize that in order to survive you have to go out into the wild. And on top of it you discover that a zombie
horde approaching your base and will arrive in 24 hours. Every day you need to take decisions, which
resources to gather, what to spend them on, where to travel, risk going to dangerous areas
for better resources or stay in safer places. Sounds boring? Not really. As you progress in the game your objectives
are changing. At first you are worried about food and water,
then a shelter, then you want to be able to go further, discover new lands and find new
resources. The game keeps you busy and entertained. It’s never ending cycle of gathering and crafting for purpose of getting stronger building safer base and… surviving. And this is still a beta stages! Imagine how much harder and fun it gets after multiplayer element will be added. Since the game is still in beta things you
can do are limited, no real players to play with, only AI, you cannot build any means
of transportation and travel far, some parts or resources are still inaccessible. However, it is great opportunity to get familiar
with game mechanics and upgrade your base. If you are a fan of survival strategy games
you will definitely enjoy it. The best thing about it? It’s that it is a mobile game, which means
that you can play it anywhere and use your energy in the most efficient way. You can get the game on both IOS and Android,
check the description for the links. That’s it for today’s review. Bye and stay tuned for more videos!

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  • Really liked the review, and you have a very clear voice that's very nice to listen to. You have a new sub, keep up the good work!

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